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why is crewniverse so insistent on hiring celebrities for REALLY IMPORTANT characters? you know how in most cartoons when they have a celebrity cameo they’re usually not important to the plot and they only show up for an episode or two? THAT is how you use a celebrity voice. might as well have a silly non-important character with the celeb because they’re too expensive to get back. 

(this is a character from woy voiced by weird al. is he super ultra important to the plot? no! he’s just a silly one off/two off villain. a lot of weird al’s cameos are like this lmao)

i’m not saying all celebrity voice one offs have to be completely silly and can’t be emotional, though

for example, michael jackson’s cameo in the simpsons, where he wrote “happy birthday lisa” (even though he wasn’t allowed to sing it under contract so he handpicked an impersonator himself). it was emotional, but again he wasn’t an integral plot important character

the crewniverse can’t seem to understand this. the two celebrity voices they’ve had so far who they Apparently don’t have enough money to get back (nicki minaj and uzo aduba) have been integral plot important characters, sugilite and bismuth. one is the fusion of two of the main characters, and the other is an old member of the crystal gems who was bubbled by rose quartz and only let out after years of imprisonment

these two characters, being THIS plot important, should NOT have had celebrity voices if money is really the issue. characters this important should have affordable voices so they can show up more and get fleshed out properly. the crewniverse should’ve used the celebrities they could only get once to voice a character who ISN’T so vitally important to the story of the show. it was a really bad move.

not having enough money to have a returning celebrity voice for a plot important character is the crewniverse’s own fault. as i said, it was a bad move. it isn’t an excuse. it’s a bad decision. technically TWO bad decisions.

It’s not that surprising that The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis would have an affinity for homeless people, since he has made a lucrative career out of looking homeless. Even then, the incredible extent to his generosity will kick your heart in the balls. Galifianakis met a 70-year-old woman named Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist in 1994, long before he adopted the filthy beard and extra pounds that made him an international superstar. She just happened to be volunteering at the laundromat in Santa Monica where he did his laundry, and the two became fast friends. She even taught him how to wash his clothes. However, Galifianakis stopped going to the laundromat after hitting it big in 2009, because when you’re famous, no one cares how you smell.

Two years later, Zach learned that Mimi had become homeless and had zero family around to help her. Instead of saying, “Huh, that’s sad,” and going back to snorting coke off of a prostitute’s buttocks, Galifianakis took immediate action. He found her an apartment, covered her utilities and rent, and introduced her to Renee Zellweger, who helped her furnish the place and get her groceries. Most people would have stopped there, but Galifianakis kept going.

7 Huge Acts Of Generosity By Celebrities You’d Least Expect

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