[miyusawa] rare and sweet as cherry wine

for @nee-saan bc u wanted eijun obssessed with miyuki’s lips and I’m here to deliver ;3c

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“Focus,” Miyuki repeated again and Eijun tried, he really, honest to God, tried. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it.

So what if it was his idea to ask Miyuki for help with his homework, so what if he insisted and begged until Miyuki caved in; he never, not even in his wildest dreams, imagined that he’d be stuck in Miyuki’s room, barely holding back from jumping out of the chair he was sitting in. His leg was jumping anxiously under the desk, his fingers twirled the pencil he should be using to fill in the handout, and his eyes… Oh, his eyes were the worst.

They kept lifting to Miyuki’s face, disobedient and ceaseless, but if it was only that Eijun wouldn’t be in so much trouble. He was used to seeing Miyuki’s face, even up close, and while too handsome to be legal, it was a face he knew well.

Miyuki’s eyes were something Eijun could read even in his sleep. He’d spent hours on end, day in and day out, on the mound and off, staring into them and watching, sponging the most fleeting of emotions hidden behind the heavy frames of Miyuki’s glasses. The nose, small and arrogantly tilted up like his whole personality, was a charming point that made Eijun smile often. And the eyebrows, so sharp and even, almost looking drawn in, spread an itch over Eijun’s fingers, urging to touch, to feel.

But neither of those things burned in Eijun’s chest as much as Miyuki’s lips did now.

It was rare that Eijun got so obsessed with a single thing; usually he admired Miyuki as a whole, and Lord only knew there was a lot to admire. And yet, at this very moment, when he was supposed to be studying, he couldn’t bring his focus back to homework. Miyuki was just too distracting.

And his lips… they looked delectable.

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lazy sunday morning


“I-It’s cuter than i thought.” - Miyuki Kazuya

Happy birthday to the precious fresh sunshine, Eijun! Please be well and be happy all the time <3 TY-sensei please don’t take away my sunshine’s happiness ever again