can’t sleep

He turns over to his side, glancing at the electronic clock on the bedside table. He sighs, staring at it for a moment before turning to lie on his back. He closes his eyes, in attempt to will himself to sleep.

Michael groans, pushing himself out of bed, walking over to the table and grabbing a bottle of water. It was one of those nights where his bouts of insomnia start to kick in and he was unable to sleep properly after a long day. As he takes a gulp of water, he looks at the clock once again, conflicted about what he should do.

“Fuck it,” he mumbles, setting the bottle down and reaching for his discarded jacket. He shrugs it on, taking his card key out and closing his door. He walks down the long corridor, mentally cursing himself for taking the room that was the furthest away from you. It was three in the morning, and he knows that you hated to be woken up in the middle of your sleep but he remembered you saying that it was okay for any of them to come to you if they were ever in a fix. Besides, this was important.

He knocks on the door, playing with the loose thread on his jacket. You open the door, sleep clearly in your eyes.

“Michael?” You yawn, attempting to smooth out your hair. He takes a step back.

“I’m sorry for waking you up… I — I’ll go now. It’s alright.”

You reach out and take his hand. “No, I promised that you guys could come to me anytime and you clearly have something on your mind, so come on in.”

“I don’t mean to intrude.”

“Don’t worry about it, Michael.”

You sit on the bed, your back leaning against the headboard, and you pat the spot next to you. Michael crawls onto the bed and settles down next to you, his head on your shoulder. You wrap your arms around him, holding him close.

You know this Michael.

This is the Michael whose guard is let down in the middle of the night, when his head is invaded by repressed thoughts that he so desperately tries to push away during the day. This is the Michael who just wants to be held, to hear the breath of another person.

“I can’t sleep.”

“You can stay here for tonight. I don’t mind.”

His arms wrap around your waist, snuggling closer to you. You stroke his hair in silence, playing with the coloured strands as he clutches the hem of your shirt.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Michael. Everything’s going to be okay.”

And he believes that if it’s you, he’ll believe anything you say.


So here it is! I drew Michael Clifford for @bel_4rt . I was planning to draw him with red hair but all of my red copics had run out of ink (except the pink ones) aaaannnd decided to colour it like this. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll have to go buy some red copics…
#Michael #micaelclifford #5sos #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #art #mitz_smith #pastel #colour #pastelhair #artwork #copic #markers #pink
I’m not sure if the hair is okay but I did my best :/

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Eighth Month

“Oh my god.” Michael cried out in pure bliss, tilting his head closer and his tightning his grip on my bump, excited on what’s to come in a month.

“Fulfilling, isn’t it?” I asked my husband, leaning in towards Michael to kiss Michael, which he was more than happy to receive.

“Everything that’s happening around here-…” He motioned to the nursery we just furnished earlier, our wedding rings on our ring fingers, my bump and everything else.

“Is just perfect. And I’m glad that I got everything I wanted, with you and this princess.”

Also wrote this one with the other boys! Just scroll into my account :) Didn’t want to put it into a preference kind of type so that the mood wouldn’t be killed :)))

Meeting Michael!

A/n: So, on my other blog, I’m doing Luke and Calum blurbs about meeting them from the concert. ( @hotdogcliffo ) This blog will have Michael and Ashton. :) I get to see these boys today and I’m very excited! Please send me requests!

Mikey was really excited about performing in Cincinnati for some reason. You had no idea why he got so pumped up about being in the Ohio city. You didn’t mind. They were only about twenty minutes from your house, so your cousin decided to take you the concert for your birthday present, which was only two days earlier. As you wrapped your flannel shirt around your waist, you hopped from the car.

The concert started, but you weren’t all that excited for Hey Violet to play. There were a few songs that you liked from them, but you were mostly excited for your boys to begin.

As soon as they strolled onto stage, after the lights went totally crazy for a few minutes to build up anticipation, everyone went crazy.

Michael was directly in front of you. He saw your poster, his eyes scanning over it multiple times, especially when he was trying to read others. Even though it was small, his eyes kept coming back to you.

After the concert ended, your cousin kept trying to pull you from your seat, but you didn’t move. You were the last two in the whole arena. But, then Michael walked back out on stage, picking up a guitar pick that he had dropped during the concert. When he saw you, he smiled, “You’re still here?”

“I was waiting on you.” You grinned back.

Michael jumped off the stage, turning around to tell security that it was okay. He walked up to you and your cousin, both of you instantly freaking out. “Waiting on me, huh? Well, wouldn’t want to keep a pretty girl waiting any longer.”

You blushed, then turned to your cousin, “Erin, I’ll be okay. Why don’t you go home and get some sleep?”

She nodded, “You better take care of my cousin, Clifford.”

He held his hands up in surrender, “Yes, ma’am.” =

You and Michael then spent the rest of the night just smiling and talking to each other about everything and anything. It was the perfect way to end the concert night.

How Embarrassing! || Michael Clifford

aw, im in love with you, anon <3

Summary: Although you and Michael have been together for quite sometime, there was something embarrassing that you’ve never wanted to tell him. And he confronts it to you. 

I M A G I N E 

Today you were out buying food for the boys. Apparently they said that the tour bus was being cleaned out, so all you guys had to be out while that happened. And because the boys decided to use the time to be in the studio and practice, you decided to be nice and get the boys some pizza. 

“Thank you, come again!” The woman that worked at the pizza shop said, waving goodbye as you carried the very heavy boxes of pizza. Struggling to actually walk with balance, you giggled at yourself when you realize how much you’ve out-done yourself. You got them 5 boxes of pizza, cheesy bread, cookies, 3 liters of soda, and garlic bread. Luckily, the boys assigned one guard to always be by you when you went out to ensure protection from crazy fans. He held a few of the boxes for you. 

“Thanks again, Ryan,” you said sweetly to your personal security guard, Ryan. He smiled down at you, his sunglasses hiding his eyes (as usual) before looking straight once more. You giggled silently as the two of you walked your way back to the bus. The boys were to be back any second now, so you wanted to be ready with the pizza by then. By the time you got there, though, they beat you way to it.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s– holy fuck, is that pizza?” Ashton exclaimed, watching in adoration as you and Ryan came with the pizza. Nodding, you saw an excited Luke and Calum run and surround you, jumping with joy and hunger. You noticed that Michael didn’t even react. Placing the food items down on the table set up outside, you scout around the bus. 

“Thank you for the food, Y/N, you’re a saint!” Calum praised, his chubby cheeks shoved with pizza. You giggled as you watch the rest of the boys nod and eat happily. 

“Any time, babes!” You shout back as you walked to the back of the bus. You saw everyones things on the ground, noticing a box with your things on it. You thought that they cleared the beds as well. But you noticed that one thing was missing; your beloved teddy bear. You decided to push that thought aside as you went behind the bus to find Michael with his back turned to you.

“Mikey, what are you doing here?” You asked softly, smiling at your lanky boyfriend. Michael then turned around with a huge grin on his face. He turned around his entire boy to find your teddy bear in his hands. You then froze to see a picture stuck between the teddy bear and his thumb.

“I found this neatly on the top of your box, and it got me curious,” Michael began, making you blush madly. “And I’ve always noticed that you’ve never let any of us touch it or hold it. So I took the opportunity to hold it, and noticed how it always stood straight and never bent over like a normal teddy.”

“Michael, I–” you tried to stop him from talking as you were extremely embarrassed. But he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

“I then noticed a custom-made zipper hidden on the neck of the bear behind all its ‘fur,’” Michael continued, amusement all over his face. “I checked it out and found photos. And I was in complete shock when I found this lovely thing.” He held up the photo that you dreaded the most but held onto the closest. 

A photo of you as a teenager with braces. 

“Michael…” you groaned, blushing while covering your face. You didn’t want him to see how flushed you were. You felt embarrassed and super shy. “How embarrassing!” You exclaimed in your hands. You then heard Michael boom with laughter, making you even more red. 

“Y/N, stop covering your face!” Michael cooed as he grabbed your hands and removed them from your face. You gave Michael a pout, seeing as he was looking at your complete red face. “Y/N, you were so cute with braces! Really! It’s absolutely adorable!” 

“No it’s not! I looked like a monster!” You wailed, your face refusing to look anything less than a tomato. But Michael wasn’t having it. He bent down, planted a kiss on your lips and smiled. 

“You were beautiful back then, and you’re beautiful now,” Michael says softly, cupping your cheeks in his large, calloused hands. He gave you another sweet kiss on the forehead, making you flush once more. His green eyes stared into yours, giving you a loving gaze. “I love you so much, Y/N. This photo just makes me love you even more than I already do.” 

“Really?” You asked quietly. Michael was practically glowing at you, refusing to break his gaze on you. 

“Really,” Michael whispered back, returning your teddy bear in your hand. “You’ve never looked like a monster. And even if you did, you’d probably be the most gorgeous monster I’ve ever seen.” You giggled at him, feeling completely loved. 

“I love you,” you whispered to him as you shared another sweet kiss on the lips. “Now c’mon,” you said, grabbing Michaels hand with your free hand. “I bought pizza, and I’m sure if we don’t go now, we’ll be left with crumbs.” Michael chuckled and nodded, following you to the food. 

“Ay!” Calum cheered when he saw you and Michael coming. “The food goddess is back with the red-haired doofus!” Everyone laughed as Michael dashed to the table. 

“Who you calling a doofus, ya Kiwi?” Michael countered as he grabbed 3 slices of pizza in his hand. “Oh, do you guys wanna see the best photo of Y/N?” Michael asked, smiling maniacally as he held the photo up. 

“Seriously?” You playfully groaned, feeling yourself go red again as the boys went insane over your photo. 

hope you liked this one, you guys! bless anon for bringing michael back around! send in requests, lovelies, you know how much i love them. they are my faves :))))) <3 

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Michael was sobbing and holding some empty bottle of alchol, he was a mess and didnt notice Lucifer. (heavensmostterrifyingweapon Aftermath verse)

“Michael!” Lucifer had gone looking for his brother, and he felt a mixture of both immense sadness and fear when he finally found him. What did he do?… “Mikey, god… What did you do…? God, brother, why…” He breathed, slowly walking over and reaching closer to take the empty bottle away, horribly worried.

Nothing Out of the Ordinary (OT4 Blurb)

A/N: I didn’t really have much of an idea for this one.

Blurb Mondays



“Boys! Please, just cooperate with me for at least thirty minutes. I just need thirty minutes of your time.” I tell the four boys exasperated as they continued to goof off.
Michael shoved Luke, which made him stumble over his two left feet into Calum, who then bumped into Ashton.
I groaned. “Boys!” I snapped as I let my camera dangle around my neck from its strap. “Please!”
All of their heads snapped up at the sound of annoyance in my voice. “Sorry,” they mumbled.
I ran a hand through my hair. “The faster we finish this the sooner you all get to do whatever the hell it is that you all do.”
They all finally complied to my wishes and looked at me for further instructions.
“Alright, Ashton! You’ll be on the left - no, your right, my left - then Luke, followed by Calum, then Michael.” I positioned them.
They quickly, with some shoves and curse words, got into the order that I wanted them to be in.
“Now, what?” Michael asked.
I held my camera in my hand and smiled at them. “Walk towards me, but don’t act like I’m here. Just mess around with each other without starting a fight.” I sternly told them while giving them a look that clearly stated not to cross me.
They did just that.
I snapped many pictures of them walking, talking, laughing, as if they were just having a casual stroll about.
Once they walked to the point that I was standing at, I pulled my camera away so that I could review the multiple shots. “Alright, one more time boys.”
I received more groans in return. “Hush, now hurry up.”


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I really just want to talk to someone and cri about 5sos but no I have no mutuals on here COME TALK TO ME IM NOT SCARY I PROMISE I JUST WANNA BE FRIENDS IM NEW