Kiss me under flimsymoon

I took out some time during my fortnight of luuuuurve to prance around the apartment like a tit. Needless to say, the apartment isn’t mine - it’s a place my partner and I rented out for two weeks while he was here (yes it was amazing and we had a grand old time and I still look like ♡_♡)

I’m wearing one of my new dresses here, which is too short for public use without tights. Infact I could never wear this outfit to go anywhere because I get harassed enough anyway, so this really is a full blown exercise in narcissism (tit.) My collar was gifted to me by its maker, Freyia Lillian, who’s trying to get her handmade lingerie line, Flimsymoon up and running. You can take a peep at the collection on its Kickstarter page, and possibly donate a bit of spare cash too yes please maybe?

I am aware that the initial line will go only up to a UK14, but Freyia explained to me that she’s happy to custom size any of her pieces as she hand makes them. The Etoilles collar that I’m wearing here is hand cut from a gold leather hide for instance, with thoughtful details like the velvet ribbon tie that really makes it shine. And it’s available as one of the pledge rewards on the Kickstarter. I haven’t been paid to write any of this or spend an evening killing my insteps, but I do absolutely believe in Freyia and her determination, and her integrity when it comes to body positivity and fashion. So go on then, help this little sprite out, do ♥


F L I M S Y M O O N  Etoilles collar  //  Warehouse dress  //  Goldenponies Oxfords