I don’t think u guys know just how great my cat is so I’m gonna tell you how great she is

-sleeps with me every night
-wakes me up every morning with meows and headbutts
-greets me every day when I come home from work with eager mewing and rubbing and purrs
-lets me hold her for long periods of time and just purrs and snuggles under my chin
-meows at me all the time when I talk to her; we have conversations
-she plays fetch!
-seriously she brings me her toys and begs for them to be thrown so she can bring them back again. Will do this for hours
-follows me around everywhere, always wants to be sitting on or near me
-just overall very affectionate, chatty, lovey, and adorable
-I love her so much I cry

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4? :0

4. A character you rarely talk about?

I would have a post that would go for EONS if I talked about each and every OC I’ve ever done cause I rarely talk about the ones that I had made prior to dA and such…
Heck I kinda tossed some OCs in the dust from the dA era…

But I guess one character I can mention was a character I made that was based on a series that got me into drawing:

Tokyo Mew Mew. 

And the character was Mew Peppermint. 

She was based off of some blue butterfly species that is endangered that I can’t remember and her actual name… oh gosh what was it? It had to be some generic name cause she was part of the team I called Mew Mew USA - cause it was in the USA. Kinda… (then it turned to Tokyo Mew Mew Unleashed cause THAT’S ORIGINAL RIGHT?!?)

Gosh she is super Mary Sue ish - having two different DNA injections of endangered species which causes two separate transformations within her until near the end where she was able to combine them together. Mew Peppermint and…. I think the other one was Mew Watermelon o-o
Peppermint and Watermelon… one could consider Peppermint as a candy…so sugar…


pfff ok joking aside - she was the first character of mine I dressed up as for halloween (which everyone thought I was a fairy… nope I wasn’t), and she - while a Mary Sue - got me into the whole “make a character for this series you like” phase which I have yet to grow out of.

(she’s the lower right hand corner person with broken legs o-o)

Some OC Questions

why i left tumblr

hi everyone.

i’ve been gone for a long time and i’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but i thought i’d probably explain why i haven’t been here.

i got sick of the hostility between rival communities. i was tired of seeing callout post after callout post on my dash when i only want a safe place to regress. i couldn’t make friends from this community, couldn’t join this community, couldn’t do this, that, had to be this, had to fit in, check a box to join a community. all of us regress different and i couldn’t regress how i wanted to. there are so many different guidelines to follow by that it got so tiring and so confusing.

new communities sprouted up constantly to the point where i didn’t know what was okay and not okay, didn’t know what communities were shifting and new communities started clashing, even communities that i was in, and i didn’t know who was “safe” or what was okay anymore. if you do something wrong once, on either side, you’re attacked and singled out and that’s JUST in the regression communities.

now i know it’s not okay to group yourself in with c. g . l . at all. i know that, and im absolutely not okay with ki..nk in age regression whatsoever. and communities like c. g . l (re) made sense to avoid, because they use the ki..nk tags and it’s not safe and i get that. but in the end who are we really fighting?

we’re going against ki..nk.. and that’s the point. we’re separating ourselves from that and that’s fine. so why is there fighting between us? when all of us recognize we’re not ki..nk? we’re not d . d . l . g and c . g . l and we’re not using those tags. that’s our common enemy and it makes sense for us to avoid them at all costs.. but each other? why? all of us want to be small. we all want to make friends and have a great impact and do fun, creative things and take back what it means to be little. D.I.D littles included too! we all want to reclaim what being little means. so why aren’t we one? we aren’t we on common grounds? we’re all safe and ki..nk free, right? what’s the point in fighting each other and taking even bigger tolls on people’s mental health when all we want is happiness and safety?

i know i couldn’t take it, for one. and i’ve seen so many people crumble and so many people leave yet their voices remain silenced by the hatred and i couldn’t stand it anymore. we congratulate telling people to die because they’re in ki..nk or even from a different community that’s pretty much the same as the one you’re in and i can’t take it. if you don’t agree with people in ki..nk, don’t tell them to die. don’t tell people to DIE. that’s so unacceptable and horrible. i was insulted and attacked so many times by so many different people, even people who were my own friends, because i made simple mistakes. we all make mistakes like reblog from the wrong community.. even though that community was safe too??

you have to see my side and the logic that is here. i was so stressed and scared to be here. walking on eggshells with every little thing i did so much so that i just couldn’t do it anymore. all i want is to be myself and be small separated from ki..nk. that’s what we all want.

so many hate blogs popped up, baiting people and attacking people and ruining their reputations and for what? what does it do for you? it feels like we’re all trapped in a prison, and we can’t see past our cells. we can’t look past things, like simple mistakes and the hatred we have, and that’s the problem in this world. spreading hate. fighting hate with hate. that’s what’s wrong with the world now, and why should we have the same problems in a place that should be a place for SMALL people?

i couldn’t even get away from people making inappropriate comments and using extreme curse words on my own dash, and i sure as heck was very careful with who i followed and yet, there was constant screaming fights and cursing and insulting people - people who used to be friends or from the same community who switched communities and it was so much. it made me honestly more depressed being on tumblr than it did make me happy.

there was enough stress to block every single c . g . l account i saw, but also to block out other safe regression communities and keep up with them and be on top of the drama? that was so hard. and even worse? if you chose to avoid it and were left out of the loop, people were suddenly angry at you too and you became a part of the problem for not.. being a part of the problem. people were mean. they wouldn’t tell you what was going on. so you were left confused and scared and .. alone.

it would go on and on and on and on and it made me sick and pained me each day. i was addicted to looking at tumblr to make sure nothing was wrong. my heart fell in my chest every time i posted something for fear that it would be the wrong thing. that i wouldn’t be good enough. and then i’d lose everything. i’m even terrified writing this to post it, because i know my words won’t matter, and this vicious cycle will continue, but i implore you to see it through my eyes.

now i don’t know what’s happened since i’ve been gone, im confused and scared. i don’t know if it’s okay for me to come back. i haven’t kept up with what’s happened to the communities im in. i don’t really know what to do. but i’m posting this regardless of what’s happened because i’d like people to know what this has done, and i hope you understand.

i really want to come back. i loved tumblr. i loved reblogging things that were cute and customizing my theme and above all making friends, but i haven’t been able to sustain any permanent friendships because of all this drama and my fears and i just don’t want to do that anymore.

i really hope that all of you understand what i’m saying and please don’t get mad at me… i’m only saying how i feel and why i haven’t been here.. i just hope that these words may open someone’s eyes.

and i don’t mean to bring negativity, only an explanation. i’ll make sure to tag this for anyone who may be uncomfy with heavy things. i still hope everyone’s doing okay despite this and that you have a lovely day. because no matter what, i love each of you that’s followed me and stayed with me through the moments i’ve had here and through the drama. i really appreciate you.( ^ω^ )

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You know what? Your bendy is awesome and you seem like a really nice person. I say go for it and send them some asks. If they don't want to interact with your bendy then fine. They aren't worth your time! (Mew anon, anon from before)

//oh, thank you. Maybe I will. I should just try to talk to them more.//

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