Hmm, concerning Richonne...

Yeah, I don’t think I support Richonne anymore, ya’ll…I was like 50/50 on it, then I was hanging on for dear life just because, and now I’m like…

*shrugs*  Just all sides of the fandom turn me off lately and I just want the show to do characters not named Rick, Carol, Jessie, any of the Andersons, Rosita, Daryl, Tara, Eugene, and Abraham some justice.  I’m actually gonna be cheering on The Wolves next season honestly.

I”ll be post some Richonne and Michonne, and Dixonne goodness though, but meh…


Welcome to Ship Wars!

Every Saturday the GCE will share 2 (or more) ships from various fandoms to see which one the fans favour. Whether you ship them romantically or as friends, we want to know which pairings you prefer. At the end of the week, we’ll tally the votes and tell you which ship has set sail.

We’re kicking it off with some Walking Dead. Which ship are you on board with?

Caryl (Daryl/Carol) or Dixonne (Daryl/Michonne)

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Twitter Event Help?

1) Picking a good day/time.  Ppl have been talking about doing another Twitter Event next Sunday May 3.  Rick’s tight n right brown shirt has been investigating how we can track our trending efforts (past & future) to see how we’re doing and how to pick a good time to do a tweet meet. If anyone has knowledge on these 2 matters, it would be so awesome if you could share it.

2) Picking the phrases. We don’t want to have to start fresh on making click to tweets bc they take time to make so  BabyKay suggested repeating previously used phrases and letting ppl edit them to individualize their message if they want.  That would limit the phrases to using either “Michonne Deserves Better” or “Beautiful Michonne’ “Richonne S6″ again. Some fans didn’t like “Michonne deserves better” bc they felt it was negative, and it’s better to focus not on complaining about the past as much as encouraging/inspiring the writers to service Richonne & Michonne better in the upcoming season. Feedback?

3) RSVP chain/Recruitment committee? We are a large group so even though it is the off season, I think we have the #s to trend every time if we get ppl to participate.  People have offered to help, well, it would be *SUPER* helpful to get a group of ppl to take on the job of getting commitments from fans to participate/RSVP, to remind them of the event & be their contact person during it.  Each person would only have 2-4 people to handle ideally.  Would you be willing to help in this way? If so, please say so.   I also consider this a morale boosting job bc new blood means potentially new fanfics, new artwork, new vines, videos, gifs etc.   


What do you guys think Michonnes character development will be??

Not including Rick or anyone but herself will she have new. Wardrobe, dreads, use her katana differently, different relationships, more open,different personality, involved in the community….etc??!?
Will the group treat her differently??