Autistic Michael Myers

(tw: flashing gif later on in post)

I know this headcanon might be really controversial because Michael Myers is a serial killer, but ever since the Halloween movie remakes by Rob Zombie became one of my special interests, I’ve seen some “autistic traits” in Michael, and I went back to the John Carpenter movies and I definitely think Michael Myers is autistic.

Routine/Ritual: While Rob Zombie did stray from this detail in his remakes, in the original movies Michael always kills while wearing a mask on Halloween, and the way he kills people is very mich the same. He killed his older sister Judith on Halloween when she was 17, and later came back for his younger sister Laurie/Angel on Halloween when she was 17.

Poor Gross Motor Skills: Almost everyone knows that Michael’s “signature trait” is walking while haunting music plays in the background. Michael always walks, we never seem him run (even in the Rob Zombie remakes). Why is that? Michael seems pretty fit, and running could make it easier for him to catch up to victims, so what’s stopping him? Poor gross motor skills are common in autistic people, and this could explain why we only ever see Michael walk.

(Possible) Special Interest in Masks: This is from the Rob Zombie remakes, but Michael seems to devote most of his time to creating masks. Even before he committed his crimes, he liked to wear his clown mask. And when Michael is older, we see his room:

[Image shown: Michael Myers as an adult, standing in his hospital room, while two orderlies put handcuffs on him. His room is covered from wall to wall in different masks that he has made over the years.]

Non-Verbal: In both the remakes and originals, Michael never really speaks. In the Rob Zombie remakes, Michael talks a bit when he is younger, but we see that when he is an adult he doesn’t say a word. Dr. Samuel Loomis even says “You haven’t said a word in 15 years.” and Michael continues to stay non-verbal. In the originals, Michael never talks once, we never hear him.

Lack of Facial Expression: In both the originals and remakes, Michael never shows much facial expression. Dr. Samuel Loomis describes Michael’s face using the words “blank, pale, and emotionless.” It is common in some autistic people to lack facial expression.

These are just a few reasons why I think Michael Myers could be autistic. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, as an autistic person I’m sorry if this offends other autistic people in any way, that certainly wasn’t my intention.


The Art of Terry Wolfinger

Terry Wolfinger, a California native, graduated from CalArts in 1989 with a BFA in Character Animation. After graduating he created animation for various rock video companies, then later became the cover artist for GameFan Magazine, creating over 100 unique covers. Terry has been a character concept artist for Stan Winston Studio and numerous video game and comic book companies. He has attended the Sebastian Kruger Workshop in Germany twice for painting. 

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