Be More Chill Mr. Heere x Mr. Reyes AU Headcanons

-Jeremy was only a few months old when Mr. Heere and his wife got a divorce and she didn’t even fight for Jeremy’s custody when she left.

-Now suddenly a single father, Mr. Heere finds himself barely leaving the house alone and depressed and he’s gotten to the point he can’t even bring home to put pants on.

-Aa a tech support employee he generally works from home but when a teacher at the nearby highschool is having difficulties with the stage lighting equipment he’s forced to make a visit.

-This is where he meets Elijah Reyes, the school’s drama teacher who had no idea how to work with the new equipment resulting in Mr. Heere being called to the school a lot.

-And as the visits continue the two start flirting with each other until finally Mr. Heere asks the drama teacher out.

-They go see an art house film playing in the nearby theatre and the date goes well so they keep going out together.

-Mr. Reyes loves little Jeremy and always plays with the child. Mr. Heere always has a camera in hand to take pictures of his son and boyfriend.

-It’s when Jeremy turns three years old that the Mr. Reyes pops the question and two months later there Mr. and Mr. Reyes-Heere.

-As Jeremy grows up he lives his two dads despite the embarrassment that comes with one of your dads being a teacher at your school.

-But it’s through his dad that Jeremy meets Christine. Thanks to his dad’s influence Jeremy also loves showtunes and he and Christine can both quote Hamilton word for word.

-Michael’s moms and Jeremy’s dads actually hang out a lot (usually at the Reyes-Heere household) which is how Michael and Jeremy met.

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Cuddle hcs with Rich?

Ooooohhh BOO I GOT YOU!

  • Okay so (I’m sorry for starting literally every post I answer like this but irrelevant, you follow me, ya gonna deal with it ily guys) you and Rich definitely cuddle and snuggle while wearing kigurumis. You have a bat one and Rich has a giraffe one. Fight me.
  • You two watch movies, maybe something horror if y'all are in the mood but mainly you two watch comedies so you can laugh your asses off after a long day.
  • You are the little spoon, Rich doesn’t care if you’re taller, he CAN and WILL spoon you. Either that or he’ll have you sit in his lap, and he’ll be hugging and kissing you and just nuzzling into you. He loves you to pieces!
  • You lean on him, nuzzled into his neck or whatever, and just balled up together in a sweet sugar ball!!!!!!!!
  • He absolutely adores holding you and protecting you, he will punch a bitch if they try to hurt you.

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