The Fence

The border the United States shares with Mexico is nearly 2,000 miles long and contains numerous natural and man-made barriers. The construction of the fence, the most significant man-made barrier in North America, started in 2006, has cost more than 3 billion dollars and spans around 700 miles (1,126 km).

This photo is part of a series titled “The Fence,” by Reportage photographer Charles Ommanney. You can view an exhibition of this work at the Leica Store in Miami through July, with an opening reception next Friday, May 29th at 7:30pm. Visit the Leica Store website for more info.



A Native American man has refused to sell his tiny wooden Miami house to developers for $1.8million because he believes it is on sacred ground.

Ishmael Bermudez, 65, also known as Golden Eagle, has been excavating the backyard of his home for almost 50 years and claims it is a mystical place sacred to the Tequesta tribe.

He says he will not sell his home unless the garden, where he discovered a natural spring, is protected.

The small house, which is decorated with colorful paintings, sits incongruously in the heart of Miami’s bustling city center, surrounded by high rise buildings, heavy traffic and ongoing construction projects.

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#NoYouthinPrison #Blacklivesmatter #blackwomenmatter
My first protest. Not a lot of us but it was organized by black women for us to speak out about us being silenced and not given as much attention as black men when it comes to police brutality (and other issues). If I knew about it beforehand I would’ve let all my locals know but I didn’t 😕 anyway it was a very positive experience ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Folks, do any of you in Miami or who have contacts in Miami know of a safer space I - a disabled QWOC - could crash for a few days? I’m looking for places to stay any time between June 25th to July 7th during the VONA/Voices workshop for writers of color. If you may be able to help, write me at Please boost!


Pool Party Style

Check out some more headshot from our #UDSummerNights event - Miami never looked so good.

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