TJ Jackson, Michael's nephew and the guardian of his three children talks about the film being made...

“It’s offensive to me and my family for my Uncle Michael to be portrayed in a comedy taking place around 9/11,“ Jackson says in a statement released to Entertainment Tonight.
"Like everyone else, he was distraught, saddened and trying to process what had just happened. Following the events of 9/11, my uncle, Michael, with our entire family, took multiple busses back to Los Angeles as planes were grounded. There was no road trip with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. I have no comment on the casting of the project.”

This movie is complete bullshit people! It’s not only racist and disrespectful to the passing celebrities in it, but it also is not even a true story! 


anonymous asked:

Someone told me that when there are pap pics, they are ALWAYS called to come (after I suggested that it isn't always necessarily planned). A few years ago, Kate Middleton got papped topless. Reckon William called the paps to get some juicy shots? I don't think so...

Do they think Princess Diana wanted those paps chasing her in her car?

Michael Jackson, who went to the extent of covering his children up everytime he went out with them (but not when they went out without him) because he didn’t want them to be exploited by the media? Paps even pressed their cameras up against the windows of the emergency vehicle when he was being taken to hospital. Those paps were not called by him and it was not a stunt. 

Also paps are annoying and exploitative but a lot of celebrities just learn to deal with them as they want to try and live their lives normally. They don’t want to have to keep ducking and diving just to avoid some pap who’ll take incredibly boring photos of them. Heading to your car every day with a covered up baby is not ground breaking. They’re not doing this for attention. If they wanted that, there are far more interesting ways they could get it. Doing anything but performing the same routine over and over. That is not all that interesting for a pap or a gossip site. It really isn’t.

It’s a lot like learning to live with super fans who stalk and harass your every move and dissect and document absolutely everything you, your friends and your family say and do in order to speculate wildly on your behalf. You just learn to live with it. 

TJ Jackson And Family Offended Over Michael Jackson 9/11 Comedy Film

TJ Jackson And Family Offended Over Michael Jackson 9/11 Comedy Film

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TJ Jackson, Michael’s nephew and the guardian of his three children, tells the TRUTH about what really happened in New York in 2001. Sky Arts is releasing a film entitled Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon, which has many in and out of the fan community upset over the content and the actor cast to play Michael in the film. “It’s offensive to me and my family for my Uncle Michael to be portrayed in a…

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“The magic, the wonder, the mystery and the innocence of a child’s heart are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world.”

- Michael Jackson.
Let’s follow his message and help the children. To give you a small sight oh how Michael did that, please watch my new video. Thank you:

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Michael Jackson is no doubt a music legend and has made an impact on people around the world in many ways. No matter if you are a fan of Michael or not, you know the iconic red, leather jacket he adorned in the infamous “Thriller” jacket. You know the sparkly, left glove, you know the cropped trousers and glittery socks, you know the loafers and you know the fedora. It’s hard not to see Michael’s influence today. Even I can say that at one point, I had a jean military jacket which I only purchased because it reminded me of Michael Jackson. 

Many other celebrities have worn similars of the King of Pop’s military style jacket, fedora, and black loafers, such as: Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Usher. Although many have duplicated, Michael’s timeless style cannot be replicated.

Tommy Burns - the supporter who got lucky
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TODAY (Wednesday) a Celtic legend should be celebrating his 59th birthday as Tommy Burns was born on December 16, 1956.

However, he was tragically taken from us on May 15, 2008, when he passed away. He was just 51-years-old.

The loss was one felt by the whole Celtic family though, of course, the greatest loss belonged to his wife, Rosemary and his four children, Emma, Jenna, Michael and Jonathan. And on this day our thoughts and prayers are with them.

In his all-too-short life, Tommy did extraordinary…

Former Pitcairn mayor denies child images

A former mayor of the Pitcairn Islands has gone on trial, accused of possessing sexually explicit videos and photos of children.

Michael Warren, in his early 50s, denies 20 charges of possessing child sex abuse images and five charges of images involving adults.

He went on trial at the Pitcairn Supreme Court, sitting in Auckland, and appeared via video link on Monday. The then mayor of the remote British Pacific colony, settled in 1789 by mutineers from the Bounty, was arrested and charged in 2010.

The Crown says police found on Warren’s laptop, hard drives and CDs about 400,000 explicit images, about 1000 of which were of children, RNZ reports.

The files also contained a sexually explicit conversation with an alleged 15-year-old.

Warren’s lawyer, Tony Ellis, confirmed the hearing details with NZ Newswire.

He said his client was not a paedophile and did not have a library of child-sex abuse.

Warren had downloaded hundreds of thousands of images and the child-abuse images had been downloaded by mistake.

There were only about 50 people living on Pitcairn Island and most were already in relationships.

“You can’t find a sexual partner because there aren’t any, what are you supposed to do?” Dr Ellis said.

The hearing is set down for a week in Auckland and will then reconvene on Pitcairn Island later this month.

At trials on the remote island in 2004 and in New Zealand in 2006 eight Pitcairn men, including then mayor Steve Christian, were convicted of raping and sexually assaulting young girls, while a ninth man pleaded guilty. Six were given prison sentences.

Britain to stand against inappropriate wearing of hijab in schools

Britain to stand against inappropriate wearing of hijab in schools

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The monitoring authority in Britain’s top schools has instructed inspectors to mark down institutions where face covering veils such as hijab are hampering learning. Image: shiawaves.com The Head of the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Schools, Sir. Michael Wilshaw, instructed his inspectors to mark down institutions if they judged the wearing of the veil was becoming a…

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Jersey Shore fan Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg loves ‘Jersey Shore’.

The 'Pain & Gain’ actor used to secretly watch the now cancelled MTV show - but only when his children Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four and three-year-old Grace, didn’t know.

He said: “I enjoyed watching 'Jersey Shore’ when my kids weren’t around, it’s one of those things you can’t turn off.”

While the 'Jersey Shore’ men are renowned for their buff bodies and love of the gym, Mark recently got in shape for 'Pain & Gain’ and while his wife, Rhea Durham, was initially impressed, she wasn’t happy when the training led to him getting injured.

Mark, 41, told Us Weekly magazine: “At first she was excited to see me get fit. But then she realised I’m not young anymore. I got tears in both shoulders and a couple of herniated discs.”

Mark also now hates getting spray tans after having to endure a number of them to make the action-comedy film.

He said: “The film’s director Michael [Bay] insisted I be as tan as possible. So, he’d make me get a spray tan. I’d do it on my balcony of my hotel room, which was on the 17th floor. You would think you’d be free from all the cameras and paparazzi, and there I was getting photographed in my underwear getting a spray tan. Not a good look.” © BANG Media International

Michael Jackson admitted he wasn't biological father?

Michael Jackson reportedly revealed he was not Prince Michael or Paris’ biological father before his death.

The late King of Pop’s close friend Jason Pfeiffer claims the ‘Thriller’ hitmaker confessed a few months before his passing in June 2009 that British actor Mark Lester had fathered his two eldest children with Michael’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe, with the singer admitting he was only the biological father of his youngest child, Blanket, who was born to a surrogate mother.

Jason told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Michael and I often talked about our families and our lives. One day as we talked about his children and Debbie Rowe, he just came out and said that his children were actually fathered by Mark.

"Michael calmly said, 'My friend Mark donated the sperm’. I was taken aback, but I didn’t think to ask anymore questions about the procedure.

"Michael felt Mark was one of his closest friends. He said he was a great actor and very good man. He mentioned that he had taken several people’s sperm and decided on Mark.”

The music legend allegedly confided in Jason when the latter visited him at Arnold Klein’s medical clinic in Beverly Hills in February 2009, but died four months later when his doctor Conrad Murray administered the fatal dose of Propofol anaesthetic.

Jason added: “In the next few days it dawned on me the significance of his confession … Now he confided in me this secret.

"At that time I kept much of what Michael told me a secret and he trusted me. I didn’t know much about Mark, but when he came out publicly after Michael died to admit he thought he was the children’s dad it all made sense.”

He went on to say that Michael would have disapproved of Debbie’s involvement in Paris, now 15, and 16 year old Prince Michael’s lives after she gave up custody rights during their divorce in 1999, and would have wanted Mark - who has previously claimed to be the children’s father - to be a part of their upbringing instead.

Jason explained: “If Michael knew how his and the kids’ lives would end up, I feel he would approve of Mark having a much more active role.

"Mark would be a good person to have in their lives. He has his own teenage kids and has been loyal to Michael for years. If Michael picked his seed, then he would want him involved.” © BANG Media International

Michael Jackson needed tour money for house

Michael Jackson needed the money from his This Is It shows to buy a house.

The ‘Thriller’ hitmaker once had millions of dollars - generated by selling an estimated 200 million records in his unparalleled music career - but during the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit his family have brought against promoters AEG on Wednesday (12.06.13) it became apparent his fortunes were dwindling.

AEG executive, Randy Philips, told the court how the singer had planned his 50 date comeback residency in London, to make enough money to buy a home for him and his three children, Prince Michael, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 11, as he was fed up of them “living like vagabonds.”

Randy added he had an emotional meeting with Michael in 2008 where the singer insisted he was tired of shuttling from a rented house in Las Vegas, Nevada, to a hotel in Los Angeles, California.

When the pair met the next day, Michael then insisted he wanted to buy a 40,000 square-foot mansion costing a staggering $93 million, but didn’t have the cash. After persuading him it would be a ridiculous decision to blow the money on the plush property, Randy said Michael eventually settled on renting the home where he eventually died, from acute Propofol intoxication, just days before his comeback was scheduled to start.

The Jackson family are suing AEG Live for hiring and not properly investigating Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for supplying and administering the medication which killed Michael in June 2009. © BANG Media International

Paris Jackson's alleged suicide attempt would have 'devastated' Michael

Michael Jackson would have been “devastated” by his daughter Paris’ alleged suicide attempt.

The 15-year-old aspiring actress - whose mother is Debbie Rowe - was taken to hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning (05.06.13) after reportedly slashing her wrists at her home in Calabasas, California and Michael’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau, says the incident would have been heartbreaking for the late King of Pop.

He told RadarOnline: “Michael would have been devastated to learn that Paris had attempted suicide. His children were his entire life, and everything he did was for them. He protected his three children, and kept them away from opportunists.

"I’m heartbroken over Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt. I’m shocked, and frankly, at a loss for words. Paris is just a wonderful young lady, beautiful, and extremely bright.

"She has so much to live for, and to contribute to the world. I hope that she makes a recovery, physically and emotionally.”

The teenager is reportedly upset that she will be called as a witness in the Jackson family’s high-profile court case after they a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live.

Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson claims the promoters, who were behind the 50-date London residency he was preparing for at the time of his death in June 2009, were negligent in hiring disgraced physician Conrad Murray to supervise the ‘Thriller’ singer’s medical care.

Murray was convicted of manslaughter after delivering a lethal dose of Propofol which killed the superstar.

A source said: “She’s very upset that she will be called as a witness in her father’s wrongful death trial, in which she is a plaintiff.” © BANG Media International

Diana Ross comforts Jacksons after Paris suicide bid

Diana Ross is comforting the Jackson family after Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt.

The ‘Chain Reaction’ hitmaker - a close friend to the late Michael Jackson, who was named a back-up guardian to his three children in the singer’s 2002 will - is said to be “extremely concerned” about her godchild’s well-being following the incident last week, and has offered her support to Paris’ grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

A source told RadarOnline.com: “Diana is extremely concerned about Paris. She was stunned that Paris attempted suicide and has vowed to make sure she gets the help she needs.”

According to Michael’s final will before his death, Diana, 69, would gain custody of daughter Paris, 15, and brothers Prince, 16, and Blanket, 11, should their 83-year-old grandmother no longer be able to take care of them.

However, although she is worried about Paris, the former Supremes singer isn’t said to be interested in taking custody of the children away from Katherine as she feels they are well looked after in her care.

The source added: “Diana absolutely isn’t going to make a move for custody of the children.

"She only wants what is best for them. Diana has tremendous respect for Katherine and all that she has done for the children and told her, last week when they spoke, that if she needed anything, she stands ready to help in anyway.”

Diana has been keeping a watchful eye over Michael’s children following their father’s death from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009. © BANG Media International