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“Tears come to her eyes as she lifts him, holds his lifeless body in her arms. Snow flurries around them as she cries, holding this boy who she just met, who she already adores. They are left here to die – nearby MORE TREES DROP as the planet continues to COLLAPSE. And just as it seems like all is lost… Her wet eyes look up to see:” -  Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt.

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Does the sequel trilogy have a confirmed story planned out or is it just a “movie to movie” kind of ordeal?

Peter: “So when J.J. is doing Force Awakens, did he also work on a treatment for the other films in this sequel trilogy?”

Kathleen Kennedy: “No, because at that point we were sitting down and talking about where this might go, even as early on as with Michael Arndt. We were sort of plotting out, because obviously if you know up front that you’re building the pacing inside a trilogy structure, we needed to have some sense of where this saga was going without locking in on things and leaving room for creative development. But we had to have some sense of where we were going.”

(If I had a culturally important billion dollar franchise in my hands, I would hire some people who specifically know a lot about mythology etc - say, a Story Group - to write a rough outline of where we all thought the series should go. Rian Johnson said he was never told he couldn’t do something writing-wise, but Rian Johnson is an easy-going gentle man and understands good writing, and he said he had so much fun writing TLJ BECAUSE there were so many existing things that gave him structure. He also studied and read books about this kind of storytelling. He also talked to JJ about plot in a long meeting when he handed the reigns back over.

The idea that this expensive series is happening completely by the seat of their pants is hilarious.)


Today marks the 10th anniversary Sundance Film Festival hit, Little Miss Sunshine! The directing duo, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, premiered their film at the 2006 Festival. It later received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Michael Arndt along with the Best Supporting Actor for Alan Arkin. Happy Anniversary, Little Miss Sunshine! 

Stills and gif courtesy of Little Miss Sunshine; © 2006 George Pimentel/WireImage

Turns out Abigail Breslin played Little Miss Sunshine’s Mr. Universe role.

4 Famous People Who Accidentally Created Classic Movies

#4. An Arnold Schwarzenegger Speech Gave Us the Premise of Little Miss Sunshine

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger hates “losers,” going as far as to say that he despises them in a speech he gave to a bunch of high school kids? Even if you didn’t, it’s hardly surprising. Schwarzenegger’s entire career has been built around competitions (elections, movie auditions, steroid-eating contests, etc.), slowly turning him into the sort of person who, I’m guessing, would never want to be friends with the success-challenged heroes of Little Miss Sunshine. Actually, scratch that. I know that Schwarzenegger wouldn’t want to be friends with them, because according to the film’s screenwriter, Michael Arndt, Little Miss Sunshine and its cast of character were written specifically to spite the aging, loser-hating bodybuilder.

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A fantastic video by Toy Story 3 Screenwriter Michael Arndt about how to write a good beginning to a film. He also wrote the screenplay for the soon-to-be released Pixar film Inside Out.


A must watch from one of Pixar’s top screenwriter, Michael Arndt.  Truly insightful.

I’m still hoping that one day we’ll get some answers regarding how on earth RJ, a relatively inexperienced director and writer (he’s made two critically acclaimed movies of his own -I haven’t seen them tbh, but I respect that), was given so much free rein over TLJ. And what bothers me most here is the writing part. The damned story and screenplay.

I mean, look at their approach to TFA: They took a very experienced director and writer, JJ Abrams, who’s done some pretty good (and occasionally great) work on film and -mostly- tv over the past 15 years, but didn’t give him complete freedom when it came to writing. JJ didn’t write the story/screenplay on his own. They teamed him up with SW/OT veteran writer (and two-tme Oscar Nominee) Lawrence Kasdan, and with the less experienced but still capable Michael Arndt (won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his work on Little Miss Sunshine and was Nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for Toy Story 3)…

My point is…. what has RJ done to earn all of this freedom and support by Disney/LF?


Trailer: ‘The Greatest Showman’ - Dec 25

Directed by  Michael Gracey, written by Bill Condon, Michael Arndt and Jenny Bicks, with songs from Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, starring Hugh Jackman, , Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Zac Efron and Rebecca Ferguson.