"As difficult as it can be to put your faith in the future, if you do your part by working hard and trying your best, I truly believe that good things will always come and the right path will make itself evident. Whether you’re considering a career on the stage or a career at a desk, I hope that it’s a path you’re so passionate about that you’ll fight for every opportunity. I hope it sings to every fiber of your being and that you can’t imagine doing anything else." - Lea Michele, Brunette Ambition

The Interview || 1970 Michele & Robert

"Michele!" Robert called through their hotel, "Where is my bloody-" He then stopped when he picked up the shirt he was looking for, "Never mind luv" He then pulled it on as he then licked his lips nervously. He had an interview to do, and those NEVER went well. The press didn’t care for Zeppelin thought they were talentless and not capable as being counted as musicians. Robert then sat on the couch as he played with his hands, 

"Michele?" He softly asked as she entered the room, "Do you-" He then saw her and as his eyes went over her, he smiled. "You look fantastic…the most beautiful thing I’ve seen" She always calmed him, and he stood up to kiss her cheeks, he played with her long hair with his fingers, "Hmm this…I like this" He saw how she took time with her hair, and what she was wearing. She was proud to be with him, a thing Robert wasn’t quite used to yet. 

"These legs…" He softly said as he then shook his head, "I have a bloody interview to do and I will be looking at those the whole time…"  Robert then ran a hand through his hair, 

"Do you think it’ll be alright?"