View of two giant heads of cauliflower on a railroad flatcar. Printed on front: “Scene near Pontiac, Mich. The kind we raise in our state.” Handwritten on back: “Pontiac, Michigan, 9-22-1913. My dear aunt and sister, Here we are at home found everything all right. Jess was home getting supper was glad to see me little sweet heart has gone to sleep did you [undecipherable] anything down [undecipherable] tonight we did [undecipherable].” Card is postmarked September 29, 1913.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Shelby got her stitches out!

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Who knows the fascinating story behind #HeritageGuitars? It’s pretty interesting stuff! Some people might even say that #Heritage #guitars are more #Gibson than actual Gibsons!

Here’s a 2002 Heritage #GoldenEagle #Archtop spotted at The TwelfthFret in Toronto. Look at that lovely headstock inlay.

@martyschwartz is one high profile guy I know of who proudly plays his Heritage here on IG and of course on his insanely popular YouTube channel “#MartyMusic”. I have learned so many tunes from Marty…if you don’t know who he is (which I think is VERY unlikely!) check him out…he will teach you something! 😀

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Happy Halloween by Teresa


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Without any extra funding, the city of Flint, Michigan will run out of the money it needs to keep buying bottled water and water filters for residents in 51 days.

Where are the celebrity’s now? … Where is Hillary since she got her nod from the DNC .. Where is the President? .. Why hasn’t the governor been ousted or put in jail? How long are these people going to be without clean drinking water?? It’s been years since they found out, and still nothing is being done.  


The last few weeks have been so depressing and overwhelming, so Pokemon Go could not have come out at a better time. I may be wasting away my days and gas money but it’s been so nice to have something fun and distracting in between going to rallies, just to keep my spirits up. It’s been really nice to see other people talk about friends their making and how happy they are playing it. Then of course something had to ruin it. This shit is not okay. The landmark descriptions on Pokemon Go come from an older app and weren’t vented very well because obviously there’s a lot of ground to cover. This needs to be changed ASAP.

The address is 11833 Hamilton Ave Highland Park, MI 48203 United States.

Keep in mind that the people fielding these requests may not be familiar with the subject matter so please explain that this is a mural of an innocent dead child who was racially profiled and murdered. Where it says add file use these screen caps above! (I cannot find the original post for these, feel free to inbox me if you have the link.)
Pastor says bottled water donations slowing to trickle in Flint
By Steve Carmody

A pastor says donations of bottled water to his Flint church have dried up in the past month.

Donations poured in from across the nation in the weeks and months after it was learned that Flint’s drinking water was contaminated with lead. At times, the response nearly overwhelmed the effort to distribute water to Flint residents.  

Bishop Roger Lee Jones’ north side church parking lot used to be filled with pallets of water, but now the flood of donations has slowed to a trickle.