Michelle C

And just what are YOU looking at!?

Picking up where I left off in my series of Ava’s Demon warmups, here is Maggie! Oh man, I love her so much. She is so fiery its awesome. I can’t wait to see her come back into the story. I wonder what happened to her after that crash…..

Maggie Lacivi and Ava’s Demon belong to Michelle

Oh heavens me! What am I ever going to do!?

A little warm up drawing of Ava Ire from Ava’s Demon. Why is it that whenever I draw Ava, I always make her panicking? Do I just enjoy her being upset? hmmmmm…..

Ava Ire and Ava’s Demon belong to Michelle

……………..S-Sorry I don’t h-have much to say…..

More Ava’s Demon warm ups. This time we have the lovely Odin. He was definitely the hardest to draw and come up a composition for, yet I went with something so simple. I suppose its because there is so little we know about him (and seen. Still, he is such an integral part of the story) He is by far one of the biggest mysteries of Ava’s Demon. Just who are you exactly Odin Arrow? Who are you?

Also, this just about wraps up the life forms part of this exercise. Granted, I will pick it back up again when more appear. But for now, its onto the demons~

Odin Arrow and Ava’s Demon belong to Michelle~