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how much do i have to pay lego for a beach episode of ninjago where lloyd develops a crush on the cute boy playing volleyball, kai is the ultimate wingman, jay and cole are lowkey on a date the whole time, and the episode ends with the cute guy giving lloyd his number and asking him to call him i have like three dollars???

Survivor In Portland Train Stabbings Is An Autistic Poet

“Autistic people have often been accused of lacking empathy. It’s an easily disproved canard that autistic advocates have long and repeatedly explained. As with many things having to do with autism, non-autistic people mistake non-neurotypical responses to emotional situations as evidence that autistic people lack emotions or don’t sense or identify with the emotions of others. Those who like to rely on convenient narratives connecting what seems to be obvious instead of digging deeper–or, you know, asking autistic people–propagate the false impression that autistic people lack empathy. They don’t.”

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ninjago voltron au???????

Ninjago voltron au !!!!!!!!!

Im butching the lions colors and im sorry but they NEED to MATCH. The green lion is the head, white and blue are arms, red and black are legs

lloyds dad was on the kerberos mission and never came back. Lloyd enrolls in the garrison to try to find out more information and proceded to end up being part of a team with jay and kai. Kais the pilot, jay is the engineer, lloyd is communications

nya also goes to the garrison, and cole got Dropped Out. 

A pod crashes to earth and it has a message from the pilot of the kerberos mission. How do they know this? Uh well the team kinda. Stole it

Kai jay nya and lloyd hang out in coles house where he lives with his dad, who is sad his son doesnt want to be a dancer but is more sad he quit his dreams of space exploration, and they read the message

The message is basically “theres a magic robot lion thats part of something called voltron at these coordinates go get it”

Its the red lion and it turns out KAI IS AN AWFUL PILOT OH MY GOD WERE GONNA DIE

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how brave are you?

On Friday, several men were killed and injured while intervening in a hate crime against Muslims in downtown Portland. I know the man who was injured; he was my mentor when I was a Portland Youth Poet Ambassador, and he’s such a kind and lovely soul.

Today, I read an opinion column in The Oregonian that discussed their heroic actions. The author wrote, “We all hope we would rise up against that kind of vitriol, but the reality is, most of us would not. It makes what Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Rick Best and Micah David-Cole Fletcher did that much more extraordinary. It’s one thing to post on Facebook that you, too, would speak up in defense of a young Muslim woman. It’s quite another to actually do so in front of an armed and violent man.”

It’s very true–I don’t know if I could actually muster the courage to do what these men did. But we should all aspire to be as selfless and brave as they were, because if not us, then who? 

Dan Rather made an incredibly moving plea to 45 to speak up about Talesin Myrddin Namaki-Meche and Ricky John Best, the two men who were killed, and Micah David-Cole Fletcher, the man who was wounded, defending two teenaged girls against a racist attack (a terrorist attack)  in Portland.

45 won’t, of course.  Or not until someone hands him a scripted speech and tells him he doesn’t get his phone back until he delivers it.  Because these men stood brave against a white extremist of the Trumpian stamp, and 45 wants to ignore that group entirely, except when he can use them to his own benefit…


If you’re a PKMN and NBA fan like I am, then you’ll love this.

Pokemon NBA, by Micah Coles.

If you weren’t a sports enthusiast, now you are! What is your favorite team(s)?

popular masculine names for the signs
  • *** popular in the united states ***
  • aries: aiden, wyatt, christian
  • taurus: oliver, micah, cole
  • gemini: james, ian, jason
  • cancer: carter, landon, christopher
  • leo: jack, johnny, leo :)
  • virgo: adam, jacob, luke
  • libra: michael, daniel, nicholas
  • scorpio: connor, max, joshua
  • sagittarius: jackson, noah, ezra
  • capricorn: liam, william, samuel
  • aquarius: elijah, matthew, austin
  • pisces: ethan, andrew, evan