a morning with wonwoo

note: I’ve been thinking so much about this ok ok oko kokkgm

  • in a house
  • a small house with lots of windows to let sunlight in during the day
  • but at night the blinds go down and the curtains close bc the lamps come on n ya don’t want ppl seeing in
  • but getting off track this is supposed to be about mornings oops
  • ok so small house with lots of windows
  • and even though it’s small it feels spacious because everything is light colours and happy mood 
  • your two cats run around and lightheartedly play around with each other all the time, sometimes hopping up on the bed you and wonwoo share while you’re both sleeping
  • even though u fall asleep cuddling it never stays like that bc he moves around in his sleep and ends up on his back with an arm across his stomach and the other hanging over the side of the bed lol
  • but this particular morning the dang cats woke you up !! nice
  • and the curtains in the bedroom are really more like sheers and the blinds behind them weren’t closed and the sunlight was hitting u perfectly right in the eyes
  • even though you were sleepy those 2 seconds of light rlly distracted your brain and you couldn’t really sleep again
  • SO you roll over and see the side of sleepy wonwoo’s beautiful face
  • and like always ur like ..wowoaahhhhhwoowwohwhahoo
  • so u just look and smile to yourself for a while
  • but then give him a tiny peck on the cheek before getting up slowly so you don’t wake the sleeping beauty
  • and you walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water and the cats mew up @ you and follow u and you’re like yeah yeah ok
  • and give them some food before getting your water then go sit in this white wicker chair with a light green cushion thats in a corner of the kitchen
  • and just drink your water while watching the cats eat 
  • and they nudge against your leg when they’re all done and u give them pats on the head
  • and soon enough you’re actually pretty awake and able to function properly and your head isn’t all sleepy foggy any more
  • and you don’t even put on a coat or shoes or anything before heading into the yard and get some fruits from the big garden all around ur cute lil house and get some other things too before coming back inside
  • and you put everything on the countertop beside the sink
  • and wonwoo has a habit of keeping things neat and clean
  • by clean I mean like sanitized and stuff not just wipe clean
  • so u know the sink is clean so u wash everything and leave it in the sink until u need it
  • and you get a lil cutting board where one side looks like a watermelon and the other is plain white
  • and put it on the countertop and soon enough ur chopping up fruit and taking stuff from the cupboards and beginning to make a hearty breakfast for mister facial structure
  • and you start to hear little mews coming from the cats but ignore it bc they’re quiet and they seem calm
  • and mister glowy skin is awake
  • but u don’t know that yet
  • you just hear the blanket rustling and think hes rolling over or something bc sometimes he stays in bed all day so u never know
  • but wonwoo gets up!! he hears the cats meow and wakes up with a smile and pats their heads too
  • he used to pet them like normal but picked that up from you
  • and just like that… he fell asleep again lol
  • you hear silence again and grin a lil because yes that is what he does and sometimes he thinks that you think he’s lazy but no it’s cute
  • so when you’re at a point where u can pause your food preparation you go over back into the bedroom and smile seeing the kitties curled up in your spot together and wonwoo in the same position as before
  • and you come beside him and bend over to kiss his cheek and nose and forehead and lips and chin and cheek again before whispering a little
  • “get up sleepyhead”
  • but you say it in the sweetest voice
  • and you turn around not noticing the smile creep up on his face aWWWEEEGK
  • and you go back to the kitchen not bothering to wait because tbh he never gets up the first time you wake him up
  • but he?? sits up and ? pulls the blanket off of him
  • and stretches feeling little cracks in his back and yawns really big
  • and smacks his lips a little before reaching for his glasses on the bedside table which has some colour fading off but he likes how it looks
  • his eyes are still closed as he puts them on and stands up, smoothing out his shirt and shuffling his feet out the bedroom door and towards the kitchen 
  • and he’s walking so quietly for someone half asleep and you don’t even really notice him near you until you hear him yawn really big
  • and you look over and there he is
  • up after the first time you went to wake him up
  • hair messy but not cute messy tbh it doesn’t look good LOL 
  • you smile and say another sweet good morning and rinse off a little knife you were using
  • and he comes up behind you as you’re wrapping a dry fluffy cloth around it to dry it off and wraps his arms around your waist and mumbles into your ear a good morning 
  • but it sounds more like “mmmmgoonmornm”
  • and the cats are falling asleep on the now empty bed
  • and you emptied your hands in order to hold onto wonwoo’s arms 
  • and he goes to kiss your cheek and his glasses kinda push against you and they move to sit on his face weirdly but he’s still too tired to rlly care
  • and you’re just so content in the moment and everything feels perfect and wowowwhha h

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What if the paladins ended up with kittens the same colors as their lions somehow?

“Uhhhhh,” Lance said, voice hoarse from sleep. He rubbed his sleep ridden eyes and looked down at his chest, “What?”

There was a small creature laying on his chest. He didn’t recall owning any creatures.

The small animal turned its head to Lance slowly and Lance braced himself, expecting to be faced with a hideous and scary alien creature. Lance held his hand close to himself and got ready to whack the thing sat upon him but- as the thing faced him fully- Lance realised it was the exact same as a small, harmless, cute, fluffy cat. The cat jumped up in excitement when it noticed Lance was awake, it mewed at Lance and licked his cheek.

Lance was immediate putty. He lowered his hand and sat up, gently pulling the cat like creature into his palms and setting it down on his lap. 

“Aren’t you just adorable,” Lance cooed gently and pet its head softly. The cat nuzzled into Lance’s hands and Lance had to hold back a squeal. He held the cat for a few doboshes before startling and scaring the cat in the process.

“Oh, should we go find where you came from?!” Lance asked and lifted it up, bringing it to his face and rubbing their noses together. The cat let out a tiny sneeze and Lance melted.

He put the cat down on his bed and stood up. He quickly shrugged on his jacket and picked the cat up once again.

The cat clawed its way up Lance’s sleeve- careful not to actually scratch Lance in the process- and settled down on Lance’s shoulder. Lance blushed happily at the cute animal and resisted squeezing its little paws.

He walked gently, so he wouldn’t drop the cat sat precariously on his shoulder. As he got to the dining hall he saw the others sitting on the table normally.

Pidge looked up as Lance made his way into the room and dropped her tablet in shock. “Lance!?” Pidge yelled and stood up, gawking at the thing on his shoulder. “Is that real?!” 

The others took notice of the cat perched upon Lance’s shoulder and exclaimed in various levels of shock. 

 “Yeah… I woke up and it was just there? I was hoping Allura or Coran would know where it came from.” Lance answered and scratched behind the cats ears.

Hunk came out of the kitchen. “What’s going o- Ah!” Hunk tripped over, spilling the tray of food that was in his hands and landing with a thud. A loud, surprised meow came from Hunk’s feet. 

Everyone rushed over to Hunk and saw a cat. It was slightly larger than the blue one sat upon Lance’s shoulder and was yellow.

“… Is this some type of Voltron thing?” Lance spoke up and lent Hunk his arm. Hunk took his hand and got up. 

 “We’ll have to ask Allura.” Shiro said and the others agreed. The all turned to leave to the control deck and began walking as a group.

Pidge lagged behind while fiddling on her tablet and felt the air shift around her. She glanced around curiously before looking back down. A mistake on her behalf.

A hiss sounded from above her and she glanced up in shock “Ah!” Pidge yelled and held up her tablet protectively as she was ambushed from above.

A small, green cat dropped from the roof and onto Pidge’s head. Pidge’s hand shot up and pulled the cat down by the scruff of its neck. 

She held it in front of her face and stared at the cat for a ticks before blinking in surprise when it licked her nose.”Wow…. never seen a green cat before.”

She placed it on the floor gently with a scratch behind the ears before continuing and it stumbled behind her.

Hunk picked the yellow cat up and held it in his hands. 

All of a sudden the castle alarms are blaring, red bathing the room and the paladins take off running. Lance carefully pulled the cat into his arms and sprinted to the control room.

When they arrive the control room was in a panic.  Coran was running around frantically, fiddling with the computers and Allura was running a deep scan of the ship.

“Princess?” Shiro yelled.

“The lions are gone!” Allura yelled and frowned. The paladins looked at each other and at the cats- the weirdly colour co-ordinated cats- before turning to the panicked Altaens.

“I think we might have them?” Shiro said as he looked at the cats in doubt “Maybe?”

“What do you mean?!” Allura snapped and spun on them, she immediately took note of the cat perched on Lance and shrieked. 

“Oh not again!” Allura groaned exasperatedly. The cats blinked at her innocently and Allura frowned.

“What do you mean ‘again’?” Pidge asked and Allura sighed.

“… I remember when I was a child this happened, they never knew why but one day they suddenly had real cats instead of mechanic lions.” Allura stated and sighed. “Coran will remember more that I.”

Coran stopped running about and stood next to the princess looking a bit frazzled. “Ah yes. It was quite an eventful couple of days-” Coran twirled his moustache. “-if I remember correctly they were only in this form for about a week? Maybe-”

Keith spotted a flash of red and chocked.

“He- Ack!” Keith yelped as a cat jumped on his face, he tried to pry it off but to no avail. The red cat hissed at Keith and purposefully made it’s way on top of Keith’s head. It sat proudly above the heads of everyone else and seemed to haughtily stare down at everyone.

“So there’s Red, Blue, Yellow and Green…. Where’s Black Shiro?” Allura asked and looked around.

“I’m not sure, it all happened very fast” Shiro said and looked lost. He jumped when he heard a quiet mew from right next to his ear, he whipped his head around and locked eyes with a cat as dark as the vacuum around them. “Found her…,”

The black cat hung off of Shiro’s back and seemed to smile at Shiro. Lance pulled the cat off of Shiro’s back so it wouldn’t fall off and handed it to Shiro.

“…….They will return to normal soon enough, why don’t you go and bond with you lions?” Allura sighed and brought her hand to her head, drained.

The paladins all looked at each other and shrugged, leaving the princess to recuperate.

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How I would do Fairy Tail’s Ending

Okay were getting to the end of Fairy Tail shortly and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be what any expected. But given everything that’s happen I really don’t know if it’ll be satisfying and chances are it won’t be. So this is how I would end FT in what I’d consider satisfying.

  • With universe one dispelled and Magnolia returned to normal the DS are all meeting up in it while fighting off Alvarez Soldiers. (Hey plot convenience still exists)
  • Natsu meets Zeref again (No lost Iced Shell or Gray meeting) and Zeref with no more spriggans knows he no more guards and Acnologia will be arriving and kill him.
  • Acnologia looms over Magnolia and all DS assemble to meet him and he reverts to human form.
  • The DS attempt to rush him at once with attack after attack but Acnolia brushes off. The Cobra says they have to act smart and from what he heard from Acnologia’s thoughts is he keeps expecting just barrages as that’s all anyone has tried on him.
  • Natsu and Laxus charge forward and attempt to take Acnologia head on as they are the physically strongest at base and Wendy enchanting them to boost but even then, Acnologia can take it.
  • Out of the shadows pops Rogue with Gajeel and Sting in shadow modes going for a sneak attack. Acnologia jumps back to dodge saying he’d bet they’d try something only to be taken by surprise when Cobra comes in over head (boosted by Wendy to increase his speed) and strikes Acnologia saying he could hear each of his thoughts and was a step ahead of him.
  • The 7 DS the release a 7 way roar blasting Acnologia but Acnologia enters dragon form and describes the might of the Magic Dragon Slayer.
  • He reveals his technique called “King Roar” which is basically firing a roar into the air then it dispersing and raining down on battlefield (kinda imagine Draco meteor from pokemon)
  • The Ds realize they can’t stop all their teammates from being hit with this rain of roars however, Gildarts use crush on one roar yelling that they can fight for themselves and the DS can handle Acnologia
  • We get every character contributing to countering a roar, Lucy using Metria on one, Gray using Devil’s rage, Erza in the adamantine armor, Minerva using territory, Lyon making many ice shields etc. (This is a way for everyone to be involved in war because well, it’s war.) This faling roar is realized by the wizard saints who are limping back to the battlefield.
  • The DS all try to use their dual modes on Acnologia but find it barely keeps him back. Cobra while seeing all these dual dragons wonders about why he’s here, he was only suppose to fight Zeref but now he fights Acnologia.
  • Getting some introspection on Cobra’s part he thinks how he’s been traaded around from one cause to the next, from finding Nirvana, to sttopping dragons because the council ordered it, and to joining to fight Zeref. Cobra yells that for the first time he’ll do what he wants and that’s protecting people and killing Acnologia.
  • Utilizing his sound magic he meets Acnologia head on latches on to his back but Acnologia in a burst of magic brushes him off as he lays on the ground. It looks like Cobra’s attack was pointless but the poison got into Acnologia and while it won’t kill him, it is slowing him down putting all the DS on equal footing.
  • Laxus seeing Cobra fall is reminded of Makarov and thinks about his journey and now that Makarov is gone it’s his job to look after all these children he left and Laxus releases a new secret technique (Because lets be real “Roaring thunder” was lame) but he’s over stressed his injuries he passes out.
  • The remaining 5 still use their dual forms to fight back but all Acnologia does is taught them. As we cut away to Mest who sees this battle and he teleports using direct line and makes it to the saints and asks that since they’re council members they can release satellite square.
  • Hyberion says that they can’t use etherion as there is no one to bind the elements need for it and states that even if they could everyone would be caught in the blast and die. Mest tells him he doesn’t want them to use etherion but just fire the raw ethernano, and at first they are confused but Mest explains that he saw Wendy go into dragon force in tartaros from the amount of ethernano in the air.
  • They Fire the ethernano and it hits, Acnologia thinking this is a joke but the DS being eating the ethernano and go dragon force.
  • While This happens, Zeref is sitting alone in FT and just hoping Acnologia will finish up and then kill him. But Brandish (remember she’s still around) walks into the guild hall asking what’s Zerefs doing.
  • When she hears his pessimistic response she slaps Zeref in the face telling him he’s an idiot. That he’s their emperor, he is the symbol Alvarez, he is their spirit, and that this is why ishgar won, they stood for their beliefs. So how could Alvarez  win when they stand for a man who won’t lead and is ready to die.
  • Zeref does the usual “you wouldn’t understand” but Mavis arrives and tells him that she suffers fro the same problem as he does but she is still able to live her life. She asks him if he loves her and he says yes and Mavis says that’s proof of him controlling his life, he can find love so it’s possible he can find happines.
  • Mavis asks Zeref to help her come up with a way to use Fairy Heart so it won’t destroy everyone and only Acnologia.
  • In dragon force the DS are busting out all the stops, from enchantment, to unison raid, to secret arts. We get to see Sting and Rogue even say they consider themselves at Natsu and Gajeel’s level, their not just fan boys of theirs.
  • Acnologia just keeps pushing back but realizes there is a strategy going on between Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel as well Sting and Rogue. Natsu is attacking the most while Gajeel defends and both are being enchanted by Wendy increasing these stats. Sting and Rogue are similarly attacking but always hiting spots on Acnologia that he’s not defending from Natsu.
  • The twin dragons break Acnologia wings but the are injured in the process
  • Acnologia reveals a magic he’s crafted over the years call “King’s Feast” which allows him to eat all the ethernano in the atmosphere similar to the Dorma Anim.
  • All powered up it’s harder for Gajeel to defend but he says not to worry.
  • Wendy has finally had enough and says that she must fight even if it means sacrifice as she thinks of Chelia. Wendy uses the power of dragon force to use Deus Sema (a weaker one but still a big meteor) Dropping it on Acnologia.
  • Wendy can’t stand anymore and gives out as Natsu says he can’t lose heree as it be disrespectful to everyone who got him here. Acnologia tells him he’s alone but Natsu says he’s not alone because even if he dies then all of Fiore will fight back but Acnologia laughs saying only a dragon slayer can kill a dragon.
  • Natsu channels what he’s got into a fire dragon’s iron fist but Acnologia just charges magic into his fist and when the 2 collide Natsu is swatted away.
  • Natsu is on the ground as Acnologia uses King’s Feast but expands it to encompass almost all of fiore. Acnologia laughs and states not only did Natsu fail but everyone has barely any magic left from the first roar to survive another and since the atmosphere is drained they only have the little that remains inside them.
  • As Mavis and Zeref are working out how to use Fairy Heart on Acnologia the book of END opens since lack of an atmosphere with ethernano
  • Natsu (END) gets up but only to delay Acnologia with his demonic power he fights back but Acnologia has so much Magic he can release another king’s roar and wipe every on out this time.
  • Suddenly Mavis, Zeref, and Brandish appear and state Mavis is Fairy Heart and he couldn’t absorb it cause it was internal and an infinite source of magic.
  • When Fairy Heart is activated Acnologia laughs at how weak the release is, but it’s revealed that it isn’t small cause it’s lack of power but rather Brandish decreased the mass so releasing it wouldn’t wipe out everything
  • The attack blows apart Acnologia’s mid back and wings, (Now he looks similar to Igneel when he was ripped apart)
  • Acnologia is on his back but states that only a slayer can kill a dragon he’ll just activate King’s feast and find a way to escape.
  • END stands up and begins to walk towards Acnologia and punches Acnologia’s left pectoral but his hide is tough and the fire barely scratches it. He keeps trying but is failing to break through
  • Acnologia just states as dragons they are beasts, and in their world the strongest is king and there can only be one strongest in that world.
  • Natsu yells that this isn’t the same world 400 years ago and that a world where only one is at the top is over, this era was made out of people helping each other and sharing this world.
  • Gajeel joins in the scratching away at the hide saying that he’ll help and other DS recover trying to tear away the hide.
  • They use what little they have and unison raid with all 7 punching Acnologia’s heart at once.
  • Gray, Lucy, Happy, and Erza arrive (What just cause the Acnologia fight is over doesn’t mean the endings over) crying and saying it’s over and Natsu says it’s not. He’s END and he will most likely become like Acnologia and destroy everyone.
  • He knows that he’s got some time before he become that vile demon and asks Gray to kill him now. Lucy yells no and tells Natsu that this has to stop, he is not allowed to act selfish anymore. Erza joins in saying he’s going against what he taught her in tower of heaven. Gray says he won’t do it either as he can’t kill his friend, one he already tried to kill.
  • Natsu says he knows that all he’s been is selfish, but now it’s time for him to grow up and think about everyone else and that’s why he should die. Natsu asks gray if he can sit through the pain of losing Juvia again or does he want to lose the new family he created for himself because that’s what END will do. Gray remembers how hard it was to kill silver and can’t bare anyone having to kill their family but Gray yells he doesn’t want to kill a member of his family to protect all of it.
  • Lucy yells at Erza to talk sense into Natsu and Gray but Erza explains the days of her babying them is over they are adults now it’s their descion (she says while holding back tears)
  • Gray finally breaks down and says he will do it and walks towards Natsu, Lucy is crying but remembers what Aquarius taught her in tartaros.
  • Gray uses Ice Devil’s zeroth long sword to impale Natsu. But before we see the damage Natsu says “Guess we finally settled it”
  • Due to freezing Natsu’s body is cracking and in his final moments he thinks of everyone in FT and says he loves them all. He the see’s what looks like light and then only he sees fairies floating above him. He mutters “They really do have tails” and it’s a signal that journey is over and he knows the answer 
  • The war ends when Lucy walks to Zerfg and the two size up and Zeref kneels before Lucy and says the war is over and Alverez admits defeat.
  • Happy Picks up Natsu’s scarf as people look at the guild and Laxus says they can just rebuild.
  • Here is a one year timeskip and the last chapter cover page is a group of all those who have sacrificed themselves in FT (like Simon, Ultear, Makarov) and it has Natsu holding a sign that says thank you for 11 years of publication (Hey I think it be cool last cover)
  • The time skip shows Lucy has written a story about FT and says even though the book is at an end and people have come and gone, the dream of Fairy Tail will never END
  •  We see other people’s endings (i’m not doing any ship crap, just imagine it yourself) We see Zeref in a similar lumen histiore crystal in prison. We see he appointed Brandish as the new head of Alvarez and will rule in his place.
  • Then Happy comes to Lucy saying Bora is back in Hargeon and Lucy laughs saying lets kick his butt as they run off and in Lucy’s book it’s open to the dedicated to page and says “Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and all the friends I’ve made along the way.”

The End. Yeah that’s how I’d end the series. I feel that it be the best way to do the climax and ending and felt it stayed true to FT. I hoped you enjoyed.

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