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So I don't know if you'll be able to help, but I'm kind of desperate. You always seem to have the best company adventuring. I've come home for the summer, but all my friends have stayed at their universities far away. I've got a car and the ability to spend my weekends adventuring around, taking roadtrips, but I don't know of anyone to come with? Like, how do you make new friends in a town I've lived in my whole life??

Hii I’m sorry to hear that. I feel like being in our mid 20s and young adult life, most of us are in that weird transition period where we are all spread out over the world, and some of us never even come back to our hometown, or even if we do the time seems to be against us. I’m not sure if I have the perfect advice for “how to make new friends” but what I can tell you is from my own personal experiences. I travel and go to places mostly on my own. I’m currently in a different country where I knew absolutely no one. I picked up my backpack and self and decided I was going to live here for a month with no expectations. I allowed myself to be open to new experiences, new connections, finding comfortability in solitude, and just soaking up whatever was around me. By being open, by saying hello to everyone you meet and exchanging perspectives, I have been able to make life long friends from all over the world. And even in my hometown. Going to coffee dates on my own, the dog park, concerts, anywhere and everywhere. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. And allow yourself to be completely open and I promise you that your vibe will attract your tribe.

Introduced to the store a little over a month ago, Activated Charcoal Soap has become a best seller in a very little time!! ACS is a age old Japanese technique for purifying the skin. Use this soap in steamy shower settings or after a hot towel mini facial. Activated Charcoal Soap is specially formulated to remove toxins and debris from above and believe the skin’s surface. Great for sensitive skin, adults with mid acne, black & white heads and those looking to replace harsher soaps on the face.
Also reduces odors in the body and has been known detox and help wit hyper pigmentation.
5 oz. VERY large piece of soap.

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‘5 Water Socks’ Water-resistant Sports Socks Debut on Kickstarter

Athletes can look forward to a dry run with the launch of 5 Water Socks, water-resistant sports socks featuring a patent-pending RainArmor technology. Launching on Kickstarter this week and ending in July , the socks are designed to repel moisture by fusing billions of hydrophobic nano particles with premium soft yarn to create an undetectable water-resistant barrier that allows for breathability. While small amounts of water will be completely repelled by a thin and undetectable barrier,  if inundated with water or submerged, they will get wet. This design feature allows the socks to remain breathable and machine washable. The socks also reduce odors and uncomfortable itching after walking through puddles or perspiring from athletic activities. They are available in solid white or black in both ankle and mid-calf versions in adult and children’s sizes. The brand was founded by Jaspreet Singh, a native of Punjab, India, currently resides in Detroit. According to Singh, Michigan’s close proximity to the five Great Lakes and Punjab, which means “the land of five waters (rivers),” inspired the company’s name. He explained both areas are facing similar socioeconomic challenges. Through the initiative, he hopes to bring jobs to his new home in Detroit while also creating awareness about the city’s drug

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