at anime expo today after the homestuck meetup we had a special guest: the guy who sings some of the homestuck soundtrack (Michael Guy Bowman) he’s sung shit such as warhammer of zillyhoo, how do I live, maplehoofs adventure and so on and so forth. we homestucks kind of just sat around him in a circle in a cult like manner as he played us some songs, the last one “how do I live” was recorded very crappily but here yall are. it was amazing to be in the presence of an actual god lol he made my day


Homestuck Vol. 9 track art for all of my tracks. The artists are old friends Tavia Morra (“GameGrl”, “Minihoof’s Adventure”) and Richard Gung (“Another Jungle”), End of Infinity author Cari Garafalo (“I’m a Member of the Midnight Crew”), 8bitkitten (“Elephant Gun, iRRRRRRRRECONCILA8LE”), and Austin-based cartoonists Victoria Grace Elliott (“Busting Makes Me Feel Good”) and Emery Ferguson (“Another Countdown”).

Sburban Jungle (Fake Chiptune Version)

Over a year ago, I decided to learn Sburban Jungle by ear and sequence it out for reference using a ridiculous amount of instances of magical8bitplugin. It eventually turned into an attempt to make it into something listenable, but I abandoned the project in the early summer of last year. This afternoon I decided to take the initiative to go ahead and finish it, and I’m happy to finally be able to call it done. Enjoy!

It’s out - Cherubim is the first new Homestuck album of the year, and it’s a collaborative effort featuring 11 new Homestuck tracks from the various vets of the music project.

  1. Reverie - Alexander Rosetti
  2. Power Fantasy - Clark “Plazmataz” Powell
  3. Stellarum Salve - Robert J Lake
  4. Carne Vale - Malcolm Brown
  5. Green Lolly - Tyler Dever, Robert J Lake
  6. Red Sucker - Tyler Dever, Robert Blaker
  7. Constant Confinement - Erik “Jit” Scheele
  8. Constant Conquest - Michael Guy Bowman
  9. The Lyrist - Thomas “EidolonOrpheus” Ferkol
  10. The Lordling - Radiation
  11. Eternity Served Cold - Malcolm Brown

You may notice that of these 11 tracks, all but one come in pairs of two. Enjoy this leitmotiferrific effort!

As always, all Homestuck music is available at http://homestuck.bandcamp.com

Another Countdown (Fall)
  • Another Countdown (Fall)
  • Homestuck

This is just a simple, variable gradual-slowdown of “Another Countdown”, the bonus track by Michael Bowman at the end of Homestuck Vol. 9.

I pictured Jane Crocker inverting her role to act like a Doom player with this sort of music, so I hacked it up from the original track in a couple hours in Audacity (and thus deserve no credit). The track art is similarly hacked-up from the original in photoshop.

Not that I allege it’d actually happen at all like I describe below. But it’s fun to pretend. :)

If you would indulge my sick imagination, think of Jane walking down a dark purple hallway into a chamber near the heart of Derse, ready to confront )(er Condescension. Then, halfway through the track, she enters the chamber to find her freshly-slain Dad on the floor, the Batterwitch shoving her bloody trident deep into his back. You see Jane’s distraught eye, as you did when John saw his own dead father. Then the skull imagery starts to fade in around her as she steps toward the witch, inversion taking hold.

Finally, Jane grabs the Condesce by the throat, enraged, and in a conflagration of ashen and sulfuric Doom energy, the troll empress ages rapidly and decays until she melts into dust.

And on the following pages, music long over, and Lord English’s immortality curse taking hold around her, the heiress dons the ash-soaked tiara of the fallen witch, her macabre trophy as she takes her rightful place on the throne.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgPskdaIX5I)

So yeah, THIS happened…

Free concert and fan meet up featuring Michael Guy Bowman and the debut of his band for the upcoming SXSW concerts consisting of Clark Powell (Plazmataz), Erik Scheele (Jit), Mark Nabors (Shadolith), Riki Tsuji (Astro Kid), and Tavia Morra. Will feature selections from Bowman’s albums (Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido; Ithaca) and the Homestuck music catalog.

We’ll be hosting this concert and meetup free of charge in a generous friend’s back yard. Homestuck fans: cosplay is highly encouraged and the success of this concert will be judged on the number of Dave Striders that show up.

2pm on February 25, 2012 in Austin, Texas. Keep your eye on the official Facebook event for details.