Maybe Transformers 5 Shouldn't Have Turned Winston Churchill's Home Into Nazi Headquarters
In the minds of some British veterans, Transformers: The Last Knight’s choice to cover Winston Churchill’s home in Nazi paraphernalia would cause him to roll in his grave. In the mind of Michael Bay, Churchill would be a fan of his movie.
By Katharine Trendacosta

Ah, this is the franchise that said that Ancient Egyptians were cavemen until alien robots showed up to bring them civilisation, and had a character justify his openly sleeping with an underage girl with a legal loophole to her dad (followed by him later telling him “We’re not saving your daughter, we’re saving my girlfriend!” which… ew). As well as a director who thought that having one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles talk about how April O’Neil gives him an erection.

Is it REALLY that surprising that he’d dress up Churchill’s house with Nazi regalia and justifies it with “Nah man, Churchill would totally be a fan of our movie!“.

How exactly World War Two connects to this film about alien robots and King Arthur, I have no idea. Even though some of the Nazis were enormous fans of Arthurian lore, partly due to the fact Wagner wrote an opera on him or something.

All brothers stand together. TMNT in UK cinemas everywhere from Friday!


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