Disneyland, Mickey’s Town Town Breakdown. Pt 1

So after digging around through a couple old sites and learning up on some of ToonTown’s history I found that quite a bit has changed. So as such I wanted to highlight some of these and hopefully shed some light onto the subject. Now I didn’t grow up with this much more elaborate version of Mickey’s Toontown (as I live in orlando) but nonetheless I have always been impressed with it and wanted to visit. 

Mini history lesson, Mickey’s Toontown opened over at Disneyland in 1993, this version was not based on mickey’s birthday land but rather the Toontown depicted in the film Who framed roger rabbit. Upon opening many celebrities were there to celebrate the new land and overall it was warmly welcomed. Since its opening a couple of things have been slightly altered, changed, or altogether removed which we are bout to dive into. 

The first attraction I wanna focus on is the Jolly Trolly, many a fan of this land have all stated how much they miss the darn thing and its no wonder why. The Jolly trolley station where guests would board used to be the center of the land, until the attractions removal (it now serves as a DVC station). The Jolly Trolley used to run on tracks that ran throughout toontown giving guests a nice view of the stylized town. Once on board the Jolly Trolley used to bounce playfully as it went about its way and if I am not mistaken even had music for guest to listen to while riding. However due to poor oversight toontown became to popular for its own good.You see the Jolly Trolley tracks ran through the main streets of toontown so when it was crowded the Trolley unfortunately became a hazard, too often honking its horn to get guests to move out of the way and more often than not delaying the ride by several minutes. So it was later decided that the Trolley would be removed from its track altogether and now today the Jolly Trolley comes out occasionally as a stationary photo op location. 

Next is Goofy’s Bounce House, which used to be one of the more popular attractions within the whole area. This one is understandable as to why it was removed but even then it was still a top notch attraction for the little ones. Only kids under a certain height could even enter Goofy’s house which would leave parents to watch outside from windows (A Disney Lawyer Nightmare). Once inside kids would find that the entire house was a bounce house, from the lampshades, to the couch’s and even the Tv everything was bouncy. Yet unfortunately this area was considered a hazard by Disney and I’m sure they got enough complaints so later it was re themed to Goofy’s Playhouse a much more tone’d down concept but still charming. Since its hard for me to dig up any photos here is a video of the old attraction (ºoº)

Thats all I’m gonna cover in part one for the sake of brevity! Look for my part two where Ill go into Chip and Dale’s Tree house and The Gag Factory. Also the Jolly Trolly still runs its track over at Tokyo Disneyland, this is why we can’t have nice things guys. Edit I just read the Jolley Trolley closed in 2009 at Tokyo Disneyland, my bad. Looks like no one can have nice things.