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Michael Mentenuto most famous for playing Jack O'Callahan in the Miracle movie committed suicide this week. He was a collegiate athlete before becoming an actor and after 3 film appearances left the spotlight. He admitted that he struggled with mental illness and substance abuse and after some trouble with both he joined the military in special operations. He had a wife and two kids and everyone said he seemed to be doing fine. End the stigma of talking about mental illness and substance abuse. He fought a good fight and now I hope he gets the rest and peace he deserves.

Rival- Jack O’Callahan

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“(Y/N)?” you heard a voice behind you call. You turned round to see your brother’s teammate, Jack O’Callahan, heading your way. And God was he a dream.

“Hey Jack.” You replied. “You seen my brother?”

Jack shook his head. “Not around, no. He’s getting ready. If he knew I was here, I’d get killed.”

“Good and I know.” you said, getting up on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips. “I’m so glad to see you.”

“You too, sweetheart.” he replied, going in for another kiss. “I missed you.’

“I missed you too.”

Yes, much to the dismay and disgusts of the Boston-Minnesota hockey feud, you were dating your brother Rob McClanahan’s rival-turned-teammate, Jack O’Callahan.

This had been going secretly on for months. You met Jack indirectly through your brother and hockey when you went to go visit Rob as they were training in Minnesota close to where you were attending college. Jack caught your eye and you caught his. He nearly ended up skating into coach Brooks, which likely would have ended up very poorly for Jack.

He was so handsome. Soft blond locks, sparkling eyes, and a smile that felt like home. To be honest, it sounded like something from a romance novel one of your friends read, but it was so true at the same time. There were about 2 things stopping you from asking him out as soon as you met him, though.

1. He’s your brother’s teammate.

2. He’s Bostonian.

Rob was always super protective of you even when you were a baby. He always warned his teammates that they are not allowed to ask you out or date you. You are off limits because you’re his baby sister. Next, you knew that your brother hated people from Boston University because of their massive hockey rivalry. So dating a Boston-boy hockey player who is now his teammate would be considered explicitly off limits.

And yet, here you were.

He ended up asking you out before he found out you were Rob’s sister. In fact, just after he asked you is when your big cockblock of a brother came over to say hi and introduce you to Jack as his baby sister. His whole face drained of color and he introduced himself again, this time normally without the flirting vibe. However, after your brother left, you told Jack yes. He was hesitant because he didn’t want to piss off Rob, but his affection for you was more than his fear of his teammate and his next words were “I’ll see you at seven.”

You and Jack met up secretly some nights, when you were able to drive out from college to see him, even though that wasn’t often. You two figured you’d also have to tell Rob eventually, but not now. Now was for just being happy and hopeful he’d approve and not completely lose it. Most times, you just used the phone in the dorms to call him or for him to call you. It didn’t cost much since he was so close by and since you really just had to pay a little to use it.

This stopped just after New Years, though. Jack wanted to focus on hockey for the games, since they were so soon. You still could call him, though. He called you his lucky star. You called extra with money you saved after he’d gotten hurt in New York against the Soviets.

Now, he was cleared to skate and play again just in time for the game. He looked beyond happy to see you.

“My lucky star.” he grinned. “Now I know we’ll win.”

“I just hope you’re right.” you sighed. “I know how important this is to you and my brother and, you know, the whole nation.”

“As long as I’ve got you, I know we’ll do just fine. And hey, you’re still my girl right?”

You smiled, pecking his lips once more. “Win, lose, or tie.”

He grinned before you two heard someone calling for him down the hall. “That’s for me. I should go.”


He turned his head to look you. “One last kiss for good luck?”

You nodded and tip toed up to give him one last kiss on the lips for a few moments before pulling back and smiling at him. “Now. Go kick some ass.”

He grinned. “Will do. I’ll see you later.”


You stared up at the scoreboard in disbelief. After being completely slaughtered by the Soviets merely weeks ago at Madison Square Garden, the United States was playing them again and leading the game in the third period.

The United States was winning.

You held your breath and looked at the clock. Ten seconds left. Only ten. The whole arena was going insane and you couldn’t believe the noise when the buzzer hit zero. 

Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs and jumping up and down in celebration as the team including your brother and boyfriend jumped out onto the ice to celebrate. Jack ended up tackling one of his teammates and practically sat on him as they both hollered and whooped in celebration of something that should have been impossible and was considered so until the 4th goal.

You hurried away from your awed mother and father and ran towards the zamboni doors which had been opened and excited fans now began flooding in to join the team. You looked around in the small crowd that gathered to not see your boyfriend nor your brother.

“Jack!?” you called. “Jack!? Robbie!? Where are yo-!” You cut yourself off with a yelp as a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist and picked you up.

“(Y/N)! Baby, it’s me!” you heard your boyfriend laugh in your ear before putting you down and hugging you tight. “Holy shi- we did it! We fucking did it, baby! I knew you’d bring me luck! I knew it! Holy shit!”

You hugged him just as tight. “I knew you could! I knew so, baby!”

He grinned and lean down, stealing again,a kiss from your lips, this one much longer than any other you’d shared today. He tasted like mint, probably due to the gum he constantly chewed. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands planted on your waist, keeping you close.

That is, until you heard someone clear their throat next to the two of you. You and Jack broke apart to find your pissed off older brother.

“Oh no. H-hey Robbie.”

“(Y/N). Jack. What the hell is this?”

“Rob, listen, I-” Jack began before getting cut off by your brother.

“Don’t “Rob” me! And what are you doing with my baby sister!?”

“Rob, calm the hell down!” you cried. “He’s my boyfriend!”

Rob’s face blanked. “Your what? Jack, what!?”

“We were going to tell you tonight, asshole.” he said. “We’ve been dating since September. For 5 months. She’s my girlfriend and I love her! I love her, Mack. I would never hurt her!”

You nodded and held his still gloved hand. “Please? Rob, I’m not you baby sister anymore. I’m just your sister. Please don’t make a huge deal about this.”

“Not make a huge deal? (Y/N), you’re my little-”

“And I’m only 2 years younger.” you snapped. “I’m an adult, Rob. A fully functioning adult who can make my own choices. And I choose him. You know him. He’s your teammate, your friend, but before this, you probably wanted to kill him. Just goes to show that opinions and thoughts can change. And he makes me happy. Take that into consideration.”

The three of you were silent for a bit until your brother sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Jack… If you hurt her ever, I swear to God, I’m gonna kill you.”

Jack stared at him in shock and awe. “Wait, you’re letting me date her?”

He nodded. “Only if you promise to treat her right.”

He grinned. “I have the whole time. I promise I will. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You grinned and hugged your brother. “Thanks, you dork. This means a lot.”

“As long as you’re happy, sis. Love ya.”

“I love you too.” you said before pulling away and going back to Jack.

Jack smiled at you. “Told you it’d be okay.”

“You were right.” you grinned. “Come on, let’s go party.”

He grinned and took your hand. “Sounds perfect, babe.”



Miracle star Michael Mantenuto left a suicide note before taking his own life in Des Moines. WA.DJ David Newsroom has learned.

Law enforcement sources tells us Michael attached the note next to the gun and apparently wrote on it that said good bye everyone and I doing to die.

We’re told Michael might been suffering under depression for last couple months and going hard time in his life.

We broke the story the former Maine hockey player, was found dead by police in Des Moines. WA. and the coroner tells DJ David Newsroom Michael committed suicide by shooting himself.


Our sources say investigators is trying to figure out if foul play play a role in his death.

something inspirational… watched it earlier…

the 1980 us olympic hockey team stuns the mighty ussr team in the olympic hockey semis, 13 days after being drubbed by the same team 10-3 in (of all places) madison square garden! they went on to win the gold.

the great things about about the team: they gave it their very best for something uncertain, none of them ever became professional hockey players (at least it wasn’t mentioned in the end credits)

do you believe in miracles? yes!

Win Me A Gold

Author: Emmalee
Player/Team: Jack O'Callahan/1980 Olympic Team
Prompt: Do you do imagines about the characters from the movie Miracle? If so, can I get an imagine about dating jack o'callahan during the olympics that year? Thanks!
Rating: Pg 
Word Count: 1,100 Words
A/N: WOW GUYS YAY. I AM LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH MIRACLE AND EVERYTHING. LIKE I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. IM A MIRACLE ENCYCLOPEDIA. PLUS JACK IS PRECIOUS AND SO IS MICHAEL MANTENUTO (the actor who plays him in the movie). I LOVED THIS AND I WAS SO EXCITED. Yeah, so basically like if you all have any questions or want to know anything about the Miracle on Ice event, like HMU, BECAUSE I KNOW EVERYTHING. Anyway, enjoy it!!
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I thought the guy who played Randy on That 70’s Show was played by one of these guys here in Miracle when I was watching it in high school. Pretty much these three sorta have the same hair thing going on, same hair in my opinion. So I was thinking hey, he kept it the guy who was in Miracle. I was thinking back to it the other day when I was watching the final season of That 70’s Show on Netflixs and I was trying to figure out who I thought it was, who I thought was actually they guy who was in Miracle and I did think that Josh Meyers was actually in Miracle. Was wrong, ignore the fourteen year-old me back then, because I thought it was the guy who played Mark Johnson (Eric Peter-Kaiser) or it was Jack O'Callahan (Michael Mantnuto). Yes, I did think Josh Meyers was in Miracle. I have a feeling that he doesn’t play hockey.