All that stuff about Sony and Microsoft “respecting their elders” when they make positive social media posts about Nintendo or actively encourage people to buy the latest Nintendo platform as their backup console really cracks me up, because that’s not what’s happening at all.

What’s happening is that Nintendo is the only console manufacturer that’s willing to experiment and take risks with the hardware, and Sony and Microsoft are waiting to see if they’ll come up with anything worth copying. All that “support” is basically the corporate equivalent of going “hold on - let’s see where they’re going with this”.

I mean, of course they “support” Nintendo. Without them, they might have to actually take a chance on trying something original!

yellow-shrek  asked:

why is everyone talking about good and co? is that a scam?

good and co is basically quizzes to uncover your strengths then you find compatible friends through FitScores and discover your dream job (like they suggest amazon, apple, citi, hp, microsoft, starbucks or etc and u take company quizzes) with company FitScores

If you want to try and beat my scores then you can install the link by clicking here. Oh, that’s if you’re confident that you can :P


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