at anime expo today after the homestuck meetup we had a special guest: the guy who sings some of the homestuck soundtrack (Michael Guy Bowman) he’s sung shit such as warhammer of zillyhoo, how do I live, maplehoofs adventure and so on and so forth. we homestucks kind of just sat around him in a circle in a cult like manner as he played us some songs, the last one “how do I live” was recorded very crappily but here yall are. it was amazing to be in the presence of an actual god lol he made my day

Song for a Doomed Timeline
  • Song for a Doomed Timeline
  • heir-of-puns

@alternatestridersweek reminded me that I’d been meaning to make a song for the first doomed timeline we see in Homestuck, back in Act 4. The one Davesprite’s from, when Terezi got John to get killed by Typheus. I always loved Dave and Rose’s conversation revealing what happened. Very poignant.

Arrangement of:

Derse Dreamers - Jeremy “Solatrus” Iamurri
Nevermore (Can’t Sleep, Crows Will Find Me) - Thomas Ferkol
Clockwork Contrivance - Clark Powell
Born to Die [Doomed Timeline] - ThiefofTruth and Brad “Avinoch” Griffin
Davesprite - Toby Fox
Chorale for Jaspers - Michael Guy Bowman
Bed of Rose’s/Dreams of Derse - Mark Hadley

All those songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin.

[CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME POSTER](http://recordcrash.me/music_team_stream_poster.png) (Okay, the plans have been fixed to account for the new...

Starting at 8 PM EST EDT this evening, there’s going to be a Homestuck Community Livestream featuring music, videos, and jokes from most of the entire Homestuck Music Team. It’s all leading into the 6/12 release of Homestuck Volume 10, which I prophesy will probably be very good.

Check the link for more info, and definitely be there.

Sburban Jungle (Fake Chiptune Version)

Over a year ago, I decided to learn Sburban Jungle by ear and sequence it out for reference using a ridiculous amount of instances of magical8bitplugin. It eventually turned into an attempt to make it into something listenable, but I abandoned the project in the early summer of last year. This afternoon I decided to take the initiative to go ahead and finish it, and I’m happy to finally be able to call it done. Enjoy!

Made with SoundCloud
  • Sburbia
  • heir-of-puns

Sburban Jungle is, I think, one of the most iconic homestuck songs. So I really wanted to do it justice. 

Special thanks/shoutout to Bowman for making almost all of the songs used in this arrangement.

Arrangement of:

Sburban Jungle - Michael Guy Bowman
Temporal Shenanigans - Rachel Macwhirter
Sburban Coutdown - Michael Guy Bowman and Mark Hadley
Sburban Reversal - Mark Hadley
Another Countdown - Michael Guy Bowman
Another Jungle - Michael Guy Bowman
Calamity - Michael Guy Bowman
Welcome to the New Extreme - Robert J! Lake

All of those songs belong to their artists and What Pumpkin.

The Tavros Gets To Have A Successful Character Arc Shuffle
  • The Tavros Gets To Have A Successful Character Arc Shuffle
  • heir-of-puns

Audios Toreador.

Arrangement of:

iRRRRRRRRECONCILA8LE - Michael Guy Bowman and Thomas Ferkol
Bronze Rebel - Yan “Nucleose” Rodriguez 
FIDUSPAWN, GO! - David Ko, Toby Fox, and The_Eighth_Bit
aN UNHOLY RITUAL, - Kalibration
Bronze Page - Ian “MyUsernamesMud” White, Eston “silence” Schweickart, and Ally Clark 
The Weeaboo’s Battle Cry - Toris Crow 

All those songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin.

  • Recreate
  • heir-of-puns

A song for the Space. This one’s built around my older one Solar Heart of an Angry Universe, which I figured was appropriate considering its songs and subject matter. 

Solar Heart of an Angry Universe arrangement of:

Solar Voyage - Michael Guy Bowman, Marcy Nabors, Clark Powell, Erik Scheele, Tensei, Paul Henderson, and Jamie Paige Stanley
Even in Death (T’Morra’s Belly Mix) - Clark Powell and Tavia Morra
Flare (Cascade Cut) - Clark Powell
Cascade (transition from Savior of the Dreaming Dead to BH/GS) - idk prob Toby Fox or Malcolm Brown?
Black Hole/Green Sun - Malcolm Brown, Tensei, and Toby Fox
Three in the Morning - Clark Powell

Additional material arrangement of:

Frog Croaking Sound - SoundBible (see, I’m very diligent about my sourcing)
Voidlight - Thomas Ferkol
Frost - Clark Powell
Creata - Seth “Beatfox” Peele
Black Hole/Green Sun - Malcolm Brown, Tensei, Toby Fox (I threw another BH/GS in there to make it stick out a bit more)
Even in Death (T’Morra’s Belly Mix) - Clark Powell and Tavia Morra (same deal as above, added in the main percussion bit on loop)

All those songs belong to their awesome artists and What Pumpkin. And someone who recorded some frogs.