Pokemon Go! At Hogwarts

So Hogsmeade somehow gets Internet/cell phone reception making the weekends there the most chaotic thing ever once the app hits.

At first, the pures and magic-raised half bloods don’t get WHAT the muggleborns are doing and what magic creatures they’re pretending to catch but it’s like only a couple hours before everyone is in on it.

There’s one gym, Hogsmeade station and three stops, three broomsticks, Honeydukes and the Shrieking shake (wtf all the way over there??)

Teams are confusing at first bc it’s not houses and students try to pick the same teams but confusion hits and suddenly everyone is on different teams and Slytherins are teaming up with gryffindors to defend the gym and everyone is everyone yelling about which pokemon is where.

Then someone gets the brooms.

And it’s choas as the students try to hatch their eggs in the air. Mid air collisions. The adult villagers are sooooooooooo confused.

Dumbledore watches all of this with a smile as all the houses work together teaching each other and running around that he whispers to a lone third year “there’s a mew in the forbidden forest”.


(( yEAH blind otp with @airakanke

she’s actually an Alakazam/Mienshao hybrid but those two look really similar in my style o ops,, she looks very Alakazam-ish, but she’s got markings like Mienshao and a stub tail? I’m pretty sure she’s also got some Malebranche Gothitelle in her, due to the red eyes and face markings. Also, the gem on her choker is a piece of Fire Stone.

The themes were Magic and Technology, and Rage and Forgiveness. I got Magic and Rage !

Her name is Alessia and she’s a pyromancer becauseireallylikedrawingfireoops. more under cut:

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It is possible to simply enjoy someone’s music as a part of your life or you can choose to become a fan which suggests a deeper level of involvement and support for that artist.  It doesn’t follow that you have to be interested in or even aware of their personal life or views on every topic.

But sometimes issues will arise where some fans need to decide whether they still wish to support a particular artist.

But when it comes to 1D there is the option of claiming the artist is not responsible because everything they do is controlled by other people. So those other people or some nameless power can be blamed instead.

Zayn and Louis (because at the moment this applies particularly to them) are pretty much in their mid twenties. They are adults and have responsibility for what is done or said in their name.  Theories that suggest they have to sit helplessly while they are misrepresented, their career is sabotaged or young women are bullied in the name of a stunt are quite offensive. They are being infantalised in the cause of keeping a theory alive.

It has got to the point where everything we see of their lives now has to be dismissed as fake or shady in order for the alternative reality to exist. 

It is okay to step away as a fan from any of them individually or even the whole band if they do or say things you don’t wish to support or if the whole thing no longer gives you pleasure. But continuing to build an alternative reality and being a fan of that version of an artist is something else entirely.

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just realized what was off in the ep (besides Dougal killing/ Brian's name). 1. Unclear why was Claire in the UK? Only for the funeral? If so, why stay in London? Did she ever plan to tell Bree about her paternity or was this all happenstance. In the book C made an active choice to tell Bree. Here she seemed to stumble into it, not having planned it. 2. Bree's American accent and style of speech was 2016, not 1960s. The tone and delivery were all modern teen not mid-20th c young adult.

Yeah, I noted that in my recap. Like what relatives were they visiting in London? Claire was an only child and her parents and Uncle Lamb are dead. Who are these mysterious relatives.

And like was she working her way up to telling Bree? Because she basically did the Claire Fraser Goodbye to the Past Tour of Scotland. But like would she never have done that if the reverend hadn’t died?

I have no idea…