TMNT x Reader | Asking to train with them

At first he would be surprised. Training with him was tough. He was a ninja after all. He knew how strong you were and how much stamina you had, but this was different.

“Are you sure?”, he asked.

“Of course”, you nodded.

“Alright. Learning a bit of self-defense can’t hurt I guess”

You jumped up and down a little and went to his bedroom. You’ve hoped he’d say yes. You even brought some workout clothes, just in case. You changed into some leggings and a top and went straight back to the dojo. You knew their schedules well so you made sure your boyfriend was the only one there, just in case you embarrass yourself.

“Ready?”, you asked as you walked in.

He gasped when he saw you. The clothes were hugging your body nicely and he loved it.

“First we start with a warm up”, he said.

That included running, sit ups, jumping jacks and more. You were already out of breathe but you didn’t want to back down. You wanted to prove him how good you were. Your face was red and sweaty but you gave him a smile, showing that you wanted to continue.

“Okay, basic steps then”, he smiled as well.

He helped you with your stance, movements and overall knowledge of the moves.

“You always need to keep your guard up, kind of like boxing”, he explained.

You nodding and did as told.

“You might have some weapons later like all of us do. Most of them can be used to block a hit but if everything fails, you have to use your hands. To protect yourself from a fist, blade, whatever”, he then said.

After a while you finally figured it out, it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Now let’s see if you can actually use it”, he smiled.

He stood in front of you and you went back to your position.

“Imagine I was going to hit you, try to block and hit me, okay?”, he said.

He lifted his right hand and took a little swing, trying to fake hit you. Before he could even reach you, you blocked his arm by lifting your left one up. As soon as you pushed it away, you grabbed it so he couldn’t move. Then you slightly hit him in the belly.

You two broke apart and he nodded.

“Well done babe”, he said.

“Well I had a good teacher”, you answered and smiled.

He walked up to you and kissed your lips gently. He was sweaty and panting a little but you didn’t mind.

“So, do you want to continue with the workout or do you wanna take it to the bedroom?”, he grinned.

“Hmm, I like where this is going”, you laughed and he lifted you up.

“Let’s go then”, he laughed and kissed you again.


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