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Michael Crabtree & The Crab 5 Foundation.

I’ve known Michael Crabtree for a few years now.  He is a very private and reserved person, but underneath those layers is a very generous man.  His love for the game of football is grand, but nothing compares to the love he has for his community, and he shows it every year with his camp.

What is the Crab 5 Foundation? 

It’s a non profit organization that Michael Crabtree has set up to serve the underprivileged children in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

What are some of the services?
Michael holds an annual camp that allows under privilege children and their families to participate in a football camp coached by past and current NFL superstars free of charge.  He also hosts a charity dinner alongside the camp to raise money for scholarships, educational student growth, and field trips.

Why did you start this foundation?
Growing up, I never had anything like this in my neighborhood.  I grew up in a rough part of Dallas, which is Oakcliff.  We didn’t have many resources around us, so my family made the best of what we had.  I believe that the children are the future, and we have to put them in the right path.  I worked very hard to be where I’m at, and I want to share the blessings with my community, and that starts with the children.  It brings a joy to my eyes when I see the children get advice and coached by the superstars they see on TV every week.

Who are some of the athletes that have come out to the camp?
Von Miller, Tony Jerod-Eddie, Quiton Patton, Mike Wallace, Delanie Walker, Frank Gore, Brian Cushing, Troy Smith, Ricky Jean-Francios, Jonathan Scott, Tedd Ginn Jr., Anthony Dixon, Deion Sanders and many more.

What’s next?
I just held my very first toy drive this past Christmas, and I’m going to keep that going annually.  I’m working on providing scholarships, as well as educational trips to allow kids to explore their passion.  Whether it be to learn about fashion in New York, or art in one of the many museums in our country, I want to be able to give the children that opportunity to learn.

To donate to the Crab5 Foundation, or to become a sponsor please click here.