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THE STORY SO FAR: Macbeth has rather proactively fulfilled the witches’ prophecy that he would become king of Scotland. But what do the witches think of it all?

There is a general consensus that this scene was actually written by Shakespeare’s contemporary and occasional collaborator, Thomas Middleton, and then inserted into Macbeth after Shakespeare’s death, presumably to up the showy occult factor. It is so rarely included in performance that I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen it. Have you seen Hecate? Report on it in the comments!

In the last period the The Duchess of Cambridge has been filling her spare time by drawing portraits of her children.
Kate is said to have spent the summer enjoying long sunny afternoons in the picturesque garden of her Norfolk home Anmer Hall with her sketch book in hand, drawing detailed pencil works of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
As Prince George is notoriously wriggly, she has perhaps had little luck in persuading him to pose in person because friends report that she has been drawing from her own photographs.
Kate has shown her work to a few select friends.
—  Daily Mail on the Duchess of Cambridge’s “Artisic Side”.