Michael Giacchino


“A lot of action scores nowadays, you could almost relive any movie by listening to them. For me, it was important to relive that specific film. I love that there are themes attached to characters, places and things. So you can listen back and go, ‘Oh, that means the Enterprise is here,’ and tell that story again in your head by just using your imagination. That was huge for me as a kid and that’s just the way I went when I started writing music.” -Michael Giacchino


“I know John (Williams) very well and he’s been really wonderful and supportive to me over the years so I feel like I know those scores and what those films tried to say so well and I also know that Colin really wanted to put something new in there. We both love Jurassic Park and the first thing we both wanted to do as fans, we both decided there is no way we’re going to make this movie without that theme somewhere, but it has to be earned and it has to mean something. – But we wanted to bring something new to it, that was important to us too.”  –Michael Giacchino on composing the music for Jurassic World [listen to complete soundtrack here]

Can we appreciate the man that is Michael Giacchino?

Not only has this man composed music for Star Trek, Jurassic World, Inside Out, Tomorrow Land, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and many more, but the titles for his music are just mainly puns and bad jokes like

Jurassic World

Hey Owen, what do you owe me?  I Owen you nothing 

It’s a small world after all


Ah yes, home wheat home

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This may not be the dustbowl, but those apes are angry

Land of the Lost

I don’t know who Matt Lauer is , but he can suck it

Who you gonna call?  Stakbusters!


Star Trek

Oh yes, that new car smell

If you’re dealing with someone who is going through a hard time, you’re not going to sit there and yell at them and ask them how they’re doing and be loud. You’re going to be as quiet as possible and talk to them and figure out how to help. That’s how I think music should be.
—  Michael Giacchino, How to Compose a Killer Film Score