SMS ⇢ micah. 💐
  • ELISE: ok but hear me out
  • ELISE: and no, no, no im not drunk
  • ELISE: what if aliens existed
  • ELISE: and what if i was one in secret
  • ELISE: u know like fionna in shrek
  • ELISE: princess by day, alien by night all that jazz
  • ELISE: would u still like me if i looked like this 👽👾


“What the fuck bro? you’re fucking engaged? HAAAA!” David exclaimed, obviously shocked as well as super intoxicated. He had probably drank a little too much and was shaking his head at the other. Jer had glared at him but David didn’t care, in fact he had stumbled into a nearby stand almost knocking over a lamp. Micah had pulled David into his bedroom and sat him down, ‘you’re done for the night, go to bed you dweeb,’ he said before leaving him in there. David groaned as the light was shut off and pulled out his phone drunkly, blinking an eye at the bright screen. “Fuck, you’re bright. god is that you?” he laughed at his own words and found himself dialing his girlfriend’s number as he got comfortable on Micah’s bed. 


Since her messy break up with David, Zara was thrilled to have finally found someone who made her truly happy. Respected her, loved her, treated her how a girl should be. Micah was in her eyes, perfect. And she was finally going to get the chance to show him off at a party tonight, their relationship starting to get pretty seriously. Walking in hand in hand she waved and said hello to her friends, including the host of the evening, going to grab herself a drink from the near by open bar that was set up.