Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (5/?)

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Summary: Your 19th birthday party was a memorable one and maybe the best one yet.  One of the best things that came out of the party was Peter.  There’s definitely something budding between the two of you, but will it last?

Warnings: just some cursing!


AN: Hey friends! I know this is being posted late, it literally took me hours to write this chapter! Also don’t think I don’t like Zendaya’s character after reading this! I just thought it could work! also The actor or Ned, Jacob, is Filipino, and I’m filipina so I wanted to kinda to make his birthday party accurate to how it would be in real life haha anyway sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it!!

The last few weeks have been great for yours and Peter’s friendship.  Peter started coming to the Headquarters on the weekends, which meant more time to get to know each other.  The synopsis that you have gathered on Peter from the last few weeks is that he’s a major dork, like walks into a glass wall dork.  The amount of times he has walked into glass is quite impressive, but not for the cleaners who have to clean off the face mark of Peter Parker.  He is also a very sweet, and kind guy.  He really puts others before himself.  It’s really nice to have someone like that as a friend, because he always texts you to see how you’re doing that day or will drop everything to help you with something.  

Peter was like no one you have ever met before, and you were kind of mad at your dad for keeping him from you for so long.  Even Pietro and Wanda love hanging out with him.  You four will train together to help give one another practice on handling someone that has similar abilities as you.  Peter is getting better with tangling Pietro up in his webs, which was an L on Pietro’s pride.

After training, Peter will help you with upgrades on your armor, or bike.  Your dad is usually busy, so it’s nice to have Peter by your side when you get stuck or need an extra hand.  Your dad tried to convince you to build your own suit, but this was more your style. Your thing was more light, so it gave you the option to use your martial art abilities.  You had gauntlets that were inspired off of your dad’s iron man hands, each hand having repulsor beams.  Also, the gauntlets gave you a killer grip and more strength in your punches.  Another part of your armor were boots made out of gold titanium alloy that had flight boosts.  But you didn’t use your boots to fly around far distances, more like help you do sick air kicks and flips.  All your armor is painted a metallic black with an accent of deep purple.

Let’s not forget about your baby, your bike.  Your dad bought the Apache RTR 300 and the two of you amped it up.  You kept most of the same body work but added a few things.  New brakes were added so you could stop instantly, and mini missile guns were added to the sides.  The bike was also upgraded to be very quiet for stealth missions, but let’s not forget about your safety.  It has a tracker in it just in case it gets taken or you go missing.  Another great thing it does is taser anyone who tries to steal it, because you’d be kidding yourself if you thought no one would try to steal a multi million dollar bike. Fun fact you were nicknamed, the bullet, because of how fast you could go on your bike.

Another key part of your armor is your helmet. Your helmet has a layer of gold titanium alloy, so it can take hits without damage. It is designed like a sleek motorcycle helmet, but the inside has everything the iron man suit does.  FRIDAY is programmed in it to assist you with combat or riding.  You’ve also got an amazing sound system running through there, which is always helpful on long drives.  Both your bike and helmet matched your armor, and you usually wore your black leather jacket for, you know, style.  


Today, Peter was tinkering with making a new web fluid while you were working on your gauntlets.  As you looked into a magnifying glass to see where to place a chip Peter spoke up.

“So are you busy Saturday?”, he asked as he busily poured a chemical into his beaker.

“Uhhhh”, you answered to focused to think about the question.  You placed the chip down and looked away from the glass. “No I don’t think so, why?”

Suddenly smoke started to rise from the beaker and Peter quickly threw the fire smothering blanket on it just incase it combusted.  He saw the unimpressed look on your face and he tried to smoothly hide it behind him with a laugh. Trying to distract you from his tenth failure, he carried on with the conversation.  “Well, Ned is having his birthday party, and I was kind of wondering”, he scratched the back of his head nervously. “If you wanted to come too?”

“Would he mind if I came?”, you asked Peter.

Peter thought for a few seconds.  He knew Ned would absolutely freak out if you came, but in a good way.  Peter shook his head with confidence, “He would love it if you were there.”

You smiled at the thought of finally going to a party with “normal” people around for the first time. “Yeah, I’m down”, you accepted Peter’s invite.

“Sweet! I’ll text you the address and time”, he said as he checked on his failed science experiment.


“Hey dad you busy?”, you came into his lab.  

He picked his head up from the blueprints he was staring at, “Never for you, pumpkin. What’s up?”

You grabbed a stool and sat across the counter from him. “Peter invited me to his friend’s birthday party this Saturday.”

“Are you going?”, he gave you a curious look.

“Well, am I allowed?”, you asked wondering if his question was a trick.

“Of course, you’re 19 (Y/N). I’m not going to stop you from going to a party”, Tony’s attention went back to his papers.

“Oh sweet, thanks!”

“Mhm”, he hummed clearly done with the conversation.

Slowly, you slid a glossy picture of Iron Man on top of his papers.  He looked up at you confused, “What’s this?”

“Well I was wondering if you could sign it for Ned, he’s a huge fan”, you said sweetly, hoping this would help convince your dad.

“He’s a friend of Peter?”, he raised an eyebrow at you.

“Yeah, and he’s like crazy smart too.”

“Alriiiiight”, your dad grabbed a sharpie.  “What should I say? ‘Don’t do drugs’?”, your dad joked.

“No just say ‘Happy Birthday Ned, your friend Iron Man’”, you shook your head.

“I’m not his friend!”, Tony argued back.

You groaned and threw your face into your hands.  “I know, dad, just say you are!”

“I know, I’m just being irritating”, your dad laughed and started to sign the photo.

You took the signed present. “Geez, now I know how Pepper feels”, you sighed and left his lab to go back to your room. As you walked, you decided to shoot Peter a text.

You: “Got my dad to sign something to Ned, do you think he’ll like it?”

Peter: “Wow, way to out shine my gift.”

You: “Is that a yes then?”

Peter: “I’m pretty sure it will be his prized possession next to his lego death star model.”

You: “Wow that’s an honor!”

Peter: “I’m telling you he loves you guys.”

You laughed at the idea of his best friend “fanboying” over you.  

Before you knew it, it was time to get ready for the party. You put on a white floral print chiffon crop top with an off-the-shoulder neckline, short sleeves with crochet trim, a sweetheart neckline, and button front. For pants you wore high waisted jeans with the ankles rolled, and you paired them with baby pink faux suede pointed toe flats.  

You said bye to your dad before going to the garage.  There you put on your leather jacket and slid your helmet on.

“Hello (Y/N)”, FRIDAY said after the helmet was all the way on.  

You straddled the seat of your bike and turned on the engine, “Hey FRIDAY, can you show me how to get to Ned’s house?”

“Of course.”

The road in front of you lit up with a line that showed you where to go.

“FRIDAY, can you play my jams playlist?”, you asked as you drove alone.

“Yes, any specific song to start?”, FRIDAY asked.

“Uhhh”, you changed lanes as you thought. “Sorry Not Sorry by Demi?”

“That’s a great choice.”  The music began to fill your ears, making the ride to Ned’s feel shorter.  Before you knew it you were pulling up to his apartment.

You got off your bike, and locked it down with your dad’s gravity pads.  Those made it impossible to lift the bike up or even move it.

Your heart rate began to pick up once you took off your helmet.  You felt out of place already, I mean you barely knew the kid and now you were showing up to his party.  You took a deep breath and knocked on apartment 203.  You could hear the music and talking on the other side of the door.  Suddenly, an older looking woman answered the door.

You put on your friendliest smile, “Hi, I’m here for Ned’s party.”

She looked at you confused, like she was analyzing every inch of you.  You’ve faced murderers, and killer robots but never has someone made you feel so nervous.  Then a familiar face walked up to the door.

“Mom who is-”, Ned’s jaw dropped when he looked at you. “Oh my god!”, he shrieked.

You awkwardly laughed, “Happy birthday, Ned.”

“Mom, this is (Y/N), (Y/N) Stark!”, he pulled you into the apartment.

“Ohhhhhh, welcome”, his mom shook your hand.  

“How did you know about my party?”, he asked completely starstruck.

“Well, Peter told me about it”, you took off your leather jacket and hung it on the coat rack.  

Ned’s smile was wider than ever, “I still can’t believe you’re here! Do you want food or any drinks?”  You followed Ned through the crowded room to the kitchen where there were platters of food all over the counter.

“We’ve got lumpia, which is like a filipino eggroll.  Some pancit, which is my fave! We also have some fruit salad and sticky rice wraps!”, Ned took you down and listed the whole line of food.  By the end of it your whole plate was full of samples.  

“Did your family make all of this?”, you said impressed at all the work that went into this.

“Well my titas helped but yeah”, he gave a proud smile.  

You took a bite of food, “Well it’s delicious who ever made it!”

“Thanks, they take pride in their food”, Ned laughed.

“As they should.”  Your eyebrows raised as you remembered to give Ned his gift. “Here, I have a gift for you!”, you pulled the large envelope out of your backpack.

“You didn’t have to!”, Ned said while accepting the gift.

With a mouth full of food, “It was no problem, really.”

Ned excitedly opened the envelope and pulled out the picture of Iron Man, “DUDE NO WAY!” Ned’s smiler grew even larger, which you thought was impossible. “THIS IS AWESOME THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

He hugged you, and your tried not to spill your plate.  “You’re welcome, there’s also money in there so you can buy stuff for college, or anything really”, you laughed.

“This is the best birthday ever, now we just need Peter”, Ned finally let go of you.

“Speaking of the devil”, you motioned to Peter and Aunt May walking in.

Peter’s eyes lit up when he saw you, but someone else was hoping he was looking at them.  Michelle was standing at the counter behind you but when he came up and hugged you, she felt a bit of her die. She looked down disappointed, she should’ve known that he would overlook her once again.  She has always had a crush on him, but she accepted it would never happen especially with college. Even though she accepted it, it still hurt to watch the person she loved be interested in someone else.  Jealousy began to build as she watched him hug you, but not only were you his crush, you were a Stark.  She hated everything that your father has stood for and you being the offspring made you no different in her eyes.

She walked up to you and the group. “Look who showed up late”, she motioned at Peter.

“It wasn’t my fault this time”, he put his hands up in surrender. “Oh this is -”, Peter was cut off in the middle of introducing you.

She took a close step to you, you already knew this wasn’t going to be a friendly interaction. “I know who she is.  She’s a Stark”, she said with disgust.  Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, as to why she had pretty much spit on your name.  “My friends call me MJ, but you’ll call me Michelle.”

Her tone was not inviting, it irritated you knowing she was acting this way just because of who your dad is.  You took a step closer to her to match her hostility. “Okay, Michelle, I don’t know who you think you’re talking to-”

She cut you off with a sarcastic laugh. “I know exactly who I’m talking to. (Y/N) Stark, the daughter of a murderer and a joke for a hero.”

Your blood was boiling at this point, how dare she even speak of your loving father like that.  “You have no right to talk about my dad like that.  He has saved more lives than you can count, actually he even saved yours”, you poked her chest aggressively.  She rolled your eyes, clearly not taking you seriously.  Ned and Peter watched from the sides not sure whether or not to intervene. “Remember the fight of New York City? Well the government tried to nuke New York, and you know who risked their life to prevent the complete leveling of this city, my father”, you said the last part through gritted teeth as you tried to keep your composure.

“How about him inventing Ultron? Really saved many with that”, she took a jab at the sensitive topic.

You took a deep breath, “He was trying to prevent the world from disastrous attacks.”

“Well that’s ironic”, she nudged Ned trying to get a reaction.  “He murdered all those people.”

“He also helped save them.”

“Just because you save people doesn’t cancel out the fact that you have killed. He’s a joke”, she mocked.

That was enough, you didn’t know what came over you.  You pushed her backwards, “You have no right to talk about my dad like that. I’m tired of listening to you act like you know us!!  You’re a nobody!! My dad and I risk our lives for people like you and this is how you repay us! Talking us down like all we do is sit on our asses! My dad has stayed up countless nights, because of the things he has done! I don’t need you disrespecting him to my face!” You pushed her again, making her fall onto the couch.  Now she was looking up at you, and you could see the change in her attitude. You got down to her level and put a hand on each side of her face. In a low intimidating voice you said, “I don’t give a shit what you think, but you keep our name out of your mouth.”  

You pulled away only to notice that everyone was watching what had happened between you and Michelle.  Your rage settled as the embarrassment sunk in. You looked at Michelle guilty and red rose to your cheeks.  

“I think I should go”, you hugged Ned. “Sorry for ruining your party.”  Quickly you grabbed your jacket and helmet and walked out the door.  Before you could put your helmet on you felt someone grab onto your arm.

“Hey, c’mon you don’t have to go”, Peter stopped you.  But looking at Peter infuriated you, because why didn’t he stand up to Michelle with you.

“Oh look, Parker knows how to talk”, you said irritated.  You rested your helmet on your thigh as you were sat on your bike.  “Why didn’t speak up, Peter. You’re going to let people talk about me and your “mentor” like that?”, you shook your head in disbelief.

“No I didn’t know if I should step in, I didn’t want to disrespect you”, Peter explained.

You rolled your eyes at the bullshit excuse, “She literally embarrassed me infront of Ned’s whole family.  They probably think I’m some kind of savage for getting mad like that.”  Thinking about it just brought back the feeling of being exposed like that infront of all those kind people.  You were disgusted not only with Michelle or yourself, but with Peter.  

“No, they probably forgot about it already”, Peter tried to comfort you.

“Whatever, Peter. I can’t go back in there!”, you threw your arm in the direction of the door.  “I’m leaving.”  You put on your helmet and started the engine.  

Peter grabbed your arm again, not sure what to say.  You just shook him off and drove away.  The whole way back, the scene kept replaying in your head.  The way you rose your voice and got physical in front of all those people.  You’ve faced so many people like that before, why did she break you?  

You sped into the garage and hit the brakes hard making you stop while the back wheels lifted off the ground.  Your bike went back to the ground and you shut it off.  You ripped the helmet off in frustration and threw it the ground with an angry scream.

“Woah, what did that helmet ever do to you?”, Steve tried to settle you down. “I’m guessing the party didn’t go well, huh?”, he made you sit down on your bike.

You breathed heavily as you tried to fight off the tears.  “I looked like an idiot”, you finally managed out.  You looked down at your feet with shame.

“What happened?”,Steve asked as he knelt down to your level.  He could see the tears running down your face, making his chest ache.  “Aw c’mon, you don’t have to cry”, he rubbed comforting hands on your arms.

You rubbed a tear with the back of your hand. “This bitch, she came at me for no reason.  She was calling dad a murder and just disrespecting us in front of everyone.”  Steve gave you a sympathetic look and let you keep talking. “I can’t believe I let her get to me”, you said with a sob.

“Hey everyone breaks after a while, you’ve been so tough dealing with all the crap people give you.  I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself.”

You let out a sad laugh, “You know what’s the worst part?  Peter just let her throw dirt on our name like that.”

“Spider boy?”, Steve was actually surprised by this. “I thought-”

“So did I”, you bit your lip.  Did Peter actually agree with his friend? Maybe, she convinced him that you guys were monsters after all.

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