Era of PRL in Poland photographed by Chris Niedenthal:

  1. The Presidential Dożynki (Harvest Festival) in Koszalin, 1975.
  2. Drowning of Marzanna, Kurpie in 1970s.
  3. Międzyzdroje in 1979.
  4. No heating - woman waiting for the coal. Warsaw 1982.
  5. Harsh reality: empty shelves in a butcher shop, Praga district of Warsaw, 1982.
  6. The National Stadium in Warsaw, 1979.
  7. Somewhere on the outskirts of Wrocław city, summer 1982.
  8. Wadowice in may 1981 - few days after the Pope John Paul II assassination attempt.
  9. The iconic protograph: SKOT armoured transporter in the front of the Moskwa cinema with the ad of “Apocalypse Now” movie, Warsaw 1981 - beginning of the Martial Law.
  10. Stalingrad Alley (now: Jagiellońska Street) in Warsaw, February 1982.