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Oh hey! I didn’t know this was a thing!

I didn’t know either! Thanks for the link! But I don’t see Dawn anywhere in there, though?

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Olicity is the literal spawn of the Devil and anyone who ships it is trash

Oh don’t be that person, please! I don’t know anything about Arrow or Olicity, but I do know that everyone has the right to ship whoever the hell they want to ship. Shipping is personal, it’s about you and how you feel about certain characters. So let’s not do the thing where we trash other people for who they like or who they ship. This blog is shipper friendly. You’re entitled to criticize the pairings, but not the shippers. 

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i really like this episode too, honestly. it is kinda bad, but in a really good way. :)

Like a lot of Buffy episodes, right? :)

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I looove this episode because it’s so important, like so many kids are abused by stepparents and their parents will ignore them when they say it, and although this is an extreme case, it’s still very representative of that


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“I hate you” Spike says as he proceeds to stick around Angel’s office and constantly walk in and have conversations with him, fighting by his side.

“I loathe you” Angel says as he continues to provide Spike with cars no matter how many he crashes and allow Spike to hang around his office - even when he says to go, Spike won’t go or just comes back anyway, and he saves his life when remembering Illyria saying she slew the white haired one first.

They’re like brothers lol xD

YES YES YES! They’re totally bros. All you mention is why the Spangel BRotp is far more important, healthy and interesting that any of their relationships with B.

The Metis, a trifle disconcerted by the tone of these remarks would like to lay claim to both sides of his origin. But fear of upsetting or totally dispelling these kind assumptions holds him back. While he is hesitating to choose among the different replies that come to mind, words like these succeed in silencing him completely. “Ah! bah! You have scarcely any Indian blood. You haven’t enough worth mentioning.” Here is how the Metis think privately.
—  Louis Riel, 1885

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Honestly? Sometimes I ship her with Buffy. 

friendship them with: Buffy, Angel

general opinions: Faith is such an amazing character, she navigates the dark side with a sense of self-destruction, and her road to redemption is slow and so amazing. I still don’t understand why she wasn’t made a regular character on either show!!!!! More Faith, always.

So one of the things that bothers me about the lone ranger and Johnny Depp is how people give him a leeway since he looks like could be part native. Like he doesn’t know, he thinks but doesn’t know and large groups of people are saying oh well look he’s exotic looking so that must be it. 
I’m Metis. I get asked every time someone learns I’m Metis. You’re so white. I mean like, you’re whiter than I am. You native or part native, bawahahahahaha. You’re such a liar. You’re white. You are not allowed to be Metis because people as a large group cannot believe I belong to, or identify as Metis. 
Three out of four of my grandparents either identified themselves as Metis or were First Nations. I come from three distinct Metis families. My families were at Red River and Batoche.  I’ve volunteered for round dances and I’ve been to pow wows.  I make an effort to learn as much about the people I’m descended from so I can say, when people are asking me, where I am from and how I am me. 
It pisses me off when people disregard what I identify as. It really annoys, to say the least, when people feel it’s their duty to police who I am. The Metis and many First Nations come in an array of shades, we aren’t all just one uniform people and by assuming we are it’s showing how much of an asshole you are. 

The French word Metis is derived from the Latin participle mixtus which means “mixed”; it expresses well the idea it represents.

Quite appropriate also, was the corresponding English term “Half-Breed” in the first generation of blood mixing, but now that European blood and Indian blood are mingled to varying degrees, it is no longer generally applicable.

The French word Metis expresses the idea of this mixture in as satisfactory a way as possible and becomes, by that fact, a suitable name for our race.

—  Louis Riel, 1885

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gifset request: the hardest/most emotional times for Buffy Summers. (examples: being killed by the Master/smashing his bones, Angel going evil, killing Angel, being broken up with by Angel, seeing her mother fall ill, finding the body + the funeral, Dawn being kidnapped + having to sacrifice herself to save the world, being revived and depression... things like that) to show that the most heroic person has to be a hero even when it hurts or something? :)

I’ll definitely do something along this line once I finish my rewatch! But since I’m only on season 1, it might take a while. Months. Years, even, at this rate. So if you were looking forward to have it done sooner rather than later, you might want to ask someone else. 

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“overalls of pain!” omg so true LOL

I’ve missed them so much in the later seasons. Although from season 5 onwards, Buffy would’ve had to wear them ALL THE TIME!

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Damn. I’m going to have to watch tomorrow.


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Of course I did! It’s one of my all-time favorites! I was hoping they would show it in theatres here because I’ve always wanted to watch it in a movie theatre, but not such luck (third world problems!) 

Thanks for all the smiles :)

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I love everything about this.

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Very good thing to ponder. I might be one of the few that, while I obviously love Giles as a father, I love what goes down in Lies My Parents Told Me, though. It hurts so good. Like just about every Buffyverse relationship…

Oh definitely! 

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she would be worthless, that is an important discussion bc she admits that she wouldn’t be able to stop fighting and when Angel says he loves her for her heart that is what that means (he falls in love with Cordy for the same reason) great episode!

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I get why that “why would you love me if I weren’t the slayer” question rubs you wrong, but I always thought it was more about her feeling that all of her worth comes from the fact that she is the hero and she feels like without that power (cont.)

I definitely get that it was about her worth and purpose in life, I just wish that awesome speech hadn’t ended on that note - measuring her self-worth by how much a guy likes her… They ruined that moment for me because they made it about Bangel, her question only served as a lead-in for Angel to tell her that he had always loved her, and that moment should’ve been all about Buffy. I think it would’ve worked better if she had asked herself “why would anyone like/love me?”, to refer to all her meaningful relationships instead of making it about a man’s love. Great episode indeed!

So while I’m at school, I’ve been thinking about the mid term I just got back. I got an A on it, which was really unexpected because I didn’t think I was going to do well on it at all. My two friends that I sit with in the class and hang out with, both got D’s. 
I feel kinda bad for them because I’m doing well in the class. In the class I’m pulling an A- because I did ‘bad’ on one assignment. 
At the same time I don’t feel bad because they spend the class deriding the rest of the people in it, the professor, how it’s not fair towards them and basically being jerks.  This is where I mention it’s a Native Studies class, which asks people who are not Indigenous to examine their privilege and be open to an alternative point of view, other than white settler/white surpremacy. One of my friends feels super attacked in the class because in her own words “ I don’t like the word oppressor, it’s not my fault they’re like that’. She also has her Metis status because she wanted money to go to school and she has no cultural connection at all to the Indigenous community here. She hates them.  She for all intents and purposes identifies as white, middle class heterosexual. Which there’s nothing wrong with except in this context because she has an unwillingness to at least humour the notion maybe she is slightly more privileged than some other people and we’re talking in generalities but hey. If you feel attacked when 'oppressor’ is mentioned, it’s your skeletons and wanting not to think about how society benefits you, whether it’s active or passive. 
My other friend is also white, who also comes from a working/middle class background and is gay. He goes out of his way to attempt to prove how easy Indigenous people have it, how they could just boot strap it if they really wanted to and how he’s going to be a teacher.  He is somewhat of a bigot, he doesn’t like feminism, he doesn’t get why gay pride happens or why it has to out there, he’s a transmisogynist. 
I’m having one of those moments where I want to be like the reason why both of you did bad on the mid term and on this course is because you’re unwilling to examine your privilege. You’re unwilling to look at a broader picture of things, how so many social constructs intersect  and for the love of god don’t take things so personally unless you know you actively strive to oppress people. It’s stupid. 
I’m basically feeling bad because some of the people I’m friends with are jerks and I don’t want to be associated with their jerkiness. 
Someone I know in my faculty calls me the most conflicted Metis person she knows because I think about my privilege, my intersections so much and I feel bad occasionally because of my privilege. I feel bad because I feel like I’m not authentic enough and yet I feel inauthentic when people describe me as being a white settler/colonizer because I’m not that either. It’s a weird feed back loop sometimes and going back to the original topic of the mid term/class I’m in, by being in this class and actually participating I feel more like I’m figuring out a part of my identity while my jerk y friends are just figuring out how much more they dislike Indigenous people. 

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during summer or non busy times of the semester, I may watch half or an entire season of a show in one day, but during busy times, it might slow to one or two episodes a day or less. Binge-watching makes us think normal = slow LOL

Exactly! And I miss my binge-watching though. I’m all tired and sleepy and there’s always somethiing I have to do. But watching the episodes and doing the recaps/gifs help me unwind a little bit, so yay!