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Lindsey Van Rooy scores a last second double overtime goal for Michigan Tech to advance to the GLIAC semifinals. I dont usually post about DII teams but look at this goal!


Michigan Tech course to build your own 3D printer 

“Last fall, Michigan Tech offered a new course: Open Source 3D Printing. Students pay an additional $500 course fee for the components and tools necessary to build their own MOST Delta RepRap 3D printer, which they then use for the course. At the end of the semester, each student keeps the printer they built and modified. The 50 seats for the class filled immediately.


The course essentially distilled the RepRap ethos and formalized it as an introduction to distributed additive manufacturing. We used “Open Source Lab: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs” as the textbook to cover the material from an engineering scientist perspective. The course covered the hardware, firmware, slicing, and printer controller software for operating and maintaining the device—all of which are free and open source.


Next, we got into the nitty-gritty of the class: designing hyper-expensive 3D printable scientific equipment. We used the methods outlined in the textbook. As previously covered on Opensource.com, labs can save enormous sums of money by 3D printing equipment. Students formed teams with at least one graduate student per team so that they had access to campus labs. Then they did a commissioned assignment for another professor, designing everything from vortex mixers to shadow masks for semiconductor research. We used the NIH 3D printable repository and GitHub (as NIH only supported publishing the STL but not the source). Again, the abilities students demonstrated when they were given the freedom to innovate in open source space was impressive. You can see their work and many more examples here. Consider, for example, this customizable face plate designed in OpenSCAD, which a student group designed for an electrical engineering professor. The students designed all of them, and now even novices can choose their ports, position, and rotate them into place.”

~ opensource.org

Turned in my letter to accept my bid

Yes, this girl will soon be a sorority sister.  Never in a million years did I think that I would be pledging a sorority but I have found one that is unique and makes me feel welcomed.  These girls are strong, independent women who kick ass.  What really sold it for me was on Saturday night at Sig Pi, I was talking to Megan and Caroline when Megan turned to Caroline and said “I want her to be with us, to be a part of us”  

Here goes nothing!