Myya Jones is running for mayor of Detroit.

She is only 22 years old, but don’t let the age fool you:

This motor city native is confident about her chances.

Myya announces her candidacy in January while currently enrolled at Michigan State University.

Despite her school obligations, Detroit’s future is Myya’s priority.

Myya is inexperienced politically, but she is not lacking merit. She’s been a Google ambassador, and intern on Capitol Hill and held two positions on the board of the National Association of Black Accountants.

”I may be the youngest to run for mayor of Detroit, but I’m actually from Detroit. Too often we’ve had people who are coming from the outside to Detroit to see how to progress the city, but they have no idea how people in the city are living,” Myya says.

And Myya has overcome a lot to get to this point.

And in the 5th grade, her mother fell into a deep depression, forcing Myya to take care of her five siblings.

But she isn’t making any excuses for her life, or for the city she loves.

“The biggest thing that’s crippling the city of Detroit is the lack of care in the neighborhoods. So much focus is happening downtown in the midtown area. People have forgotten about the people who live inside the neighborhoods. People have homes, people don’t have jobs. They need more jobs and they need stability, and financial literacy and empowerment. These are things that need to happen inside of the neighborhoods.”


Oakland County, MI

Hello friends! This week’s Certified Dank™ McMansion is well worth the wait. Every so often I come across a house that is so baselessly tacky, I wonder if the inhabitants have seen what rooms are supposed to look like on TV, like, ever. 

Though it might be tame from the outside (by tame I mean clandestinely ugly but surrounded by pretty trees), this 5 bedroom 7 bathroom house, built in 1993, is definitely full of interesting…things. And they all can be yours for 3.3 million dollars!

Obligatory Foyer

Seriously, the weird wood-floor clad nook above the front door is a crime against logic - you can’t get to it without a 14 foot ladder, and it will perpetually tempt your stupid children to try without one. 

Can I get that piano mural as a tattoo, because it’s just 2 real and 2 perfect.

The “Great” Room

I don’t have enough friends to fill like half of these seats. 

Also that itty bitty step is a total trip hazard.

Dining Room 1

If Dolores Umbridge were a room, she would be this room. 

Certified Awesome 90s Kitchen 

I swear, I’m having flashbacks about being in Walmart as a young child and getting lost in the bra department and all the bras had the same patterns as these walls and seat cushions and I really just wanted to get back to my mom who was literally around the corner but kids don’t logic real good so I just sat there crying and

Dining Room 2

“Cute 90s Upcycled T-Shirt Custom Fabric Hand Made” ($56)


Little would they know that their posh setup would be rendered obsolete with the widespread adoption of Picture In Picture circa 2001. 

Sketchy Home Office

The wallpaper is especially sketchy.

It’s not like everyone who went to college in the last 5 years hasn’t been harassed by Vector Marketing at the beginning of every semester or anything. 

Master Bedroom

So how come the night stands have granite countertops but not the kitchen cabinets??

Master Bathroom

Sadly, the only bathroom visible in the listing. 

(Looks in Mirror) 
(X-Files Theme Plays)

I wish America would adopt the bidet, bc they are a dream. 

 Bedroom 2

I think I stayed at this hotel once. 2.5/5 stars. 

Bedroom 3

Special shoutout to my Patreon donors for enabling me to buy a drawing tablet, which I think is paying off handsomely. 

Hella Scary Solitary Confinement Room 

Should I call someone? Should I be concerned? 

The DANKEST Basement Complex Ever

It’s probably actually dank in the not so good way, too. 

I’m seriously impressed by this wine stash, which I doubt was decimated on Election Day, unlike mine. (POLITICAL JOKE)

On second thought, this is a really successful imitation of a 90s Golden Corral. 

And finally, we’re at that special point where we take a look at the rear elevation: 

Well, that’s it for Oakland County, which has a surprising amount of Late Modern houses, and speaking of Late Modernism - stay tuned for Sunday’s What the Hell is Modern Architecture THE CONCLUSION: Late Modernism. 

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Waiting On The Dream, Juan Madrid

Waiting On The Dream by NYC-based photographer Juan Madrid is a rumination on the mythology of the post-industrial city in the United States. With Flint, Michigan acting as the backdrop, a critical eye is turned toward the social and cultural landscape of the country and the history that binds it.


Pure racism! Think about how many old ass white politicians there are harboring just as much of a “distaste” for minorities because they were raised in a time when it was perfectly acceptable to think non whites didn’t harbor the same intellect or were not equal to the white man. How can we expect to move past all the discrimination when supposed leaders are still on a 1950’s mentality? I would encourage more young people with more of a developed well rounded brain and a broader outlook on life and culture to run for office and be the people we need as leaders for our future.
Trump staffer convicted for electoral fraud
A man who worked on Donald Trump’s campaign in Michigan has been found guilty on 10 counts of election fraud. Brandon Hall, a political activist, forged signatures on petition forms in 2012 and now faces up to five years in prison. The 27-year-old from Grand Haven, along with his friend Zachary Savage, forged signatures in support of judicial candidate Chris Houtaling.

“The fact that the Trump campaign and the Michigan Republican Party embraced Brandon Hall is just one more reason to recount and audit the vote in Michigan.”  […]