On the 12th day of Christmas Transformers gave to me...

12 minicons!

11 Cinnamon Rolls!

10 Lovely Femmes!

9 Murder Machines!

8 Gay-A** Robots!

7 Corset-like Waists!

6 Hunky Mecha!


4 Precious Children

3 Screeching Seekers

2 Sets of Twins



Sloppy art is fun art

I’ve been playing a lot of WFC/FOC lately and today I saw a lot of Shockwave and while it took me a bit to warm up to his voice, I absolutely love it now and his 10% waist 90% boob ratio. Then I decided to try to fit WFC/FOC Soundwave’s design onto TFP Soundwave’s body type and it worked p well? 

And then Metroplex is a huge cutie. I love him. So much. He deserves a ton of tiny hugs and smooches

I’m still not over Shockwave, tho. God damn. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Aligned Shockwave any more, boom, in comes 0 morals 0 ethics 100% science man with an army of bugs.

Based on this image, the fact that Optimus Prime (who is in his hand at the moment) is usually recorded at around 32 ft tall, and doing some generalized math works, I have estimated that Metroplex stands at aprox. 3548 ft tall. That is more than 10 times the size of the largest incarnation of Godzilla. (328 ft)