New and Improved Digimons! Did a little fixing up on my digimon designs, and finally went ahead and added tentomon! So now you guys can stop bugging me about him not being there (get it?! Bugging - tentomon is a beetle! Right? good stuff) The Gangs all here, finally, and it feels pretty darn good to be finished with everyone of them. 

As always, they are all up in my Redbubble Shop for sale on various cool items and such! 

Hey everyone! He is finally done, here is Wargreymon! It took me a while, mainly due to commissions but I took advantage of time off during my post wisdom teeth removal and for clients to respond back to finish this one up. Now it’s on to Gabumon and all his Digivolutions, which I am really looking forward too (No more scales, yay!).

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for looking!


While Cody moves ahead with his pokemon ideas, I am still stuck back in the Digital World. This is just a play on the evolution of man (hopefully, obviously).  And as simple as it may appear, making easily recognizable silhouettes is hard work.

 It is currently available in both light and dark versions on Redbubble, with posters and iphone cases soon to follow.

It may become a series if there is enough interest in it becoming a series, because who doesn’t want a Vikemon shirt?  Who would you want next?

Hey everyone! Here he is!

Had a bit of difficulty with this guy, and had to redo him at least once because of the mess I put him in, but I learned a lot through the process.

I also saved some layers so I can share with everyone my steps soon.

Anyways I should be moving on to the final mega digivolution, WarGreymon and then I want to do Gabumon’s forms.

I hope you all enjoy and have great 2014!