Gold Genesect Movie Coin
Manufacturer: Movic
Release Date: 2013
Size: 1.5"
Origin: Japanese retail, movie theatre gift shops.
Where I got it: Aeon Theatre in Musashimurayama.
Favourite detail: It’s pretty neat, and it gives me nostalgia for the Burger King gold plated cards.
Personal story: This was a part of my $100 ticket I rang up at the gift shop in the Aeon Theatre where we saw Genesect and the Reawakening of Mewtwo.



fresher-then-febreeze asked:

There is a glitch with Mewtwo! DO NOT clear 10 man smash with everyone and Mewtwo, or a glitch happens that resets your overall GSP to 0, and prevents you from going online!

We have confirmation of this glitch from Nintendolife as well.

Avoid 10 Man Smash as Mewtwo, everyone! This seems like a pretty big deal, so hopefully Nintendo can patch this within the next couple of days.