It’s done! It’s finally fucking done, holy shit! Lmao

Welp, here’s the finished illustration of my shameless self insert. Something about drawing yourself with your favorite characters can be very relaxing and lift your spirits. 😄

The indecipherable words around me and Yondu are lyrics from Crazy On You by Heart. I thought it was very fitting. Lol

Hope y'all enjoy!😘


So me and my friends were talking about the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon and how I said that Rooker should have just voiced Yondu because the voice actor they got was terrible. Someone mentioned that Rooker loves doing this stuff and that he enjoys fan conventions but apparently, he didn’t use too.

And I think I figured out why.

It’s because Yondu is such a different character from Merle.

While I love Merle, let’s face it. Merle is an ASSHOLE. Like he’s the biggest asshole around. And actors sometimes get bummed out by playing a terrible character. I think that is what happened with Rooker because has anyone noticed he’s been a lot more active on his social media? I think Yondu gave him a new lease on life so to speak.

i swear to god, if there isn't a scene in Infinity War where Rocket gets to earth and sees a raccoon, i will demand a refund.