PAY IT FASHION FORWARD - On June 16th Pay It Fashion Forward hosted their 4th annual summer event, honoring people in the fashion industry who give back through various charitable endeavors. This year they gave out awards to 6 people: Steven Alan, Mickey Boardman, Rachel Roy, Mary Alice Stevenson and also a certain husband and wife duo you might know by the name of Mr. & Mrs. Conran!

To see all my pictures from that night please go HERE.

Lots of lovin for FRESH artists in the latest issue of Paper Mag. 

Ms. Lindsey Byrnes has quite a few images featured, including “Footloose: we look down at the best acts of Coachella 2013,” and a nice lil write-up in the masthead. Here’s a taste. Grab your copy TODAY to see more!

Harry vamps at the 2013 Satyricon Swinger’s Ball, held in Soho House’s eleventh floor private pool room. The annual event–was which unfortunately quashed last year due to an unprecedented staph infection outbreak–is a fundraiser for Sasha Grey’s New Horizons, a 501© organization dedicated to getting young women out of hardcore porn and into Steven Soderbergh films. Harry wears a copper-plated half-girdle by Givenchy and synthetic eyelash extensions personally gifted by Liza Minelli. Photobombing Harry’s shot over his right shoulder is the infamous grifter Zack Comedone, notorious for posing as exiled French royalty before bilking old, slightly sad gay men for their credit card collections. “The scene here is rather timid, I must say,” mewled Harry. “Back in 2011 I saw a midget getting a Cristal enema while a tumescent James Franco helped Marina Abramovic enact an X-rated version of Rhythm 0. This year the craziest shit I’ve seen is Mickey Boardman being aggressively tickled by a fleet of Belgian lumberjack impersonators.” Peter II spent most of the evening laughing nervously and biting his recently manicured fingernails into ragged nubs. Patriarch Peter I, normally “the unholy center of attention” at this bacchanal, according to sources, was unable to attend due to an overzealous IRS audit.


A Few Friends that you may be Familiar with their faces, that attended our Private “Rainy Days” SS2012 show during #NYFW. 

Mickey Boardman (editorial director) of Paper Magazine

Karen Dupiche, Multi Emmy Award winning makeup artist 

Antwon Jackson, Hair stylist of Wendy Williams

Rodney Epperson, Designer & (former Project Runway Contestant)

Karina Pasian 

Ugo Mozie, stylist 

Malika, Designer of (Mus by Mali)

Jordan Ware, violinist 

Terrance Davidson, hair stylist to Nicki Minaj

Misa Hylton 


Derek J

Omarion & O'ryan