“I admired profoundly Ava Gardner. She was my favorite actress. I admired not only her grace, sensuality and appeal but her image of a strayed princess. The threads of destiny seemed to evade her hands and she couldn’t manage to gather them. Ava was different from other people. She wasn’t better or worse, she was just different and lived differently. She seemed to suffer a lot because of what happened in her life and it showed in all her gestures and actions. I love the fact that she didn’t spare her feelings, didn’t lie and gave herself completely to everything. She lived and loved like Angelique.”

- French actress Michele Mercier who is famous for her portraying Angelique in a series of films

So I’m up late tonight, having a bit of an impromptu Mario Bava film fest… I just finished Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1970) and I’m now about ¾ of the way through Black Sabbath (1963), which I plan on finishing before bed but I’ve got to tell ya… I think I’m in love with Michèle Mercier.  I don’t recall ever seeing her in anything before this but now I’m thinking about starting a fan club! ;)