Mi Mix 2

So I’ve just rewatched the 2012 Les Mis movies and I reached to ‘Drink With Me’ I had to replay the few minutes of the song a couple of times, waiting for Grantaire’s solo, thinking I’ve zoned out each time it came up before I finally remebered that they cut it from the movie.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S revelaed and it looks exactly like iPhone X, but there is much more to this phone. First of all, yesterday we received news about Xiaomi’s Surge S2 chip and a December 2017 release of a Mi 6C, however, I believe Mi 6C and Mi Mix 2S are the same phone.
The original Xiaomi Mi 5C was practically an iPhone 6S clone and a pretty great one in terms of build quality and cameras. Expect Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S to be packing Surge S2 instead of a Snapdragon chip and hopefully this time Xiaomi will do a GLOBAL VERSION.