Scott Stulen, the IMA’s Curator of Audience Experiences and Performances, has been tasked with building a scale model of the Miller House out of Legos for an upcoming exhibit in Columbus, IN. To be sure that he creates an accurate model, Scott turned to the IMA Archives for architectural drawings of the iconic mid-century modern home. The construction process has just begun, but we’ll be sure to post a picture of the finished product!

Miller House floor plan, Alexander Girard, Flat File 44, Miller House and Garden Collection, IMA Archives, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN. (MHG_IIIa_FF044_002)


These “Floating House Shelves” are designed by Canadian furniture maker Judson Beaumont for Straight Line Designs. The wall-mounted dollhouses are inspired by the post-modern architecture of Palm Springs, Florida.

They’re made of scrap materials from Beaumont’s studio, and include the tiny mid-century modern furniture, AND you can hang your phone on the wall like a mini television, too!

These are pretty much my dream wall art, so I’m excited that there are more shelves on the horizon, based on warehouses, grain elevators, and other architectural icons.