MID predictions
  • deirdre is mysteriously not present in the actual game
  • fox and geese makes a comeback
  • dwayne powers is the culprit
  • the rawleys are inexplicable phone friends and they only exist to tell us that bob is dead
  • entire gameplay takes place in the one room from the museum in LIE
  • there are doors to a restaurant and a bathroom but we never get to use them
  • aliens
  • nancy gets motion sickness and dies
  • no more second chances
  • hannah is listed in nancy’s contacts but she never picks up the phone
  • ned tells nancy he loves her for the FIRST TIME
  • we finally see nancy’s face

Spark’n’Flare 03/02/2016

Phew!! This was a toughy! Spark challenged me with experimenting with different lighting and color choices, than my usual flair, so I did some serious research and made this into a sort of color study. It was really difficult to branch out, but as they say, “If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are” - Master Shifu. Thanks for pushing me, Spark!

So, This is another character (my favorite, so far..) from League of Legends, Ahri the Nine-tailed Fox! I hope you all enjoy! Please share with your friends, and go follow us on Facebook and DeviantArt!! =D