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I'm scared to get any Michael paper children bc this bitch changes his hair so fkin often

yeh i feel that but u could always just print what i have already bc even tho the hair color isnt exact,u still got a mikey paper kid


“When I became a father, my whole sense of God and the Sabbath was redefined. When I look into the eyes of my son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, I see miracles and I see beauty. Every single day becomes the Sabbath. Having children allows me to enter this magical and holy world every moment of every day. I see God through my children. I speak to God through my children. I am humbled for the blessings He has given me.” Michael Jackson


A Chaplin family affair in Limelight (1952)

Charlie Chaplin’s final American film starred seven members of his family, including all of his children at that time, aside from his one year old daughter, Victoria.

  • Geraldine, Michael and Josephine Chaplin - his three eldest children with current wife, Oona, made their first screen appearance in this film.
  • Wheeler Dryden- George Dryden Wheeler, Jr., Charlie’s younger half-brother, both sharing the same mother, appeared in Limelight as the doctor and a clown.
  • Oona Chaplin - Charlie’s fourth wife, married until his death in 1977. She acted as the stand in for the leading actress, Claire Bloom, in the scene above.
  • Charles Chaplin Jr. - His eldest child, and first son with second wife, Lita Grey. Charles Jr. makes his first film appearance as a clown policeman.
  • Sydney Chaplin - Also his debut, the second son born to Charlie and Lita, starred as the young composer, Neville, and love interest of Claire Bloom’s character, Terry.

On this day - 1st May 1992

Michael is in Washington to accept a ‘Point Of Light’ award from President Bush, which acknowledges his efforts with disadvantaged children.

While in Washington, Michael visits a little girl, Raynal Pope, who was mauled by dogs.


In 2009, Michael Miller attacked his wife and children with a knife. Miller’s wife and daughter died from the attack, while his four-year-old son survived 11 stab wounds. Miller told the police that he stabbed his son more because he loved him more.

Miller also confessed to police that he believed he was possessed and that his wife was a demon. He went on to say that before attacking his wife in the early hours of the morning, he started shouting out the lyrics of an Eminem song. According to Miller, he especially focused on the words “Here comes Satan, I’m the Antichrist, I’m going to kill you.” He then viciously stabbed his wife and kids, said a prayer, and called 911. He also told this story to the 911 operator who answered his call.

The operator asked Miller if he’d had any murderous thoughts about his family before his incident. He said he hadn’t, although he did have a history of suicide attempts. Many news sites picked up the story, all of whom focused on involvement of Eminem’s lyrics. Strangely, though, those lyrics don’t seem to be from any actual Eminem song.

but domestic heaven family au where chuck is a single father raising his adoptive children (only michael was his real child). you know having morning breakfast before going to school, raphael reading books at the table, gabriel spilling his milk, michael being neat and tidy and finishing homework, lucifer playing his food and shooting it to his siblings faces. and azrael’s face is like

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✢ for a good memory that makes them smile

stares at the sky and hums. UMMMMMMMMmmmmmm. wow hold on i really have to think for this one. 

anytime after jimmy and tracey were born and before they became adults. despite michael’s choice of work, he spent as much time with them as possible. in fact, he and his children got along GREAT right until they moved to los santos. after the north yankton stint is when shit went downhill for them tbh. 

he played baseball with jimmy, taught tracey how to swim and made every single occasion with them count. of course, he stole like ninety percent of the gifts and always went EXTRAVAGANT with their birthdays. christmas in the townley house was always the best. they always had THE BIGGEST TURKEY or chicken on the table. michael wanted his children to have EVERYTHING he couldn’t have, everything he didn’t have and then some. he spoiled them rotten, which is partially WHY they are so disrespectful to him now. this strained his relationship with amanda as well, because she didn’t like the idea of her children having stolen goods for their bitrhday or christmas or whatever etc etc.

when he sits by the pool and drinks, these are the good times he remembers and reflects on. mostly. sometimes he thinks about his high school days but that’s for another time ;v;

Still thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge (motion) from last week

Just a slight blur or the foot


The NYC gallery

McCutcheon hits it


Cross Country Pony Tails

When I arrive in Virginia

Jack makes the bell ring

Michael raises his Gator Hat at the Wooden Mirror- Children’s Museum Pittsburgh

The cheerleaders last fall

Night Car

 Crosswalk in Oakland


Mazeroski Statue and Fireworks

I’ll Second the Motion Still thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge (motion) from last week Just a slight blur or the foot…
MJ’s Drug Abuse + Family Life, Appearance vs. Reality

Michael Jackson, despite dying of an overdose, went to rehab for his drug abuse in 1993. He cut a tour short to go, and he was very open about it. In this area of his life, he did not build up a facade of a pure life, but he openly admitted it, damaging his own reputation. 

Michael Jackson made one major mistake with one of his children, dangling them over the balcony in supposed excitement. After this incident, he kept his children fairly secluded at his famous Neverland Ranch, keeping them out of the public eye.

In contrast to each other, Jackson was more sensitive about how his children were portrayed in the media than he himself was. He bore his own reality, good or bad, but he shielded his children’s. 


“All my children” ——- Follow Michael Sisto on his NEW ACCOUNT ————> Michael Sisto

Mother's Day Tips for Bonding with Kids Over Books

Mother’s Day Tips for Bonding with Kids Over Books

Parenting Tips for Bonding with Kids over Books

By Lisa Cohn
My 6-year-old, Michael, is planning a “million-star Mother’s Day” for me.

After a quick visit to the library, we’ll be on our way to a gym, taxi, park, museum or bookstore for our favorite activity: Reading together, then filming children’s book reviews by Michael.

His love of books has taught me how to immerse myself in reading and…

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Reed, Donald E.
#Figureskate #CathyReed [Herald & Review]Shirley Moeller has been Don’s girlfriend since 1989. Surviving are his daughter: Cathy Reed of Decatur, IL; his son: Michael Reed of Decatur, IL; his step-children: Jim (Judy) Moeller of Poplar Bluff, MO, and Lynnette (Scott) Logan of Evansville …
Celebrating Michael Anthony Kaspar: A Life of Family, Friends, Sports and Laughter

Michael Anthony Kaspar was born on October 15, 1957 in Covina, California to Richard and Stella Kaspar. He passed from this life on April 9, 2015. Mike is survived by Tina Apoian Kaspar, his wife of 31 years; his children: Tara, Michael and Gianna Kaspar and their respective partners Beth Rodriguez, Audrey Hicks and David Cooley; his granddaughter Aaliyah Kaspar; his mother-in-law Shelly Apoian;…

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