Michelle Sciuto

Michelle Sciuto @m-sciuto already did an awesome BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea illustration for my P.I./Femme fatale series of commissions, but I wanted more.

I wanted one of those cute Harley/Ivy pin-ups she does so well. With that good old P.I./femme fatale twist, of course.

I received a scan of the final art tonight, just in time for lovers’ day. Enjoy.


And now I know my place
We’re all just pieces in their games


Announcing: the 20 semifinalists of the Orphan Black Poster contest 🎉 Listed in no particular order and social-medias credited where provided: 

Ariel Landy 
Amelie Au
Denise Parrish
Michelle Sciuto
Cristina Shahosaini
Carina Tous
Michael Cercado
Seo Cho
Ashley Verkamp
Hanna James
Jennifer Brinkle
Heather Arment
Forrest Burdett
Katie Campshure
Theresa Kinkead
Chris Moon
Oleksandra Barysheva
Melisa Dalton
Serena Kuo
Erin Garey

You’ll all be receiving a framed version of your poster, signed by the cast (it’s true, we saw them do it :O )

And thanks to everyone who participated as well, your artwork is beautiful and makes us question our own talents and abilities. Keep on making cool stuff because it’s part of what makes #CloneClub so great. 


Gotham City Sirens Print Giveaway Contest!

Well this hit 2,000 notes in a pretty short amount of time, so to celebrate I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

1st place randomly chosen winner will receive all three prints in the large size (11x14), and I’ll pick a couple of runner up winners to receive the smaller prints–either the three small size (5x7) or the one medium one with all three in it (6x18), winner’s choice!  (Mostly because I was indecisive as to which one to print–like I like all three of them in the panoramic, but the cropped 5x7 ones came out nice too…)  Here are the official rules:

1. Reblog and/or Like this post as many times as you like, I don’t care–if you really want these prints feel free to reblob a million times

2. Must be following me to win!  This is a thanks to my followers who liked/reblogged the piece initially as well as to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently, so I would love for one of you guys to win and not some random non-follower

3. Deadline to enter is about three weeks from now on Sunday, April 2 at midnight Jersey time (ET) and the winner will be announced at some point after that

4. Participants must have their ask box/messenger thing open so that I can contact the randomly chosen winner for their mailing address

5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere and a mail person can reach you it’ll get there

I believe that covers everything!  Contest begins now, good luck everybody!