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Do you have any favourite Spriggan fights and/or just moments in/after the fights? Sry if you already answered this before bc I dont remember for sure if you did

Pretty sure in my Favorite Spriggan post, I made clear which fights were my favorites but I guess I can give you some moments I really liked:

Erza using More than just One type weapon against Ajeel.

In fact the moment before Ajeel shows up and Invades, we have that typical calm before the storm moment with everyone trying to relax because shit is gonna go down, but it felt so much more appropriate because this was going to be a war (Granted this war really hasn’t done a damn thing).

A moment I really liked is we see the real Wahl Icht’s body and it kinda cements this air of “Oh Shit, he beat the whole Thunder God Tribe with only a puppet body”

Seeing God Serena’s magic. While it turned out to be DS magic it was still cool to see what the number 1 mage in Ishgar’s power was for the first time.

We get this scene for Bradman crucifying both blue pegasus and Saber tooth. Really just makes Bradman seem more imposing.

The artwork in the Gajeel vs Bradman fight was amazing.

Also in the Bradman fight you have this great scene of Gajeel acknowledging he’s behind everyone.

August just tossing around Jellal was pretty funny.

When we first see Larcade it looked awesome.

When we see Irene’s powers, I was just blown away like I was expecting something big from a spriggan but just with ease changing the weather. Couldn’t wait to see more.(look how that turned out)

I guess those are some moments I really liked.

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