Maguuma Jungle - Metrica Province - Desider Atum
Asuran Citizen #1: All muds are not equal my dear.
Asuran Citizen #1: You must take into consideration the metals and the biological materials in your sample.
Asuran Citizen #1: Something as common as an embedded fossil can throw off the entire equation.
Asuran Citizen #2: I love it when you talk dirt.

I have bean trying to learn blender and have made this low polly model based off the jump puzzle in metrica province i am still working on it but extremely happy how it looks so far.
If any one knows about low polly modelling and wish’s to give some tips I would be more than happy to hear from you. 

This is a long post, so I’m putting some of it under a cut.

On the heels of my photoset on the stone skulls I had a bit more to say about them. Just a note this is all fan conjecture on my part and I don’t know if any of this is true.

I’m a bit obsessed with the Jeztar Falls area, in Metrica Province.

This is in part because of how well you can overlay it with the GW1 map but also because of one of the creepier aspects of Wychmire Swamp, just north of Falias Thorp waypoint, in Caledon. What do these two rather far apart places have in common? These guys:

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With the success of the Super Adventure Box, there’s been an equally opposite decline in traffic through the Metrica Province Arcade. The arcade was once a magnet for local commerce, housing titles such as “Full Throttle RC Golems”, “Dredge Fandango”, and “Tales of Claw Island”. Now the games sit idle as citizens who come to Rata Sum for the next big thing in gaming have turned to the Super Adventure Box.

To make matters worse, the proprietors of the arcade are past due on property taxes for the area on which the machines are located. They hope that nostalgia will be enough to bring in funds during an auction next week where all of the old equipment will be up for sale.

The Orrator would like to extend our condolences to those employees affected by the shut down.