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I have a little anniversary. Two years ago today, I saw my first ever Eastern Bluebird. We had moved to the house about a month before, and I was eager to get into bird feeding and watching. It was a glorious time because each day brought me a new bird. It was especially exciting because I am from Germany, and some of these guys I never even heard about before. I think this was the day when my infatuation with birds really started off.

So this post is dedicated to the wonderful birds of Michigan, and extended to the wonderful birds of North America, and extended to the wonderful birds of the whole of America and extended to the wonderful birds of the whole world! These feathery little wonders of nature are an immense source of joy in my life, and I would not want to miss them one single day. I am passionate about them, I am passionate about the environment they life in, the environment that we share. And I want them to succeed in this whole thing that we share together. Peace out, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

2017 IIHF World Championships U.S.A. Roster


#10 Anders Bjork (Notre Dame Fighting Irish/Mequon, Wisconsin)

#12 Jordan Greenway (Boston University Terriers/Canton, New York)

#13 Johnny Gaudreau (Calgary Flames/Dubuque, Iowa)

#18 Christian Dvorak (Arizona Coyotes/Palos, Illinois)

#27 Anders Lee (New York Islanders/Edina, Minnesota)


#7 J.T. Compher (Colorado Avalanche/Northbrook, Illinois)

#9 Andrew Copp (Winnipeg Jets/Ann Arbor, Michigan)

#14 Nick Bjugstad (Florida Panthers/Blaine, Minnesota)

#15 Jack Eichel (Buffalo Sabres/North Chelmsford, Massachusetts)

#19 Clayton Keller (Arizona Coyotes/Swansea, Illinois)

#21 Dylan Larkin (Detroit Red Wings/Waterford, Michigan)

#29 Brock Nelson (New York Islanders/Warroad, Minnesota)


#5 Connor Murphy (Arizona Coyotes/Dublin, Ohio)

#6 Daniel Brickley (Minnesota State University Mavericks/Sandy, Utah)

#8 Jacob Trouba (Winnipeg Jets/Ann Arbor, Michigan)

#55 Noah Hanifin (Carolina Hurricanes/Norwood, Massachusetts)

#65 Danny DeKeyser (Detroit Red Wings/Detroit, Michigan)


#35 Jimmy Howard (Detroit Red Wings/Syracuse, New York)

#37 Connor Hellebucyk (Winnipeg Jets/Commerce Township, Michigan)

#40 Cal Petersen (Notre Dame Fighting Irish/Waterloo, Iowa)

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im now at school! the first day, technically, i was in a hotel near the school. a few of us met up that night and went out to eat. it was great getting to know people but it wasn’t until the next day we really made friends.

the orientation day was long, we got up around 7 to drive to the school, and then we walked to the dorms and had our dorm orientation.

there are only 7 of us girls (but one of them Lauren, a girl from University of Michigan, is awesome, and became a good friend already). 

we learned the ins and outs of our dorm then all walked to school to have a program orientation. there we had about 3 hours of discussion in a class room and then took a group photo.

and then it was time for the party! at the party they continuously brought out tons of different tasty food and enough beer for everyone. we spent a few hours there until we were all full then a few of us walked around the town and found a little bar.

the bar was such a fun experience, getting to know one another and talking to the bar tenders (practicing their english) and even one younger bartender made me a drink for free.

we all went to bed exhausted and woke up early the next morning to head out to kyoto, for a cultural excursion. 


I’ve been trying so hard to find the perfect words to use to write how much this poster means to me and I’ve decided that I’ll never ever ever be able to fully express to anyone how much love and happiness this poster brings me.

I’ll start from the beginning. In 2005, when Lazy Sunday first came out, I fell in love with Andy Samberg. In 2007, I saw Hot Rod the moment it hit theaters and fell head over heels in love with The Lonely Island. I guess it took me until Hot Rod to really look into Andy Samberg and digital shorts to lead me to The Lonely Island but whatever. The point is The Lonely Island has been my life for almost 10 years. They were my escape and my joy. They were/are my everything. Had a bad day? Watch Hot Rod. Have friends over? Watch Hot Rod. Need to have a good jam session? Listen to The Lonely Island. Need a movie to watch? Watch Hot Rod. I’ve actually seen Hot Rod over 150 times and I know every single line to the whole movie. I’m rambling now but anyway, just understand that I love The Lonely Island with all my heart. I never in a million, trillion years thought I would ever get to see them in person. I bought tickets the second they went on sale to see their first ever live show in Chicago only to have the show be cancelled last minute. I attempted to travel to Tennessee to see them at a comedy fest and that failed. Every time I even tried to get near them, it failed.

Until the day they posted “wanna be in our new movie?” on Facebook. I had a trip booked from June 21-July 1st to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. My whole family decided to change the entire trip to attend not only one day of filming but two. Yes, I got to spend two glorious days being in the same vicinity as my heroes. 

Day one, Tuesday June 24, consisted of me being front row in the shots and having Andy, Jorma, and Akiva all be within 1 foot of me for 13 straight hours. The whole day, Andy didn’t really talk to any specific people in the crowd he just addressed the crowd as a whole. Until about 10:15pm. In a giant crowd, Andy came up to me and shook my left hand and said “Hey! You having a good time?” and started to walk away. I quickly blurted out without really thinking “Uh, yeah! I came from Michigan for this!!!” He turned around and stared at me and goes “No fucking way.” “Uh yeah, you’ve been my life for like 10 years so I had to come.” He looked at the rest of the crowd and goes “that’s cool as shit! The rest of you fucking suck cuz you didn’t come from Michigan that’s awesome! Thank you!” I bawled for about 20 minutes after because my absolute biggest hero in life acknowledged my existence in a giant crowd. 

Day two consisted of me being given an autographed CD in the morning (bawled for 10 minutes. I couldn’t ruin my makeup before filming!) After filming for about 6 hours, I had to leave to be in another state on time to begin the rest of my trip. I hugged some of the crew members who treated me too well and thanked them for everything. They told me I couldn’t leave yet. I waited about 10 minutes until the signed poster was brought to me. The second I saw my name on it I lost it. I was hyperventilating while uncontrollably crying. The crew member told me “we got this special for you. Andy wrote you a note at the bottom!!” Andy Samberg knows my name. He took time between takes to physically write my name on a piece of paper. I bawled for about an hour and a half. Literally. My body was shaking and I was weak the next few hours. 

No piece of paper in the entire world will ever mean so much to me or be as valuable to me as this poster and cd. No people in the entire world will ever mean as much to me as The Lonely Island. I want to thank Andy, Jorma, and Akiva for being the three best dudes in the world and for continuously putting a smile on my face. Thinking about that day still makes me cry and every time I look at the poster I can’t help but feel stupidly happy and warm. Thank you The Lonely Island. You rock.