lazy sunday morning


“I-It’s cuter than i thought.” - Miyuki Kazuya

Happy birthday to the precious fresh sunshine, Eijun! Please be well and be happy all the time <3 TY-sensei please don’t take away my sunshine’s happiness ever again

Eijun buys Miyuki a frilly apron, so OF COURSE he’s going to bake with it. And OF COURSE he’s going to make Eijun eat all of it. Out of his hand. Because he’s a good wife. Of course. :)))

HAPPY MISAWA DAY 2/20! I wasn’t planning to draw another one, but 2/18 pic didn’t really sit well me with me with how rushed it was so this inadvertently came into existence. |D

Let me be your superhero

02/18 AU or Battery
Superhero AU (Spider-Man / Deadpool)