Moving forward with the Michigan recount

Although Trump and his allies tried their best to stop the Michigan recount the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a federal District Judge’s order and made clear that the recount will continue.

Although this isn’t a guarantee for victory, this is great. If Michigan would end up with Clinton on top she would be much closer to the presidency. And we know there are some faithless electors out there and the recounts in PA and WI that could really help turn this election around. Clinton only lost the state of Michigan with 0.3 percent so this is totally possible. Also Trump’s efforts to stop the recount might be a sign that there could really be something weird about the election results in the state that this recount could help to uncover. Come on guys don’t give up just yet, there is still hope!

Without any extra funding, the city of Flint, Michigan will run out of the money it needs to keep buying bottled water and water filters for residents in 51 days.

Where are the celebrity’s now? … Where is Hillary since she got her nod from the DNC .. Where is the President? .. Why hasn’t the governor been ousted or put in jail? How long are these people going to be without clean drinking water?? It’s been years since they found out, and still nothing is being done.  


Flint, Michigan, is dealing with another outbreak. This time it’s an infectious bacterial disease called Shigellosis, which can cause bloody diarrhea and fever and typically spreads when people don’t wash their hands.

According to health department officials, the gastrointestinal disease has been occurring at a higher rate in that county than in any other county, with 85 cases just last week, according to data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

People in Flint - who are still forced to use either filtered or bottled water because of damaged water pipes - are bathing less, and refusing to wash their hands. 

“People aren’t bathing because they’re scared," 

said Jim Henry, Genesee County’s environmental health supervisor. The residents of Flint have been loathe to trust the water coming from the taps after government officials switched the water source to the #FlintRiver, leading to lead contamination in the water and causing a crisis that had repercussions nationwide. Even though the source was switched back, trust still remains low in the water and in the government in that area. 

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? It’s absolutely appalling that we’re giving billions in aid packages to other countries yet our own citizens don’t have clean water! WTF is wrong with this government!!