"Come One, Come All! To One Of The Best Shows in Town!"

Lights shining, the spotlight shines down a young woman, dressed in red and black. A top hat sits on her head and white hand gloves adorn her hands. She smirks, speaking into the microphone.

“Welcome everyone! Welcome we hope you’ve been enjoying the games, food, and attractions here that the Unique Rose Circus! Today we have our best performer put on a fantastic show for you all! First up is our amazing Opera singer from ….”

She goes on, spreading her arm back and the spotlight moves to Sun, she’s grown older but the Ringleader hasn’t. None of the performers know what she really is, only R and Flame. The two she trusts the most knows her greatest secret. And the answer to why they keep traveling nonstop…..

Midnight steps out of the way, letting Sun have her momemt. Making her way to Flame and R, she snags some food and sits next to them. “Miss me?”


Real Talk

I feel like I don’t care about the stories in the newer games as much as the older games. Why is this? I think it might be because since I’m older and wiser I finish the games much faster, and spend less time immersed in the storyline. But I feel like it might be because the games are becoming more dramatic without giving me time to process. Am I the only one who feels this way? Like, I was way more emotional learning about Dexter’s past in TRT than the reveal at the end of GTH. Is that because the former is more relatable, or that the latter seems rushed at the end of the game? Or maybe it’s because I’m becoming a cold, heartless bitch.

Whatever the case, I want MID to make me cry.