Jerk Barista (AU!Yoongi x OC) Part 1

Based off of the LONG OVERDO REQUEST: “You’re my jerk barista who purposely screws up my name when I order my caffeine fix AU”

I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG FIRST OFF. Secondly, I wasn’t originally going to post this into parts, but once I got the idea that I have, it ended up being SUPER long. I’m not gonna even start on how many times I wrote and rewrote this…
I hope everyone likes this! It’s been so long since I’ve written something, so it felt good to write this ToT

Genre: Honestly, I have no idea. Not really angst but kinda
Words: 2700+
Part 2

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It was a rainy Thursday afternoon at the warm and cozy coffee shop. For the most part, it was quiet and peaceful as the sound of the rain and soft voices filled the place. The temperature in the shop was as perfect as usual, not too hot and not too cold.

Well, all until the door swung open and a girl stumbled in the shop, wet and cold. She was holding a million bags which were all dripping wet. The customers all took notice of her as she smiled sheepishly and bowed in apology.

It was like this most of the time, so the usuals in the cafe were used to it. Most days she would storm into the shop in a hurry to just get her coffee and leave. The only difference for today is that not only was she storming in, she was also drenched from head to toe.

The staff was pretty used to it as well, if not expectant of it. One of the workers in particular scoffed at her every time she came in looking like a mess. He didn’t know her job and he didn’t know why she was always rushing in, but he found it amusing every time she did.

She quickly walked to a booth to set her bags down before heading over to the desk. There was always only one cashier open at this hour, so she walked up to the cash register as always, though her slight death glare at him didn’t go unnoticed.

“I’ll have the usual,” she nodded and gave a sweet smile, “I’m not in a rush today, so take your time.”

“I wasn’t planning on rushing, anyway,” he replied as he turned his back to her to begin the process of making her complicated cup of coffee. “You should go to the back and get a towel. The boss should have one laying on the table that you can use.”

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Michida saram, Isangeyo saram geugeot A~~i ssi imnida~ =))^_^

Pertama melihat memang aneh seperti orang idiot (Useon isanghan boi neo pabo cheoreom)

Tapi setelah tau dia sangat pintar(geureona hue geuneun aju ttok ttok thauimnida)

Tidak ada yang meragukannya~(Amudo wesimhaji~)

Lama lama saya semakin tidak yakin apakah dia orang normal?(geuneun jeongsangjeogin saramjigoissda myeon gin gin siganeun jal muleugesseoyo?)

Karena tingkahnya yang membuat saya bingung seperti orang gila(ttaemune geuwe haengdongein museopge nereul honlan)

Melakukan tingkah aneh pada saya(nawe isanghan haengdongeun hago)

Saya benar benar bingung apakah dia orang aneh ataupun orang gila dan itu membuat saya berpikir terus menerus.(naneun jeongmal geu isanghan hokeun michyeossyeobue daehae honlan geurigo geugeoteun nareul kkeunhim eobsi saenggakhagehago.)

anonymous asked:

Hi Michi! Um, I don't know how to begin without being offensive. I really like your blog and you seem like a sweet person, but I kind of lost respect for you after your Mishida Sui post.I know it was a joke but to me, it just made me feel differently about you, as if you believed that you were so great and famous among the TG fandom that you could call yourself Michida Sui, to mock Ishida Sui. I just think differently of you now. I will keep following you, but this is just how I feel.

I… didn’t say that with such feeling in mind. I also don’t see myself or my blog in general as something ‘great and famous’. I didn’t mean to mock Ishida-sensei either; trust me, I hold the highest respect for him. I also firmly believe that I don’t deserve this much credit at all.

I’m not sure if you’ve followed me long enough but I mentioned sometime ago that I didn’t make up that nickname, a couple of people on tumblr did. So it was really just meant as a joke and in no way did I have the intention of mocking Ishida Sui.

It hurts me to say this but if you really do think differently of me now due to that joke, I would suggest unfollowing me. I promise that I won’t use that name ever again of course but it pains me to think that people would put words into my mouth by saying that I think that I’m great and famous. It’s actually the complete opposite. I’m sorry anon.