Thought I’d make a better post of my new tattoo. Dedicated to my love of GTAV and hatred for that fucking stupid saying (I hate it almost as much as those family stickers on the back of mini vans). Go check out my tattoo artist while you’re at it, he’s a doll. 


I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.

  • me: *flips to Trevor or Michael*
  • me: ok you trash hoes time to steal a golf buggy and drive 90mph down the freeway, riddled with bullet holes from the 10 cop cars chasing me
  • me: *flips to franklin*
  • me: *spends a half hour meticulously selecting his outfit, making sure he is patched up and healthy, only steals the finest of sports cars, gets him home by 10pm* because you're worth it