We traveled through the day,
                                          watched the stars at night,
                                and then all of sudden…. we fell asleep.


MID predictions
  • deirdre is mysteriously not present in the actual game
  • fox and geese makes a comeback
  • dwayne powers is the culprit
  • the rawleys are inexplicable phone friends and they only exist to tell us that bob is dead
  • entire gameplay takes place in the one room from the museum in LIE
  • there are doors to a restaurant and a bathroom but we never get to use them
  • aliens
  • nancy gets motion sickness and dies
  • no more second chances
  • hannah is listed in nancy’s contacts but she never picks up the phone
  • ned tells nancy he loves her for the FIRST TIME
  • we finally see nancy’s face

Why did I even care about this party?
What have I expected?
Making friends?
Trying to make things good again?

How could I even believe that somebody would listen to me?
How could I believe,
how could I just believe that?

- Two guests woke Mid out of his thought as they started to talk about the party -
“The party is cool, but some people already leaving!
” Yeah, I saw that silent guy leaving and Coppy too. I think there are even more who just left"

- Mid clenched his fists -

They’ve left?! They just left?!
- Mid got angry, he almost exploded inside -

He called his friend.
He looked at Greed, as he appeared.
“Where have you been?! You had ONE FUCKING JOB and screwed it up!
People are leaving and it's YOUR fault!”

“So get you ass up, and make sure People won’t leave the Factory!”
“ Lock all doors and don’t screw it up this time!”
“I’ll go ahead, you coming after!”
“We’re starting RIGHT NOW!”

Mid turned away and walked wrathful back to the Factory, inside the main room.

I can’t believe I still have to go outdoor tonight,
looking after the others to take care of them.

New Directions: Nancy Drew Edition

So, I know we were all pretty freaked out about the future of the Nancy Drew games and with this new change to the “Unity Engine”, it’s totally understandable why we are all unwilling to change to a brand new engine. BUT Her Interactive is changing A LOT.

  • The Audience. As I see from Facebook posts, YouTube Videos, and even on Tumblr and other forms of social media, the audience and the main players of the Nancy Drew games has changed. It’s no longer young teenagers and young girls who are playing these games. Guess who is though? That’s right it’s us. The girls who grew up with the games and continued to play them for years. While we may joke that “Wow, I’m 21 and I’m still playing the games. I’m the old one of the bunch.” While this may be somewhat true, I see more and more older teenagers and even people in their young 20s playing these games. The change from a younger audience to a much more mature audience is the largest factor that is probably inducing these changes.
  • The Engine. I often watch several gamers on YouTube, one of my favorites is Markiplier (if you haven’t watched him, you’re in for a real treat), and I know that several, several of the games they play are on the Unity Engine. I also know that many gamers really enjoy the Unity Engine since many games that are available use the Steam Engine. So, if Her Interactive is looking at their audience numbers they most certainly want to use a platform that resonates with their target audience. 
  • Us. As we all know, Her Interactive recently asked us to fill out a survey of our favorite games, what we want to see, least favorite aspects of the game, etc. They obviously took it very seriously and they decided to go ahead with their plan of changing up the series a bit. It also means that they want to take their games in a much more serious matter and will take on darker themes, as they explained to all of us. But they value our opinion and want to go with their main market to make sure they head in the right direction. They love their fans and they want to offer the best form of game playing that they can.
  • Growing the Market. Her Interactive is obviously interested in spreading their market and this change would definitely help them to do that. With the Unity Engine, they could reach out to more mature audiences (their target market) by possibly also selling their games on more stations and they would definitely become more recognized as a gaming company. Since the unity engine is recognized by older audiences.

I think my main point is that Her Interactive has a brand new target market which led them to make some of the decisions that they did make. While they probably did not have to hire a new voice actress for the games, I can understand they are looking for changes to relate to their growing and ever changing audience. In other words, we should all support Her Interactive for their decisions and continue to be excited for MID because they look like they have been working really hard on the design and I am excited for what’s to come with the company–they are not out of the running quite yet and are still going strong.