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Rifftrax: A Case of Spring Fever (1940/2014)

The cackling, nightmarish imp Coily the coil sprite will already be shudderingly familliar to fans of MST3K, who made their grudging acquaintance with him in the second-last episode of the series, Squirm (1999). Now you can refresh your unholy pact with the spring-demon by going to Rifftrax and downloading their latest short for $0.99, a sum so small as to drive mathematicians to insanity, cannibalism and Dianetics in their futile quest to unlock its mysteries.


Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ep. 1003: Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders

That feel when

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Cast Of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Looks Back On 25 Years Of Riffing

The premise is the stuff that cathode ray tube dreams are made of: a hapless host, orbiting the Earth in a vessel known as the Satellite of Love, is forced by mad scientists to watch some of the worst movies ever made. His only relief? Mercilessly poking fun at the films, with the help of a pair of robot friends.

Over 10 seasons starting in 1988, “Mystery Science Theater 3000” aired on three different networks and cycled through its entire on-air cast, but thanks to that charming, timeless set-up, the Satellite of Love kept flying.

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Don’t know what MST3K is? Sucks to be you then.


Rifftrax: The City of the Dead (1960/2014)

"Visit the scenic City of the Dead! Just up the road from the Village of the Damned and a hop, skip and a jump away from the Municipality of the Mildly Bloated. This is vintage horror stuff. A sleepy northeastern town, still under the shadow of the witchcraft trials it once held, a town that’s now somehow completely forgotten by the world despite existing in the middle of New England in the 1960s. Get out your vintage horror bingo card and prepare to check off things like “elderly gas station attendant who warns people not to go up that road.” Yes, all your favorite cliches are here!

Speaking of vintage horror cliches: Christopher Lee! Before he was Saruman, before he was…*sigh*…Dooku, he was a professor of the occult with a penchant for sending pretty young female students off to dangerous, devil-worshipping towns. Might he turn out to be secretly evil? For your answer, we remind you again that this is Christopher Lee.

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for a road trip to the City of the Dead! Because hey, it’s still gotta be better than Fort Worth.”

Available from Rifftrax.com, where, once you’ve paid whatever footling amount they’re charging, you can stream the VOD or download it in a variety of digital formats. Also worth your attention are: 1. Every other Rifftrax commentary ever; and 2. the comments at the bottom of the City of the Dead page, where someone seems to be amusingly upset that the Rifftrax team have grown no fonder of the Star Wars prequels over the years.