Mickey Swenson

anonymous asked:

anyone you'd like to see get in a fight?

i’d like to see everyone get in sexy fights, does that count for something ?? we’ve had hugo weasley versus mickey milkovich come up in the past but i feel like that’d be somewhat one sided. if we turn that on it’s head though ian gallagher versus oswald cobblepot ?? … alright, still maybe a bit one sided. if you look at the confessions blog it seems like some people ship teddy lupin and haley dunphy so it’d be interesting to see who has the most martial prowess out of haley, victoire weasley, and caitlin snow. sadly, i think that when matched against a capable witch and killer frost herself the little haley that could might found herself outmatched. in an entirely not ship based fight, the ‘i hate you and want to kill you’ coming from poe daemron has to boil into something towards kylo ren eventually, right ?? on an entirely skill based front it’d be really interesting to see how francis barton would fair against friend and fellow young avenger torunn thorsdottir. sorry franfran, but our money is on the chick with the big ass sword and the god for a father. i also think i’d literally pay for grace gardner, sadie swenson, or sonya herfmann to give chanel oberlin a piece of more than just their mind. it’s not hate to chanel, mind, but there has to be some massive frustration in that group, doesn’t there ?? 

i know i missed people, so just tell me if there’s anyone you’d like to see in a fight and we’ll be more than happy to weigh in.