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Remember when Abby caught her son drinkin whiskey and literally called him by his full name, like let this momma rest pls Andrew she’s got 9+ babies to look after,, she can’t always be watchin you

just got back from seeing “Southside with You”

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It’s such a sweet, simple film, but will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like after reading a good “fluff” fic about your OTP

Only , it’s BETTER than that, because it’s TWO REAL PEOPLE (or I should say, about two real people)

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The casting is excellent; Parker Sawyers looks and even at times SOUNDS like Obama


This gorgeous woman’s portrayal of Michelle Obama (then, Robinson) is PHENOMENAL and so worthy of award recognition. While I know some artistic license was taken (perhaps more than “some”) even if the quips between her and Barack aren’t 100% accurate, she brings up so many ON POINT POINTS, about the struggles of being taken seriously in her job due to being both black and a woman.

There’s a scene that just caused my stomach to plummet when a work colleague sees her and Barack at the movies, and says “do everything you can to make him ‘happy’ so the firm doesn’t lose him”

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Barack tries to comfort and reassure her after this incident, but she doesn’t let it slide; she drives the point home that THIS is what is talking about, and for him (and the audience), it’s really a big, eye-opening moment.

In addition to the acting and the writing, the soundtrack and cinematography is beautiful, and it is not only a valentine to the Obamas, but also a valentine to Chicago’s south side, which too often is portrayed negatively on the screen due to economic hardship and the fact that its population is majority non-white. Instead of the stereotypical images of gangs and street violence, we saw children playing and laughing, and working men and women who love their neighborhoods doing what they can to make them safer and provide hope as well as pride for the next generation

I loved it! And if you have a chance, I highly encourage you to see this film too!

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A reincarnation of Ford named Michel ends up being too curious for his own good. Following after a supernatural creature, and getting himself hopelessly lost in the forest. Thankfully the Woodsman is there to help, whether Michel wants help or not.

“Great job, Michel,” the young boy muttered. “Chase after a creature that looks like it is made of oil. Totally won’t get lost in the dark dangerous woods.”

The trees here were unrecognizable from the ones near the Stanley Pines Memorial Library, which was Michel’s favorite place in this weird town. No one teased him about his hearing aid, or made comments about his sister, who was sick of being told she wasn’t a real girl.

Michel was interested in the supernatural. That was very obvious by his constant reading about demons, unicorns, and other creatures that had only been proven to exist in the last century.

He didn’t necessarily trust the supernatural though. He would never be one to summon a demon, even for research. He didn’t trust all those accounts of getting fair deals with Alcor, or things like that. He didn’t trust anything he didn’t witness himself.

This instance practically settled it for him. Being lured off to get lost in the woods, and starve to death. He could classify the many different categories of what qualified as a werewolf, but he couldn’t tell poisonous and non-poisonous berries apart, nor was he properly equipped with either the equipment, nor the knowledge to hunt for food.

“Could the universe just give me a break!” Michel shouted, his voice echoing through the trees.

With no response, he turned, about to continue wandering the woods until he found someone, and screamed when he saw a terrifying looking creature there.

It was tall, practically ten feet tall compared to his small, scrawny self. Most of the height came from spiraling antlers, that seemed to be both bone and wood. The figure was vaguely human like, and one arm seemed to have a sharp axe growing out of it.

While flowers and fruits seemed to grow on some branches of the antlers, severed hands dangled on others. Michel could see some hands twitch, as if they were still alive.

“Um, go away! I have…um…a hearing aid!”

Maybe this creature wouldn’t know what that is.

The creature approached, and Michel began backing up, scrambling backwards on his hands and feet when he fell, before being backed up against a tree.

The antlered thing held out its non-axe hand, as if to help Michel out.

“Go away! Leave me alone.”

There was a grunting sound, like the sound of creaking wood, that Michel later swore was a sound of annoyance, and he screamed as the thing picked him up, placing Michel on its shoulders.

“Put me back on the ground!” Michel shouted, beating his fists against the creature.

“Darn my puny, thin arms,” Michel muttered, and the antlered being seemed to make noises of amusement, which offended Michel.

“My sister would end you if she found out you did this,” Michel noted, continuing whacking the creature.

Eventually, Michel stopped hitting it, realizing that the woods were starting to look more familiar. It was tricky from this vantage point, but there was the heart with M.P. + H. S. in it, and the antique No Refunds sign.

The creature stopped, carefully lifting Michel from its shoulders and setting him on the ground.

“You-You brought me back?” The boy was confused, looking with shock at the impossibly tall creature, the severed hands on its antlers swaying in the wind.

The creature patted Michel gently on the head, then waved and walked slowly off.

“Michel! Mom says it’s time to go home!”

Michel looked outside the woods, seeing his sister tapping her foot and looking aggravated.

He followed his sister, still in shock, all the way home.

He later looked up this creature on the Internet, and got a result.

The Woodsman.