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Maybe that's why (being one of the villains daughter) is why they arent revealing any last name for her? it's a good theory

thank you! if ‘michelle’ isn’t MJ, i am betting she’s the daughter of the vulture or shocker. she has all the ingredients for the villain origins recipe:

  • nerdy/awkward
  • kind of drabby
  • ‘loner’/likes to be alone
  • extremely intelligent

now she just needs a reason. i heard a rumour that she gets jealous of liz/peter cause she ends up liking peter, so it could do something with that. or spidey attacking her dad/her dad passing down the mantle who knows!

the speculation continues… lol.

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Hey Jessie, so I recently attended a high school reunion and it was strange. It reminded me about all of the things I hated about high school. It also taught me that no one changed, which was a good thing for my old friends who I don't think I appreciated as much back then. I sure appreciate them now. What do you think about that? ;)


Wow, it’s so strange that you send this ask now because I recently attended a high school reunion and had the exact same expierence… ;D

But I think it’s great! Because while the reunion brought back some unwanted reminders about being in high school, it reminded me of the amazing group of friends that surrounded me, even when I felt pretty alone. And it also showed me that those friends are still there, and that they are just as awesome (maybe even more so, if that’s possible!) than they were in high school. I appreciate them so much, too.

So yeah, I think that is pretty great! ;) <333


they did the mannequin challenge ya’ll