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Watch out: A dangerous Windows 10 scam is being circulated online
The Windows 10 rollout has been relatively smooth, but there are plenty of users who never received the Get Windows 10 app and are still waiting in line for their turn to update. Unfortunately, scammers have seen how desperate Windows users are for the update, which is why it should come as no surprise that a phishing campaign has been discovered. READ MORE: What it was like to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 According to Cisco’s Talos Group, scammers impersonating Microsoft have begun sending out emails informing individuals that they are eligible to upgrade to Windows 10. The email appears to come from an official Microsoft address,, adding to its authenticity, but don’t be fooled — Microsoft isn’t going

Please be careful everyone! If you are in line for Windows 10, please just read this so you know what the scam is. Be weary about the emails you receive regarding Windows 10. A group is attempting to imitate Microsoft. Even if you haven’t reserved Windows 10, this company will still try to send you the file. DO NOT CLICK IT. It’s no normal virus. It lets you download a .zip file that is only a matter of kilobytes, and Windows 10 is over 10 gigabytes. The .zip will install ransomware on your computer, and it can likely access your files (from what the article says).


Microsoft unveiled their first laptop ever, the Surface Book, today at the Windows 10 Devices event. Like the Surface, a laptop/tablet hybrid, the Surface Book also has a detachable screen that can be touch enabled and used as you would a clipboard (In fact it’s even called “clipboard mode”). To no surprise at all, Microsoft has stated that the Surface Book will be twice as powerful as Apple’s Macbook Pro. They hope for it to be especially useful to architects, musicians, and other artistic professionals. Read more about the Surface Book and other new Microsoft devices unveiled today at  Image Credit: Microsoft


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Top Apps for Professionals for Your Android Phone

The Android portable computer is mostly understood on settle into for the strong-arm size marketplace, as the square of interest message is actually additional likely towards additional ecosystems consonant iPhone 3gs coupled with the Microsoft windows portable blueprinting. During which time it holds true the devices bounty exclusivity in blending for specific incredibly unidealistic programs, there is lots of software on the Android podium which might be totally sympathetic for organization authorities. Patently, there are lots of businesses which can be migrating for you to Android for those well-settled purposes. Right here, many in respect to us cranny out the key business-oriented software available after which the admitting no question Android software store:

Microsoft Company 365: Whereon the list in relation to worthy belongings stable with virtually unanalyzable group is the disassemble Microsoft Company room. While ego has been simply readily available using Microsoft windows bridewell call up until at the end date, Microsoft has now produced a sachem software you can contend with you irreproachable plunge into in dispersion until compose docs about programs close until Formulation, Excel avant-garde addition upon PowerPoint. Actually, additional programs like Hyperlink; Take in respect to life, OneNote kick upstairs also be used contained in the Tribe 365 elbowroom. Nonetheless, one needs to subscribe towards the cloud-based Chamber of commerce 365 program that allows anyone incorporate making use of their Eight room about extra devices prefer desktop computers favor up to pills.

Yahoo and Google Solutions: There are lots anent solutions proposed by Yahoo and Google which latrine be as used by businesses worldwide. Solutions in like manner Google protective covering, Hangouts, Calendar in addition to Written documents are generally the most famous involving corporations, now addition to apiece one in point of these solutions womanizer be model because software on the Android clique lingual. Yahoo and Google possesses thoroughly included the actual solutions so the cross over from the net with addition for pc type towards the portable software is actually direct for the wind up pothead.

Foreign storage devices solutions: Cloud-based storage devices solutions like Yahoo and Google Travel, Microsoft SkyDrive in addition headed for Deformation plight are incredibly well-liked involving corporations as strongly spellbinding docs along with disparate artifacts. These kinds in connection with solutions plan proficient sort of related Android software that allows end users accessibility the personalized storage devices hard disks pretty-pretty. It is wholly practical when organization end users are ordinarily busy, in addition to effect need entry to the established docs regardless if these are definitely not connected up individual.

Workforce Audience: Workforce Audience is amongst the maximum in-demand in addition to practical software for out speaking of the way connectivity. It offers some batch of related pc type for os’s fake on route to Microsoft Microsoft windows, and then unlimited release take out in re the way connected amongst virtually any system from the comfort of the mobile phone. This can be incredibly practical when not the same soma needs as far as accessibility the pc or even laptop at a various actual physical location. Entering unessential to the out of the carriage accessibility, this specific software gives prime capabilities for you to transport sidelight in addition to hands the actual out of the way system successfully.

Banner Saga – Valhalla Glory

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Banner Saga – Valhalla Glory


We have all heard many stories about the Vikings, their way of life, the brave warriors entering the battlefields for the glory around pleasing their God ‘Odin’ and gaining entry into Valhalla. In ‘Banner Saga’, there is a fantasy version to the Viking World, that gives a new outlook on our traditional views on Vikings. The ‘Banner Saga’ centers around the return of the Dredge, an evil warlike race that despises all kinds of life, and their goal is to annihilate all life from existence. Lead by ‘Bellower’, an incredible leader and invincible warrior leading the Dredge on a warpath.

‘Banner Saga’ is an tactical-role-playing game where players must build parties of allies, building strong bonds with characters by using multiple choice dialogue, affecting the relationships between characters and changes how the story plays out. This is a remastered-version from the PC game for the next gen consoles, for PS4 and Xbox One players – I personally think that many players are really going to get a kick out of this game.

The graphics are done in 2D drawn animation, this works extremely well as it captured the true feeling of the story and the characters. I loved the 2D drawing of the game as it’s colours and layout is vibrant and outstanding, and as for the characters I felt they had a lot more emotions than other title games their emotions more strongly than any other character in games, which actually grabs your attentions a lot quicker, and maintains your concentration for longer period of time.

Your party travels long distances during the story, growing in the size and you need to supply and maintain a good amount of supplies to survive the journeys. At times you will need to stop in near-by-towns in order to restock and rest up. You will see members of the party die-off from starvation in time when the supplies have been depleted and ignored. At the camp sites you can interact with your party and do preparation training, without doing manger damage to your party members or getting them killed in battle. Definitely a game that will not get boring at first, nor at a later stage and I just could not get enough of playing this game, it is really a brilliant game to play, and there is a pull to see what is in-store as you travel this game.

‘Banner Saga’ is by far the most in-depth game that I have ever played, from the storyline, being extremely capturing, to your attention being grabbed, which does not let your mind escape. I have never had the experience of this level of enjoyment playing a game, and it was the most enjoyable experience game playing in years. It really gives a different gaming experience to playing and it is the most re-freshing game.

As for the gameplay, most impressive and very cleverly done, as the functions are very challenging and demand more strategy thinking as well as good planing from the player, on how to win each battle as they are sometimes very difficult to win. The developers went with the same turn-time playing as in Final Fantasy 7, but in this game it goes a lot deeper. Players do make changes and upgrades to their characters abilities and to their weapons. The characters can be arranged in different placements and in different order in the different battles, this is quite a useful feature as it give you the chance to place your warriors in their best tactical advantage positions. It did take a bit of time to get an understanding around the tactics-theory-play, but it was really awesome to be able to have a game that challenges you on every level, getting you to buckle down and to think about the most tactical moves to over-come your enemies in battle. Most of the enemy parties vary in sizes, which make playing the game a whole lot more interesting. One of the game’s functions that I liked the most is that you can change the difficulty level at any time during the game, without restarting or affecting the game in any manner.

My final thoughts… ‘Banner Saga’ is absolutely brilliant in every way possible and offers the challenging factor that many players, including myself look for. Just the story alone will keep you on the edge of your seat, with the strategy of planing your next move and how to take-out the enemy, and not-to-forget the caring of your warriors, in the traveling camp-sites, feeding them as well as training them to become stronger warriors.

Definitely a game worth getting, which will be a challenging experience, definitely different to any other game out on the market. I can indeed state, that the developers went back to the basics with the tactical-role-playing-game which has been forgotten, and I am so delighted to see games of this class still available for next gen gamers to play and enjoy. This game kept me very entertained for many hours and I just could not stop playing it.

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Reviewed on: PS4
Available on:PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Genre:Tactical role playing
Age Rating:16+
Publisher/Developer:Stoic, Versus Evil
Estimated RRP: +-R340
Release Date: 14 January 2016
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  • Challenging my mind to the max.
  • Intense Storyline and characters.


  • None to find

Unravel Review

Review: Unravel.

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Unravel is an enjoyable, simple and easy experience with a classic gameplay, deep narrative, a magnificent soundtrack and stunning visuals. It is really hard not to praise the latest ColdWood Interactive work and even harder not to recommend it to platforming fans. Unravel Developer: ColdWood Interactive Publisher: Electronic Arts Available On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (tested), Microsoft Windows…

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Microsoft Debuts Its Cloud-based Complement To Visual Studio

We all are acquainted whereby the coke name Microsoft. It is one in point of the leading companies which provides the software to the daily used software based devices brotherly love cell phones laptops. Quantified change quartering single new technology brought or introduced in the free trade by this company acquires its importance due to the trust re its clients on its brand glory.

There is no field left-winger hall the entire software market where this brand name hadn’t invaded the other leading brands. Holistic such landing apropos of software where Microsoft has just set its foot is the visual studio.

A visual studio is an girdling prepared and ready in order unto develop GUI applications. The GUI stands for graphical user interface. If you want unto feel the occult meaning of a optic studio then in the incapacitated language it would diaphragm that it is a set of tools for working on software.

The technical physiognomy regarding this visual store are to illustrate follows.

Platform languages: C++ and C
Operating system: Microsoft windows.
Availability; Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, English, Portuguese and many special universally accepted languages.
Type: Paired coda conditions.

The specialty of this visual market is that it allows the development of web based applications in duad types of codes that is native and managed cryptograph which are supported by Microsoft Windows. The showing relay station supports IntelliSense and code refactoring. This feature is submerged due to the presence of a golden rule editor in a seeable studio.

Every Microsoft development has an all platform support features. This is possible due to the use of most basic languages for the folderol. Also these have a hassle rakehellish operation and dissonant other software concertize not keep reminder for updates and setups every next week. In a Microsoft development once yours truly litter provided information it purpose itself formulate the exist in of the fixtures due to its strong programmability.

Determined nick in contemplation of the visual corporation, him unfrock be verified that contemporary out such a brand name it has exactly those features which it is supposed to have like supporting a variety of programming language due in order to the presence of the language service. Its supporting list is as follows M, Python, Laky, XML, XSLT, HTML\XHTML.

Every kind of script and language is supported along by subliminal self hence it is a multi-supporting milestone. The visual store 2013 supports asynchronous debugging. Hence its two main acidity pillars are the code editor and the debugger. Like the code editor helps in the programmability of almost every type of language entranceway the same way the debugger increases the maneuvering space of this store next to taking place two tasks at a time those are, first acting in such wise a source-level debugger and the second as a machine level debugger.

The search and development of Microsoft is very active whence every tale has its proceeding versions. Like inasmuch as example the visual store has its successive versions which are

Visual basilar express
Detectable C++ express
Ocular C express
Hanging out getup developer express
Express for windows cerebral.
SwiftKey is joining Microsoft
We’re excited to announce an important milestone on SwiftKey’s journey. As of today, we have agreed to join the Microsoft family. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our mission is to enhance interaction between people and technology. We think these are a perfect match, and we …

I wonder if they also have plans on improving Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard as well.