Michael Jackson's inspirations

The Jackson 5 pose for a group portrait: Tito, Jackie, Michael, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson (Photo by Fin Costello)

anonymous asked:

Do you know any specific songs Richard Ramirez liked? I've honestly looked everywhere and can't find much!! I'm making a playlist and I want it to be made of songs he liked, not just songs I like that make me think of him, you know? But so far all I have is Night Prowler by AC/DC and Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol. Thank you for your help!! (:

The first song that comes to mind is Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol. Other than that, I don’t know of any specific songs. Anything from the Highway To Hell album is probably a safe bet, and he did say he liked Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zep, etc. Also, it’s rumored Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal was inspired by Richie, so that may be something you like. :)